PVC edge banding machine with high qualitity

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Product Description:

PVC edge banding machine

Our core product us a series of portable edge bander .Our portable edge bander can band wook pieces at different shapes : straight, curved,bevel,circles,arcs...and can accept various tapes such as melamine tape,wooden veneer,pvc tape...  The portable edge bander is light and flexible. It can be fixed to a stand to work as a traditional edge bander and it can also be carried around while operation.

The portable edge banding is very flexible and is suitable to any work place. both for furniture manufacturing or the carpentry and woodworking industry . It is suitable for DIY works allowing high reliability of the equipment at a low cost

Technical Data :

Mini radius of banding : 20mm

Feeding speed  : 2-6 meter/min

Thickness of banding :0.3-3.0mm

Width of banding tape:10-55mm

Working temperature : 200°C below

Motor Power         : 25W

Total Power         : 650W

Power supply        : 220V/50-60HZ ,110V/50-60hz

Glue pot capacity   :320ml

Net weight          :9.2kg

Machine Size        :410 x 370 x 450mm

Material of tape    : PVC , Venner , melamine

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Q:What oil is added in the motor of the automatic edge sealing machine? How often do you add a motor with a belt? Is there a small hole on it?
Dry butter. Use the small eye is oiling grease gun mouth. No gear oil, one word.
Q:What glue should be put on the aluminium alloy edge seal on the cabinet door?
You can use the all-purpose adhesive, glass glue, if small area can use 502 plastic adhesive
Q:What does "edge banding" mean?
Edge banding is required to strengthen the edge structure. The overhanging plate or the flat raft foundation of the general plate needs the edge banding. The calculation should be designed according to the actual drawing, with interleaving edge banding and adding U type edge banding tendons.(1) the length of edge banding steel with edge banding structure: 2*15D (or 200mm, both for big value) + (plate thickness -2*, protective layer thickness)(two) the length of banding reinforcement with edge construction: plate thickness -2*, protective layer thickness (per root)
Q:Solid wood flooring is necessary waterproof paint edge?
Yes, there is. 1. baseboard - when the floor is installed, there will be 8-12MM gap between the floor and the wall, which is telescopic, and the thickness of the baseboard is designed to cover the gap in the 12-15MM2. be close - this is a polymer or made of wood with a 90 degree angle, length is 2.7 meters, the width of about 2 centimeters or so both sides, glue on the floor covering the gap.It is better to suggest skirting boardsSuggest that you select the Oriental Yuhong productsColor tile sealant (strong weather resistant type)Tile filling agent is made of cement, filler, pigment and modifier. It is applied to the gap between tile and ceramic tile. With ceramic tile, stone and other decorative materials to match, it can provide beautiful finishes, improve the adhesion between the decorative brick and anti-seepage role, but also to alleviate the entire wall or floor covering material internal stress.Wall interface agent (concrete interface agent)Concrete interface agent mainly refers to the application on the concrete surface, by increasing the concrete surface roughness or the strength, significantly improve the bond strength between concrete and other products, which are widely used in all kinds of surface treatment on the cement base.Wall interface agent (concrete interface agent) is a new type of high permeability material composed of polymer emulsion and multifunctional additives. Has good sealing property, strong permeability, surface strength etc., the interface is applicable to concrete and mortar layer.
Q:On the whole wardrobe density board edge problem, found that the overall wardrobe to buy a lot of partitions are no edge, I want to take down and deal with it, brush varnish OK?
This method you say can play a part. You can also buy a thin PVC edge 0.6mm thick, with 502 glue on it.
Q:Is it important to seal the cabinet?
The important difference between the factory finished kitchen cabinet and the on-site manufacture cabinet is that it mainly deals with the technology of sealing and sealing.The scene is handmade glue edge, for fear of heat, not durable, easy to fall off.Assembly line production is hot stamping edge banding technology. Without these defects.A very important difference.
Q:Compared to the southeast, the higher cost performance of woodworking machinery edge sealing machine what? Is they comparable in quality?
Tang Yue Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd.
Q:PVC what's the glue for the edge banding?
Some plants use glue glue, some glue with hot melt glue, glue we have, welcome to contact
Q:What's the aluminum alloy edge for cabinet door?
Good。This view represents only the Chinese kitchen and toilet network users,
Q:Whether or not the upper and lower frames of the solid wood composite door bear edges?
I suggest that the edge is good, not close edge, easy to absorb moisture, poor maintenance of the door, the door up and down a few holes just fine.

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