PVC hose for suction

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PVC Suction Hose
Material:100%PVC Rigid spiral
Ideal For Water Suction Discharge

Flxible PVC Suction Hose


Made of qualified pvc material.

Smooth surface & bore and high resistance to chemical

Resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents, diluted acids and alkalis


Suitable for the conveyance of water, power, chemicals, oil,etc.It is the ideal alternative of rubber and metel pipe.

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Q:i plan on getting a syrain hamster are critter trail cages safe for them with tubes?
wellll keep in shape and it will be fine
Q:water frezze in plastic tube that water goes thru to fill ice maker, so icemaker works fine for a couple fill,
Defrost your freezer and you should be fine
Q:Am I still a virgin if my Doctor stuck a plastic tube up my vagina?
yes, you are still a virgin. The only way to not be a virgin is to have sexual intercourse with either a man or woman.
Q:Plastic Tube stuck in Parrot's throat?
Go to a regular vet. Though they are not bird-specific, it is still a better chance than trying to remove it yourself and risk damaging their esophagus. Hopefully it's not too late. Please at least call a vet; if you can't go to them, it's possible they can at least tell you how to safely remove the tube.
Q:does anyone think it's inhumane to make horses jump over hurdles, smashing into the hard plastic tubes?
My horse loves to jump and I dont like to. As soon I bring her in the arena she runs for the jumps. And the jumps have pvc pipes on them that fall right down if they only slightly touch them. Sarah
Q:what tubing stands straight when you put air pressure inside of it?
The 2 foot diameter nylon sleeves filled with low pressure air that you see for advertising displays. If you try to use small diameter tubing, with flexible plastic tubing, it won't work. The closest tubing that does work is specially made for pressure gauges, and it just slightly uncoils under pressure.
Q:What is the name of the plastic tube that otter pop popsicles come in.?
Flavor Ice.
Q:How to connect the plastic pipe and the steel pipe joint?
Because the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic is larger than steel, if the plastic pipe is in it, the steel pipe is outside, and when the temperature is lower, the plastic joint will crack automatically because the plastic pipe is shrinking badly. In turn, it won't crack easily
Q:What's the size of the PVC pipe?
Semi hard flame retardant tube: also known as PVC flame retardant plastic pipe, PVC resin by adding plasticizers, stabilizers and flame retardants, etc., by extrusion and obtained for wire protection, the general color is yellow, red, self and so on. The pipe joint is made of a special joint and is coated with plastic adhesive. The pipe is bent freely without heating. It is supplied in bundles. Each bundle is 1000m. The above mentioned "PVC tubes" should be used in accordance with the specific material and construction methods. But the use of general residential use quota items rigid flame tube.
Q:How to deal with dirt in soft plastic pipes?
Because of its advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, small flow resistance, easy installation, rapid construction and low cost, it has been widely used at home and abroad. But the plastic pipe is not pressure, not heat, and no fire, burning will produce poisonous gas, in a high fever, high pressure, near fire conditions difficult to use. Its strength, linearity and the temperature difference in extreme regions restrict its application.

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