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Description:PVC glued wire is to stick the pvc cloth on the wire firmly.There is no space between the pvc cloth and the wire,so it would not cause the cloth break or desquamate.This product passed the 200 hours anti-aging testfrom Japan,and the pvc cloth has the SGS certificate of poison free.


Application:Mesh weaving(chain-link fence,gabion mesh),garden binding,and decorating,tec.


Tensile Strength:300-400MPa,400-500MPa,500-600MPa,600-700MPa,900-1100MPa,or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Investigation of Resistance of Wire?
get a multimeter. get long lengths of different gauge (diameter) copper lead wire. for each diameter, measure the resistance. cut 1ft off, measure the resistance, cut 1ft off, measure the resistance, cut 1ft off, etc etc. plot the resistance vs length for each gauge separately. show that the resistance is linear in the wire length in each case. now use the different diameter data to measure the resisitivity of copper. resisitivity rho = R*A/L R = resistance L = length A = cross-sectional area cheers
Q:Copper wires differ? Installing light switch?
You need wire nuts, conical plastic pieces with wire helical cones inside them... which sounds like what you have already. (It is not allowed to crimp solid wire - it weakens the wire.) Wire nuts come in different sizes; you will want the orange ones. To use the wire nut, lay the stranded wire alongside the solid wire, both stripped back about 3/8 inch, give the pair a gentle twist with your fingertips, and twist the wire nut on them until it stops or gets pretty hard to twist. Give a test pull on each wire.
Q:When wiring a ceiling fan the directions state to wire the black to the black and the black/white to the red?
Black wire on the fan is for the fan motor, red wire in the fan is for the light, the white wire is the neutral wire. So if you do want to switch the light off and on you have to tie red wire to the switch and the black wire can be tied to the hot at the ceiling box so you can control the fan with the chain only. If you have one switch leg in your circuit then you cannot do anything but switch them both if you tie them together. I think I am understanding what you are saying here. White Alyse ties to white Black is for the fan motor and the red is for the light. If you have three wires in the switch then you can tie them the same way color to color. Hope this has not confused you You can email me if you need further help
Q:connect amp wire to car battery?
Battery Wire
Q:Can I just use wire nuts to join these wires?
Sure thing. Wire nuts work fine. I've used them a bunch on my project cars. However, if you want a connection that won't be affected by water (rain and/or humidity) and a connection that is permanent (won't come loose) use automotive crimp type connectors covered with heat shrink tubing or liquid electrical tape.
Q:What is each wire in Ethernet used for?
This is an ethernet only cable. A full patch lead has 8 cables. Yours is STILL an ethernet cable. The additional blue pair would be telephone and the brown pair was unused, but is commonly used for power over ethernet now. ANY data connection requires 2 cables to balance the signal. In effect one is pushing voltage while the other is pulling and vice versa. One is signal, in effect the other is a ground, bur the idea is that by using twisted pair cables the inductive voltage created in one polarity on one is cancelled by the inductive voltage returning on the other in opposite polarity. The same rule applies to external interference from other equipment as these are also cancelled. If it used one cable and a common ground you can never guarantee this immunity to interference.
Q:Why are some wires made up of many wires?
Easier to bend the wire without breaking.
Q:Question about Car Audio Wire Harness?
the orange wire on the radio is for power antenna unless u have a antenna that automaticly goes up and down u dont need it and the blue 1 on the radio is for a amp unless u have a amp u dont need it either the orange on the harness is most likey the power antenna so u can install with if u dont already have 1 and the blue idk i would have to look at it that ant how my radio wired up but i have a JVC lol but i do know all those radios are the same just it at radio shack u will see plus ur tell meh that im wrong when i can and do have a car radio wired in my house
Q:My pinball machine is supposed to be grounded, but the wire from the pinball machine has only two wires.?
Just go to your home cente or electric supply house, and get as long as you need of 16/3 SJO or SJTW cord and a grounded plug, and replace the cord there.
Q:what wires go to what ?
Chilton's guide in the library may have this information. Also, it is online with my library so you might be able to find this out at home.

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