PVC HDPE Pipe & Fittings For Water Supply

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Product Description:

1. Description of PVC Pipe :
Color: various colors, we can make color according to Panton card No.
Quality Standard: Smooth surface, no spot, no shrink mark, no surface quality defect.Check from cross section, homogeneous in density, good plasticizing degree, relative chemical/physical property meet customer requirement. We supply different environment protection products to meet different market requirement.
Back working procedure: precise length cutting, drilling/slotting/punching, gold stamping, quality inspection, cleaning, assembling, and packing.
Application:construction, home decoration, stationery&toy, advertising, ornament, etc.
Common Feature: high glossy, water proof, damp proof, termite proof, shock proof, fire retardant, Maintenance free, light weight ,easy to install, economical, durability, recyclable

2.Features of PVC Pipes :
1)  Light weight, easy to load and unload: PVC pipe is very light, convenient to handle loading unloading, and installing.
2)  Good chemicals and drugs resistance: PVC pipe has its excellent resistance to the erosion caused by acids and alkalines, a great help to the chemical industries.
3) Small resistance to fluidity: The smooth surface reduces resistance to the fluids. Its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, much less than other pipes, Under same discharges, smaller cabibre of the pipe can be uesd.
4) Strong mechanical strength: Good resistance to water pressure, outside impact and pressure, is satisfied under any conditions.
5) Good electrical insulation: excellent insulation nature against electricity. the pvc pipe can be served as conduits and pipes in construction cable and wire.
6) Water quality unaffected: The solution tests on the PVC pipe show no affect on water quality when the water flows through is. It is considered the best piping material for running water works.

3.PVC Pipe Images:

4.Specifications of the PVC Pipe:

1) Material: pvc pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
2) Standard: GB, ISO9001, ISO14001
3) Color: white  pvc pipe, grey  pvc pipe , etc.
4) Specific Gravity:g/cm3, 20(C): 1.35 - 1.55
5) Vicat Softening Temperature: (C)  >=79
6) Longitudinal Reversion: %, 150(C) <=5< span=""><>
7) Dichloromethane Resistance Test: No attack
8) Falling Weight Impact Test: TIR, %, 0(C) <=10< span=""><>
9) Tensile Yield Strength:  Mpa >=40

Q:What is the production ability? or delivery time?
A:Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week.
Q:What is the regular shipping port?
A:Tianjin or Shanghai.
Q:What is your payment?
A:TT or CC.
Q:Can we have sample?
A:Sample free, freight cost you.
Q:For urgently doubts,who online?
A:Sales and marketing Manager 24hours online service.

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Q:In House, MD. What's the episode with the medication that requires special IV tubing? ?
I remembered this was from the first season, but couldn't remember details, so I found this....... (1-07) Fidelity December 28, 2004 African trypanosomiasis Two men are out jogging – one of them returns home to his bedridden wife, who lashes out at him. Believing there is something wrong, she is sent to Princeton-Plainsboro, and when all the treatments fail, House concludes she has African sleeping sickness. However, neither the wife nor her husband have ever been to Africa. The woman will die without proper treatment, but neither one will also admit to having an affair. First season, episode 7. :)
Q:Why does flavor ice (the Popsicle in a plastic strip/tube/bag thingy) make you cough?
never heard of that
Q:i connected a plastic tube about 7 or 8 inchs long onto a butane can im wondering if when i push down on the?
Yes it will unless you have a regulator between the valve and the tube
Q:PVC-U what's the plastic tube?
PVC-U plastic pipe is light, easy to handle and load, PVC-U plastic pipe material is light, specific gravity is only iron pipe 1/5, handling, loading and unloading, construction convenience, can save construction cost. PVC-U plastic pipe corrosion resistance, good drug, PVC-U plastic pipe has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, for the chemical industry, wastewater drainage, sanitary sewage and other purposes is very suitable. The fluid resistance is small, the wall of PVC pipe is smooth, the resistance to fluid is small, the roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which is lower than other pipes. Under the same caliber condition, the flow rate is large, and the scale is not adhered to. PVC-U plastic pipe mechanical strength, PVC pipe water pressure, strength, impact resistance are good, at room temperature, PVC-U plastic pipe applies to various conditions of piping engineering.
Q:What sensors can be used to measure changes in the water level in a transparent plastic pipe?
A magnet can be considered to be wrapped with foam plastic to float on the surface of the water. It is placed inside the transparent plastic tube, and a magnetic reed switch is used outside the plastic tube to induce the magnetic field switch.
Q:in your opinions what's the best tube style or plastic cage for a regular golden hamster?
i'm assuming you are trying to declare which you rather choose to have some hamster tubes working during the cage? Sorry if i'm incorrect yet i might only make a lot of loop-dee-loops from one edge of the cage to the different. The cage is only too small however. he will have a tough time. you will get 10-15 gallon glass fish aquariums and use that for a cage. they are able to be exceedingly low-fee looking on the place you purchase it from. you will get a number of the aquariums and get some aquarium covers at Wal-Mart for around $5.00. The aquarium covers incorporate a around disk you are able to punch out and positioned some tubes in. The bite toys might probley help him from chewing on the tubes, yet your hamster comes to a decision what he desires to bite on and whilst. He probley will bite on the tubes slightly however. in the adventure that your apprehensive approximately him chewing the bars of the cord cage there is one answer that particularly some rodent proprietors, professionals, vets, and breeders have informed me. Get a cotton ball and dip it into some white distilled vinegar. Rub it relatively over the bars and the chewing will end for extra or less half-hour. you ought to maintain re-utilising and that does get annoying even though it works! they do no longer purely like the scent of the vinegar and that they shop away. this would not do them any injury as long as you don't get it of their eyes.
Q:do I need the plastic tube to bleed my clutch acura integra?
Yes get a one man bleeder kit ,there very cheap ,it will have a syringe that will get bleeding started then it will just gravity bleed, I have Never needed a second person with Integra ,very easy job , I have done over 100 clutch masters ill bet all with a perfect pedal when i was done,,if you replaced slave cylinder you wasted your money ,,20 years on acura cars I never seen one leak ,good luck...O Also don't go nuts worrying about old fluid soaked rags and such . just don't get on paint,..and its water soluble so if you do just hose it off ..i never seal old rags in plastic bags and crap like that like the other dude said ,i respect he does but its overkill ..lol
Q:FPC pipe is what tube, no can be used in outdoor direct buried?
The PC tube is the polycarbonate plastic tube. With high transparency, light transmittance of 92% characteristics. And excellent weather resistance, especially used in outdoor, in other plastic crown, processing plasticity and so on, can be made into a variety of shapes and products needed. Harder than a FPC tube!Under normal circumstances, less than 40 of the pipe, I choose FPC, more than 40 with PC, terminal wire with PVC or FPC!
Q:What are the little plastic tubes that come with violin strings called and what is their purpose?
The purpose of these plastic tubes is to prevent your bridge from being damaged. As we violinist know,the violin needs constant tuning and if you are using gut strings,would react weirdly to the physical environment should it change. The plastic tubes are to prevent your bridge from being cut by the strings especially by the E string which is very thin.Normally I take off the plastic tubes on the lower 2 strings but I think its okay if you don't too. I don't think it will affect the sound though.Maybe your strings are new so they haven't really settled down yet.Different strings when placed newly create all sorts of odd sounds.I particularly hate the Dominant ones as they have that metallic edge in the sound when its just placed.
Q:where can i buy coin safe tubes online?
It okorder.com they are a large coin and stamp supply company. Very few paper type coin rolls are of top quality and archival, most have acid in the paper.

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