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Product Description:

This is Amber from Karronghua Decorative Material & Equipment Cop., Ltd., a professional portable edge banding machine producer since 1997.And we are the first producer for this portable edge banding machine in China .

Thanks so much for giving us this chance to present our company and products to you .

Our core product us a series of portable edge bander .Our portable edge bander can band wook pieces at different shapes : straight, curved,bevel,circles,arcs...and can accept various tapes such as melamine tape,wooden veneer,pvc tape...  The portable edge bander is light and flexible. It can be fixed to a stand to work as a traditional edge bander and it can also be carried around while operation.

The portable edge banding is very flexible and is suitable to any work place. both for furniture manufacturing or the carpentry and woodworking industry . It is suitable for DIY works allowing high reliability of the equipment at a low cost

Technical Data :

Mini radius of banding : 20mm

Feeding speed  : 2-6 meter/min

Thickness of banding :0.3-3.0mm

Width of banding tape:10-55mm

Working temperature : 200°C below

Motor Power         : 25W

Total Power         : 650W

Power supply        : 220V/50-60HZ ,110V/50-60hz

Glue pot capacity   :320ml

Net weight          :9.2kg

Machine Size        :410 x 370 x 450mm

Material of tape    : PVC , Venner , melamine

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Q:How should the reinforcing rib of the reinforcing bar of the cap be arranged?
Then you have to see the design requirements. If not, refer to the 85-91 page of the 11G101-3 atlas, depending on the type of the cap
Q:Knowledge of furniture edge banding
Edge is a decorative role, is a kind of PVC material, generally has a thickness of 1.0,1.5 two with more than the quality manual, edge durability, appearance is not the machine automatically after all hand edge edge, insufficient force smooth uniform, easy pressure is not formed or not a virtual reality phenomenon. So buy furniture, try to buy machine edge, do not covet cheap!
Q:Is there an environmentally friendly adhesive tape?
Good water sealing rubber Kang is beautiful this year's first environmentally friendly products and culture. Beauty Jia Kang edge glue non-toxic, tasteless, pure green products.
Q:What kind of material does furniture plate edge banding use, that is beautiful and beautiful?
The methods used in modern panel furniture are edge banding, special edge sealing (soft molding, edge banding) and post molding edge banding. One of the most commonly used is linear edge banding.Used as a sealing material: as long as the substrate strip or ribbon, can be pasted on the surface, can be trimmed or milling processing with woodworking tools can be used. Such as wood, paper, plastic, fiber, and some composite materials. There are commonly used wood, veneer, veneer with back lining paper tape, impregnated with continuous edge roll belt and PVC tape etc..1, ordinary PVC wood grain banding strip: at present, domestic furniture edge banding generally use PVC grain edge banding, but its quality is very unstable, after trimming the color difference is obvious, but also easy to aging and fracture.2, ABS edge banding: new edge banding material, has been adopted by a small number of high-end brands, its advantages are:(1) raw materials are exquisite, high purity, environmental protection and pollution-free;(2) using single extrusion and four-color printing process, the texture is clear, natural color, different from the homemade transfer membrane process;(3) the surface has anti-wear layer, good wear resistance, not easy to fade, not easy to corrosion;(4) raw materials contain additives, the color is stable, ultraviolet light will not change color, and after trimming the cross section color will not have obvious color difference;(5) good flexibility, even if the seal is small in the radius of the plate, it will not break wood phenomenon;(6) good dimensional stability, not excessive shrinkage or expansion due to temperature difference;(7) after sealing, the seam is the smallest;(8) the edge banding strip will shine when it is used for a period of time, but will not stick to dust and will not blacken.
Q:What's the aluminum alloy edge for cabinet door?
Good, but a long time in the tank door easily, if love is Aluminum Alloy, can put the door body paint (including four) and Aluminum Alloy edge.
Q:Huali woodworking machinery automatic sealing machine 105 do well?
Machines can be, but good adjustment and stability of the machine
Q:When the carpet is cut, what edge can be used? The needle and thread can not be used and can not be worn.
What's good for using sacks?
Q:Please tell me how to adjust the thickness of edge banding. Also help to explain the R knife, profiling wheel, taper wheel, and the side pressure wheel. Thank you very much
Not far from the glue pot, there is a digital mechanical manual adjustment handle. It can be adjusted to 1-4 mm thickness according to the thickness of edge banding. Be careful。 Now buy the edge of the market are not thick enough,.1 mm, are 0.8 or 0.9. Turn it down, please
Q:Can the reinforced edge of the raft foundation be mechanically connected?
I think you should have a lightning strike on the line, and the cutting board on the line is connected in a circle,. Welding on the top of the steel bar on the line, if the mechanical connection, a class of joints in the tensile zone should be staggered 50%, in the compression zone
Q:Sealing process of furniture integral wardrobe
Hello, my friend has a special machine for sealing edges. Just put the furniture board on the machine and it will be very convenient soon. Typing hard, hope to adopt, plus points Oh, ha ha!

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