PVC Electrical Pipe

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
3000 Meters watt
Supply Capability:
250 Tons per Month watt/month

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Product Description:

*High insulation, anti-current puncture strength


*Compression- and impact-resistant


*High oxygen value, good combustion resista




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Q:How does the generator outlet bus connection? Is it hard to connect with copper, or soft connection?
Now the new fire law is the relevant provisions, personnel-intensive places, public places, etc., all bare wires must be covered with metal hoses, there must be a wooden fire brush paint, fire isolation area must be installed fire doors, must be equipped Dual automatic system, mainly to fire regulations. Applicable to fire emergency lighting, fire emergency is the most common of a lighting tool, emergency long time, high brightness with automatic power failure emergency function. Fire emergency lights with low power consumption, high brightness, long life and other characteristics, the edge of the design of a power switch and refers to the lights, suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places to stop power for emergency lighting purposes.
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What happens when the BV line is moved by the cable crimping cable? This child also know the question do not ask ok?
Q:Ipad not charge how the matter. Said the cable or accessories have not been certified, and may not be able to cooperate with this ipad reliable work.
You can ask in advance to plaster the pipe, so it will not. There is economic regulation.
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You recommend the purchase of a monitor package, including a four-way embedded network video recorder, a 1000G monitoring dedicated hard drive, four infrared camera, eight 75-3 video head, 100 meters 75-3 video cable, 100 meters 2 * 1.0 power cable (host power supply) / 4 12V2A power supply (nearest power), the price of 1500-2000 in addition to make a Q9 to Lotus head of the video cable connected to the TV can monitor the network port can be connected to the computer Or the police station for remote monitoring
Q:Old Konka color TV satellite program, can use video and audio cable to watch, but can not use the radio frequency line to watch, no remote control, and this is why? How can we shoot
What does the amplifier need for a power supply, what does the power amplifier mean, are you talking about the boost circuit? If it is a signal amplifier, then, is the weak low signal amplification, and power is to provide energy to the amplifier.
Q:I need 80 meters of audio and video lines, with the network cable can replace it?
If this computer USB interface to determine the normal use of U disk or something, and the recorder can not be used, it may indicate that your computer is older, the motherboard USB power shortage. Or built-in it
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Thermal expansion and contraction. So the summer set up the wire, to set aside enough margin, so as not to shrink in winter when the cable or pull the wire or pull the poles. Field of the wire, the winter wire is relatively straight, relatively curved in summer Is the physical change of the wire at different seasons. . this is called the installation of wire sag, in the communications sector, the power sector has its own detailed operating procedures, a very detailed form of the provisions. . the vertical design of the wire installation requirements: the maximum temperature in the local environment when the wire is not mixed; in the local minimum environment when the wire continued line. . the vertical line of the wire and the distance between the pole, the greater the distance from the greater the distance; . the vertical and the temperature of the wire, the higher the temperature the greater the sag; . the wire sag and the line material And so on.
Q:Fully mechanized top coal caving face mounting base overlooking the face of the end of the support frame transition frame frame width of the direction of how to set the front and rear scraper is what line?
Look at your size, if you can use a lot of three-phase electricity is more economical, if your current meter is a single phase that would be the nearest electric tube to apply for a three-phase meter, power because of your load size set.
Q:Pull a cable and then install what box, in the connection to the TV can watch TV that the box called what? The
You want to ask what, LCD TV field gallbladder limbs make up the fortress each pixel has red, green and blue, which is three primary colors, each line corresponds to the relative color. Channel around the two speakers where your component line is out, is the DVD or set-top box, the color as long as the red to red, blue to blue, green to green, yellow to yellow, white dialogue
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High-voltage cables are laid in underground or dedicated trenches and are suitable for transmission in space-crowded cities due to the insulator, the distance between the three-phase conductors and between the conductors and the outside world But its cost is relatively high, and the higher the higher the price the higher the price At present, the voltage level of high voltage cable can only be 550KV, so the power supply in large cities and some power plants only use cable lines
Our company now has more than 100 employees, over 30 technicians and a professional technology R&D center. At present, our products has been proved up to GBJ15-88"Build water system design specification" standard.We welcome customers from the entire world to cooperate with us.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value
Main Markets South America
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
Company Certifications CE

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 8
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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