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Product Description:

Product Description:

Introduction of PVC Tape 
PVC tapes are made of soft pvc film coated with rubber pressure-sentitive adhesive.


Application of PVC Tape

PVC tapes are widely used in auto harness, wrapping of wire, and insulation protection. It is the main insulation material of automobilehousehold electrical apparatus.

Advantage of PVC Tape

Corrosion protection for metal piping systems above and below ground.

Corrosion protection for fittings and joints on mill coated pipe.

Corrosion protection of electrical conduit & fittings.

Resists corrosive action by salt water, soil acids, alkalies and salts.

Prevents dielectric corrosion between buried steel pipe and soil minerals.

Pictures of PVC Tape 

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Vehicle Reflective Adhesive

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Vehicle Reflective Adhesive

Specification of PVC Tape
PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Vehicle Reflective Adhesive


1. What is the range of your products?

So far, we manufacture various kinds of double sided adhesive tape, masking tape, kraft tape and BOPP packing tape. To better meet your needs, we can also source other adhesive tapes for you if it is appropriate to do so. 

2. What's the lead time for delivery?  

We ensure you a prompt delivery of the goods. We do not stock any of the goods. The production cycle time of 1*20FCL is 2-3 weeks. 

3. How many carriers does your double sided adhesive tapes have?

There are many carriers that our double sided adhesive tapes based on, which are tissue, PET, BOPP, PE foam, EVA foam.  

4.Can you accept the cooperation way of OEM?

Upon receipt of formal authorization, we can accept OEM processing.  

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Q:How do I wash the reflective clothes?
Three reflective laundry detergent selection:Only the reflective material with clean economic wipe, must not use the corrosion of strong material, such as disinfection powder wow what, and when washing to light can not remember the washing powder, soap and other alkaline detergent, it is best to use neutral detergent solution, if not a good judge of solution properties, can be replaced with bath or shampoo (these are generally is neutral).Four reflective clothes washing method: neutral detergent to dissolve in cold water, reflective vests will dry soaked 20-30 minutes, and then gently rub the cuffs, heavier stains can first use collar net solution pretreatment, after soaking with a soft brush brush. After washing and drying machine is not available to dehydration, hanging in a cool shade.
Q:What is the measurement unit of reflective materials?
More than squares, including his coefficient of reflection,More than squares, including his coefficient of reflection
Q:Does the wind power reflecting multi faceted mirror drive the bird out of sight?
With the advent of spring, the influence of light reflection on people is gradually escalating. The sources of reflectors can be divided into two broad categories. One is derived from the outside and is difficult to change, and can only be resolved. A kind of reflective material from home decoration decoration, can resolve, can also carry out rectification from the Home Furnishing layout.Alternative should avoid light source.The water house is usually people proud of the "Riverview Room" or "Seaview", people will often complain to enjoy the scenery at the same time in spring and summer, the sun dropped to the surface wave refraction glittering exposure to residential, light evil this headache to misery. This is the reflection of the external environment.
Q:What is that reflective material painted on the mirror?
Speaking of the mirror, also has its history. More than three thousand years ago, our ancestors began to use bronze mirrors. It was made of bronze and polished and smooth and polished. The bronze mirror was not bright. It will rust and must be polished very often. However, in the era of no glass mirror, you can only use it
Q:Reflective wrapping strip, reflective wrapping tape, reflective ribbon, reflective lattice, want to do these reflective materials wholesale, how about?
Reflective materials are now widely used, and the fields of application are becoming wider and wider
Q:What ink is used for reflective printing?
It is recommended not to use nylon ink because the covering power is too strong to reflect the light. Ha-ha。
Q:The development history of reflective films?
Reflective films have been used for a long time in developed countries, and their excellent optical properties and outstanding social and economic value have been widely recognized and accepted. Similarly, this has aroused the full attention of many scientists and technicians in the field of Optics and traffic safety. In 70s, Chinese optical metrology academy teacher Yang Yonggang, will introduce the structure principle, performance oriented reflection film optical characteristics, performance testing and other technical documents to China, then many scientific research institutes, colleges and universities have been put into the research of the reflective film series of product development.
Q:How to control the reflection coefficient of roof, wall and ground surface?
Reflective materials, also known as retroreflective materials, retro reflective materials, are widely used in traffic signs, marking, protrusions, road signs, contour identification, traffic cones, collision cones, and other road traffic safety facilities,
Q:What 3M reflective material is good for reflection? It can be attached to clothes
You can go to the car decoration shop to ask, the car installed on the 3M stickers, reflective is very strong!
Q:Will the water drop the fluorescent powder in the water?
Reflective clothes before I do they speak resistance Ge friends, is called the washing times, reflective clothing garbage, wash once is not reflective, reflective vests they resistance Ge friends, some can be washed 50 times (of course, I'm not the whole test, don't have the time). So, when you buy, you should ask how many times you want the reflective clothes to be washed!

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