PVC Fixed Window with Soundproof and Double Glass Manufacturer

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Product Description:

1. Structure of pvc fixed window 

PVC fixed window is mainly used for building , villa ,and material is 74,85 series pvc profiles ,have double ,trial tane ,clear and Low e glass etc ,we can design as your request . it have many advantages :)Energy-saving ,sound-isolated ,waterproof,anti-noise,dustproof 

2. Main Features of Pvc Fixed Window 

1)Energy-saving ,sound-isolated ,waterproof,anti-noise,dustproof 
2)Non-discolored,non-deformed  ,soundproof
3)Low prices

3.PVC Fixed window Images 

PVC Fixed Window with Soundproof and Double Glass ManufacturerPVC Fixed Window with Soundproof and Double Glass Manufacturer

PVC Fixed Window with Soundproof and Double Glass Manufacturer


4.PVC Fixed Window Specification 

steel window  (Fixed window with Soundproof and Double Glass )



steel window

2. Model   60 series 
3. Materialsteel
4. Type of glassSingle glass, double glass, double glass Low-E, triple glass, triple glass Low-E, laminated glassMay be customized
5. Thickness of glass4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mmMay be customized
6.Hardware fittingsSelected from top-ranking Chinese brands and some German brandsMay be customized
7.ColorsReferring to the color cardMay be customized
8. AccessoriesTerpolymer EP rubber strips, stainless steel screws, etc.

ISO certificate

10.Performance parameters

Sound: GB/T 8485-2008


Resistance to wind load: GB/T 7106-2008

4.0≤P<< span="">4.5kpa

Air tightness: GB/T 7106-2008

Water tightness: GB/T 7106-2008

250 ≤p<< span="">350pa

Heat transfer coefficient: GB/T 7106-2008


Horizontal tension: GB/T 7106-2008

<100n< span="">
11.Opening mode Fixed window   
12. Product characteristics

The adoption of the welding and chamfering processes guarantees the strength of doors and windows, guards against leakage of water, and makes the product more aesthetic in appearance.  

13. Window screenGlass fiber 
14. Product style Customizable
15. ApplicationResidence,apartments,hotels,office buildings
16. Surface treatmentwhite, co-extrusion, laminating, spray coating
13.Product advantages

1. Via a series of processing procedures such as cutting and welding, Yuhong plastic steel door and window sections used for doors and windows are made into door and window frames. Meanwhile, steel lining is added into the cavities of sections to enhance their rigidity. Then a high-quality plastic steel door or and window is assembled as a whole, with an error of not more than 0.2mm. 

2. By developing independently accessory moulds to optimize the features of its plastic steel doors and windows, Yuhong plastic steel doors and windows are free from the problem with inferior performance caused by the inadequate adaptability between sections and hardware, which are always from different manufactures. 

3. Corrosion resistance: Yuhong doors and windows have good corrosion resistance due to the unique formulation of their sections, and all the accessories all dedicated anti-corrosive hardware, which will not be corroded even in severe circumstances. 

4. Weathering resistance: the addition of stabilizer, anti-ager and modifying agent to the section formulation in a suitable proportion enhances the weathering resistance of sections, which will not discolor even after many years of service. 

5. Fire retardancy: Yuhong doors and windows, which do not combust themselves, nor contribute to combustion, is safe and reliable. 

6. Insulation property: Yuhong doors and windows do not conduct electricity due to their superior electric insulation property, and thus have a high level of safety factor. 


  1. What's main window types ?

Pvc sliding window, pvc hung window , pvc casement window, pvc sliding door  etc .

2. What kind of company ?

State-owned corp , fortune 500 in the world an dmanufacturer for pvc window and doors for more than ten years .


