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  PVC pipe is the health grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, adding proper amount ofstabilizer, lubricant, bulking agent, hyperchromic agent by plastic extrusion molding and injection molding machine,cooling, curing, shaped by process, inspection, packaging, in order to complete the pipes, pipe fittings production.

1 pipe surface hardness and tensile strength and high safety coefficient, pipeline.

2 good ageing resistance, the normal service life of up to 50 years.

3 pipeline of inorganic acid, alkali, salt, excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for industrial wastewater discharge and transport.

The 5 material has high oxygen index, selfextinguishing.

6 pipe line expansion coefficient is small, is affected by the temperature 0.07mm/ ℃, small deformation.

Thermal conductivity and low modulus of elasticity, anti frozen performance compared with cast iron drainage pipe.Thermal conductivity and low modulus of elasticity, anti frozen performance compared with cast iron drainage pipe.

The 7 pipes, pipe fittings are connected by adhesive, the construction method is simple, convenient operation, high installation efficiency.

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Q:Plastic steel pipe and lining stainless steel composite pipe steel pipe are the same kind of pipe
Steel pipe and stainless steel composite pipe is two kinds of different materials, I personally think that, as the name suggests is a plastic steel and plastic combination, including plastic lining and coating, and the stainless steel composite pipe is a combination between steel and steel, the most common is the composite stainless steel and ordinary steel!
Q:What is aluminum plastic PPR tube?
PPR plastic composite pipe is composed of five layers, the middle layer of thin aluminum layer, the outer layer is PP-R, the inner layer is PE-RT, between the layers of imported hot melt, extruded under high pressure and high temperature, five layers of organic compound, corrosion resistance, light weight, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, no fouling and long service life long and other excellent characteristics.
Q:Construction technology of PE steel plastic composite pipe
1. before installation, check the groove to meet the installation requirements, and then check the appearance of the pipe there is no obvious sag, cracks, scratches, scratches, found quality problems, timely replacement.In 2., three links, elbow, reducer etc. fire hydrant with C20 concrete concrete pier, brick pier reinforcement flange valve.3. PE water supply pipe and metal pipe, valve, fire hydrant connection, must use plastic steel transition joint or special flange connection.4. the exhaust valve shall be installed at the uplift part of the pipeline or on the uphill side to reduce the impact of the water pressure on the pipe. The ratio of the pipe and exhaust valve is designed to be 1:8.5. because the PE pipe itself has good flexibility and flexibility, all pipe installation has not considered the installation of expansion joint.
Q:What is the connection mode of PSP steel plastic composite pipe?
Steel plastic composite pipe is divided into two kinds of plastic and plastic lining, if the design is lined with plastic coated steel pipe can be used instead, but if the design is not available to replace the plastic lining plastic pipe.
Q:What's the difference between steel wire mesh plastic composite pipe and steel skeleton composite pipe?
Comparison of water breakthrough in end face of pipe cut:The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe, connecting factor of the existence of a high performance between the substrate PE and high strength steel wire, the substance of PE modified materials, and PE can be fused into one, under the condition of heating, has strong adhesive properties of the polar bond with steel, make the pipe inside and outside layer and high the strength of steel as a whole, in the process of manufacture, storage and use, between high strength steel wire and PE will not appear gap, even if the two ends of pipe sealing, interlayer channeling water will not appear.The steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, because the clearance must exist between pipe and PE steel plate material, cut pipe, the end is sealed, but the use of electric melting pipe heat sealing is easy to fall off. After installation, the medium will break into the gap between the steel plate and the plastic, which will lead to the decrease of the pressure bearing capacity of the whole pipeline system. Cause the tubing to be damaged at low pressure and cause pipe failure.
Q:What is the difference between plastic lined steel pipe and plastic steel composite pipe?
There are differences between plastic pipe and plastic steel composite pipe.
Q:What's the quota for plastic lined steel pipes?
Belong to the scope of industrial pipeline engineering should set industrial pipeline installation engineering quota in the quota items; if the water supply and drainage engineering, should be set to the drainage quota quota items in volume of steel plastic composite pipe installation related corresponding (according to the installation and connection mode).
Q:What are the water supply plastic pipes and composite pipes?
Belongs to the plastic water supply pipe, composite pipe with PPR pipe, PE pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe etc..
Q:What is the difference between aluminum plastic composite pipe and aluminum plastic PPR pipe?
Generally, there are dimension indexes, inner diameter, outer diameter and wall thickness.Strength index, pipe strength indicators have radial compressive strength, that is, ring stiffness, flexibility index, bending index, impact strength, etc.For drinking water pipes, there are technical aspects of health indicators, as well as water pressure indicators.For the communications industry, there are other technical requirements.
Q:Is the PSP plastic steel composite pipe high in pressure?
Shenzhen Hainiu steel plastic composite pipe is a new type of metal and plastic composite pipe, welded steel pipe for the middle layer, the inner layer and the outer layer of polyethylene plastic, using special hot melt extrusion molding method, through the integrated pipe.

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