PVC Insulated and Sheathed Building Electric Cable Wire

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

PVC insulated wires and cables of 450/750V and below are mainly applied for hard wiring of electrical appliances, electric apparatus, instruments, telecommunication equipment, power lighting, and buildings with the rated AC voltage of 500V or DC 1000V. PVC insulated wires belong to the series of laying electric wires, which is mainly suitable for laying at the fixed places.

The rated voltage of the wires should equal to or higher than the rated voltage of the system when wires are used at AC system. If wires are used at DC system, the rated voltage of system should lower than 1.5 times as high as rated voltage of cable and wires.


2. Product Characteristic:

1, heat resistance performance: the XLPE has a very good heat resistance performance of the network.

2, insulation performance: XLPE maintained the original good insulation characteristics of PE, and the insulation resistance to further increase. The dielectric loss tangent is very small, and the temperature has little effect.

3, mechanical properties: because the intermolecular built a new chemical bond, XLPE hardness, stiffness, wear resistance and impact resistance were improved, which make up the PE is vulnerable to the shortcomings of environmental stress cracking.

4, resistance to chemical characteristics: XLPE has a strong acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance, the main product of the combustion of water and carbon dioxide, the environment is less harmful to meet the requirements of modern fire safety.



Electric cable wire:

1; 450/750V, copper or aluminum core

2; ISO9001-2008,IEC, ASTM

3; factory direct sales

4;best service

Packaging Details:

Circles or drum ,or according to your request

Delivery Detail:

 As your request


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Q:3000W of the electrical use of the wire
Three-phase power supply? Or single-phase power supply? Single-phase power supply can take 2.5mm2 copper wire, three-phase power supply, then you can take a little smaller, 1.5MM2 enough
Q:What is the difference between a fireproof bridge and a galvanized bridge?
4 port belongs to the IDE hard disk interface called the parallel port power interface SATA is a serial port called the serial power interface Some serial hard drive two power interfaces are to buy is the serial power cable
Q:What is the commonly used communication cable connection casing?
The depth of the poles is determined by the height of the rods and the geological conditions. In general, the depth of the buried is 0.1 +
Q:What is the position of the wire in the wall?
It shows that the design is unreasonable The correct approach is that there is a special cable wells in the best, however, the general construction unit is too expensive to save this may be bitter construction units continue to repair, it is difficult to cure here to introduce a few ways, According to the situation selected: . casing filled with dry cement, and with a wooden hammer tamping, but a certain idea of security, high pressure line once rammed the skin is too dangerous, should be done before power, you now estimated to have power, . outside the set of electric wells, the depth of the bottom of the casing in the 1 meter or so, and the wells do waterproof, wellhead should be hardened around, to avoid rain immersion, you seem to have done, but do not good enough, at the same time Into the built-in automatic suction pump, rain more than a certain depth of automatic drainage, is the price slightly higher; . in the cable casing surrounded by water swelling type of water, such as BW Zhishui, etc., but the effect in general.
Q:Low-voltage distribution lines (three-phase or single-phase) single-core cable should not be worn alone in the metal tube
The problem is two questions . first explain why the wire cut inside why there are many things like gray, because the insulated wire core is PVC insulation, in the course of aging, the inside of the agent decomposition, or inside the filling In the use of a long time after the brittle aging will become dust, that is, the inside of the wire is actually due to the aging of the internal material. . the copper wire is very brittle, the first copper rod in the production of copper is very brittle when the strength is high, but the toughness is poor, the need for annealing to make copper wire becomes toughness becomes low, easy to pull and mass production, if the landlord Think this copper wire is very easy to break, you may not be in line with the national standard of the wire or the production process is not in place for annealing, for reference only.
Q:What does the cable factory need for technical change?
Yellow, green, red three colors, or called A, B, C three, or U, V, W phase, is the corresponding, three-phase voltage are 220V, line voltage of 380V, if the load is not balanced , Easy to burn the line. Hope to help you busy, man is a hydropower engineer, what questions, though looking for me.
Q:What is the name of the SC welding threading connector? Direct hoop
There will not be anything, but there are hidden dangers! What is the wire? If the cable is nothing, the jacket line is also better, such as just ordinary BV line security risks on the big! Wire insulation of the appearance of a long time will be aging, cover their poor heat in the cement, will accelerate the aging, and ultimately may break the leakage.
Q:Is it necessary to protect the buried cable? What position is needed?
Do not specifically do maintenance, will be miserable, with the point of doing the hardware or software sales can also do things such as Internet cafes system maintenance and wiring and the like, start the fund is not very high, only the accessories as long as the common model accessories There are on the line, maintenance test tools also can not spend much money.
Q:Home improvement is the PVC pipe is a good pipe or galvanized steel pipe? why?
Single rental housing network layout requirements: 24 single apartment, the computer comes by the tenant, the cable has been wired to the room, now intends to access the mobile 20m or 16m broadband, want to implement Internet cafe management, the bandwidth of each computer To control, to prevent someone to download lead to other tenants online difficulties; to take into account the cost, after all, is not the ultimate bandwidth and stability of Internet cafes, pay attention to safety and efficiency in the case, can run the system on the line. Question: . is the direct use of 24-port router or use 4-port Internet cafes router? What brand and model? . if the choice of four Internet cafes router, then the switch to choose what brand and model? . need to use 5 type cable management frame? More
Q:10KV high-voltage cable and heating pipe cross the safe distance
And the thermal pipe ditch parallel to the distance of 2 meters, the special circumstances can be reduced and reduced by half the value; cross-distance 0.5 meters, separated by a partition or cable pipe can be 0.25m see GB-94 Table 5.3.5 2006 version of the basic out or the implementation of this, to the local power supply management advice prevail

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