PVC Gluten Spiral Pipe(Environmental protection, food grade) 127mm

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PVC Gluten Spiral Pipe(Environmental protection, food grade)


1) Size 127mm
2) new PVC material
3) spiral zinc-plated steel wire
4) full new material
5) smooth bore


The suction and delivery of liquid food(non-fat foods).Such as beverages, fruit juice, wine,vinegar and the water-based foods which alcohol content not more than 15% Compliance with EU food-grade specifications and related regulations. Can make the product with electrostatic discharge and lowtempdrature to -25℃。


PVC pipe with rigid PVC gluten spital reinforced. Inner wall smooth, light and soft. Durable, anti-distortion, anti-weathering, resistant to most chemicals.

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Q:do anyone remember the plastic tube roll that you put on your b&w tv to mimic a color set?
yes, and they were just awful.

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