PVC hose for suction

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PVC Suction Hose
Material:100%PVC Rigid spiral
Ideal For Water Suction Discharge

Flxible PVC Suction Hose


Made of qualified pvc material.

Smooth surface & bore and high resistance to chemical

Resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents, diluted acids and alkalis


Suitable for the conveyance of water, power, chemicals, oil,etc.It is the ideal alternative of rubber and metel pipe.

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Q:How do you sand the inside of a tube?
take a wood dowel make a cut in one end for a flap of sand paper to fit in, attach loose end to a drill , turn it on run plastic tubes back and forth on sand flap [make a sanding rod]
Q:I've had 10 flat tires on my mtn bike. I've used Slime inner tubes & a thin plastic thingy inbetween my?
The combination of the protective strip (that you have) and green slime worked for me. The green slime has various names but can be found in most any auto store. It'll seal the tire as the punctures are made. It does dry out in time so may need to be reapplied (through he air intake valve).
Q:How to remove the plastic tube applicator from a tampon?
No the plastic is not meant to b in you
Q:adhering scrapbook paper to plastic tube?
Can you wrap the paper around the tube and just glue the paper to itself, or tape the paper to itself?
Q:Where can I get professional piercing needle with the plastic tube thing?
The needles are generally soldered by the piercer and the tube is special order. There is a reason that you have to be licensed to be a piercer you know, things like infection, sterilization, and laws
Q:Where to find inexpensive tubes or plastic vials to fill with candy for a centerpiece?
You could also buy a roll of tubing at Home Depot or Lowes. It comes in many different diameters, so you should be able to find just what you're looking for! Look in the plumbing aisle.
Q:flexible drive for transmitting torque along 4mm tube?
The flexible drive for my dremel uses a small steel cable inside of a plastic tube. One end of the cable is attached to the motor, the other end is connected to the chuck.
Q:Why do all squeeze tubes have a square at the top?
Do you mean at the portion furthest from the opening with the cap? Because the tube is filled from the end that is furthest from the opening with cap. Years ago (before flexible plastics existed) all tubes were made from a thick aluminum foil, the cap was put on it, the tube was filled from the opposite end from the cap, and the tube was sealed after filling by folding the open end over a few times and crimping it, which always produced a square end. Now adays with plastic tubing, which is sealed by melting the tube end together you could make it have pretty much any shape, but due to tradition a square end is still used, because that is what customers are used to buying.
Q:what is the domestic a\c rotating plastic tube part that blows air called?
do you mean the fan ? also called a squirrel cage .
Q:Where can I buy thin plastic flexible tubing?
Plastic Flexible Tubing

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