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Q:Inside and outside the role of the windowsill are what
The lower part of the window should be set up windowsill. The windowsill forms an inner sill and an outer sill according to the installation location of the window. The outer sill is to prevent water in the bottom of the window hole and flow to the room. The inner sill is to exclude condensate from the window to protect the interior wall. Differences between flue and duct structure: (1) role: flue gas used to discharge the gas stove, ventilation duct is mainly used to exclude indoor dirty air; (2) Location: Flue is located in the kitchen, crossing the wall by the lower part of the ground from the ground 600 ~ 1 000 mm ventilation duct is located in the dark toilet, crossing the wall above the wall, from the bottom of the roof about 300 mm.
Q:where can i find just the plastic window for a 91 miata top?
junk yard, or type in mazda top for miata online
Q:Wooden frame glass window glass is not careful to get out of crack how to repair the cheapest
Of course, to bear, although the wind is the problem, but who the window ah, who should be complicated management and repair it, the window is broken, you know to go to repair it, then now it hurt people, and you do not care friends.
Q:looking for an inexpensive shade for a rectangle roof window: 22 on 43 need to be able to open and close shade
we had a similar issue and ended up buying a skylight shade from homedepot for $150. maybe you can find a cheaper solution though
Q:Can I play a corner bag window
The baseboard, as the name suggests, is the wall area that is kicked, so it is more vulnerable. Do the baseboard can be better between the wall and the ground between the solid, to reduce the deformation of the wall to avoid damage caused by external forces. In addition, the baseboard is also easier to scrub, if the drag on the dirty water splash, scrub is very convenient. The skirting line, in addition to its own function of protecting the wall, occupies a considerable proportion of the proportion of the beauty of the home. It is the contours of the ground, the line of sight will often fall naturally above.
Q:Composite anti-theft window can not be installed outside the window, how to install the screen
One, will not rust, use more than 20 years without trouble; Second, you can freely open, built-in external can, with escape ambulance; Third, open the metal-free friction sound, lock for the magnetic password lock; Fourth, the decorative effect is good, innovative design, handsome in appearance, no line of sight obstacles, strong security; 5, anti-theft effect is good, fixed screws are not exposed, the overall structure of the connection, frame sleigh design, high safety factor; Six, rich colors, a variety of different models of the price of products for customers to choose.
Q:Decoration problem! Please brothers and sisters together think of a way! The Thank you. The
The oblique roof skylight significantly improves the thermal insulation performance of the sloping roof windows. · Waterproof: Comprehensive improvement of the drainage board and sealing system improves the watertightness of the entire window. · Installation: more humane and simple installation, more suitable for large-scale installation of Chinese projects and the user's own installation. · Beautiful: the new design of the drainage board streamlined, so that the whole window more harmonious sense of harmony, neutral metal gray and more easily with the building facade seamless · security: the design of the perfect structure and the improvement of insulating glass, improve the inclined roof window The safety performance. (4 + 9a +4); tight anti-drainage structure; high-quality SBS waterproofing membrane; all parts of the product to achieve the localization of the material; Self-contained. Slant roof skylights have good ventilation, lighting, sound insulation, insulation effect. Open the way for the suspension. Form specifications (width mm × height mm): 780 × 980,780 × 1180,780 × 1400,1140 × 1180,1140 × 1400 Unit of measurement Tang
Q:Outdoor wooden doors and windows suitable for painting what paint?
First, for the doors and windows to sandpaper sanding Second, use a little paint remover or separator brush Third, and then you can use some of the paint to brush, and personally think that alkyd paint will be better Fourth, to prevent the paint stained on the glass there are two ways, one can use the US pattern paper detached, the middle of the newspaper closed, the second is to seal some oil on the glass
Q:What are the windows and roof currently made out of at the SeaTac airport?
cheese and crackers
Q:Why is the price of the aluminum windows on the market?
The kind of retailer's production process can not be compared with the brand window. Cheap aluminum package wooden window glue method is not correct, neither beautiful, and easy to leak. Group angle is not neat, not strong, poor material. Then I would rather spend some money to buy a good point of the wooden windows, both grades, and beautiful and durable.

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