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  PVC pipe is the health grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw material, adding proper amount ofstabilizer, lubricant, bulking agent, hyperchromic agent by plastic extrusion molding and injection molding machine,cooling, curing, shaped by process, inspection, packaging, in order to complete the pipes, pipe fittings production.

1 pipe surface hardness and tensile strength and high safety coefficient, pipeline.

2 good ageing resistance, the normal service life of up to 50 years.

3 pipeline of inorganic acid, alkali, salt, excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for industrial wastewater discharge and transport.

The 5 material has high oxygen index, selfextinguishing.

6 pipe line expansion coefficient is small, is affected by the temperature 0.07mm/ ℃, small deformation.

Thermal conductivity and low modulus of elasticity, anti frozen performance compared with cast iron drainage pipe.Thermal conductivity and low modulus of elasticity, anti frozen performance compared with cast iron drainage pipe.

The 7 pipes, pipe fittings are connected by adhesive, the construction method is simple, convenient operation, high installation efficiency.

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Q:Is the plastic steel composite pipe lined with plastic galvanized steel pipe?
By pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, postprocessing technology made in water supply galvanized plastic composite pipe, is the upgrading of traditional galvanized pipe, steel plastic composite pipe with threaded connection.Plastic lining composite steel pipe: pipe to polyethylene plastic pipe lining in the outer layer, so the manufacturing cost is reduced, and ensure that the thickness to ensure the strength, the installation of plastic lining composite steel pipe with polypropylene PP-R pipe cost almost close to the aluminum-plastic composite pipe, stainless steel pipe is much lower than pure and pure copper.
Q:Steel plastic composite pipe, hot galvanized steel pipe, the mechanism of cast iron pipe, plastic pipe, which need to brush oil rust?
When the factory has made rust treatment, the cast iron pipe surface is also out of the factory when the paint brush, so it does not need.
Q:In the plastic pipe and steel plastic composite pipe has what difference
There are a lot of steel plastic composite pipe can be classified according to the classification, structure of pipe: steel reinforced plastic composite pipe, seamless steel pipe reinforced plastic composite tube, mesh steel plastic composite pipe and steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe. At present, the market is the most popular steel reinforced steel plastic composite pipe, that is we often say that the steel plastic composite pressure pipe, the pipe layer and the middle layer is the steel strip of high carbon steel by curling forming butt welding, the inner and the outer layers are high density polyethylene (HDPE).
Q:What's the difference between aluminum alloy lined pipe and aluminium plastic composite pipe?
Aluminum plastic composite pipe is inside and outside the tube is made of plastic, the middle layer of Aluminum Alloy, before and after the appearance of different, different processes, use basically the same, but Aluminum Alloy lining plastic pipe performance is much higher than that of the latter, aluminum-plastic composite pipe technology is relatively backward, the market shrinking. At present, is going extinct, a few areas due to consumption habits, still in continue to use.
Q:How to improve the bonding strength of polyurethane steel composite pipe
Steel lined composite pipe is widely used, such as steel - plastic composite pipe, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic composite pipe, steel polypropylene composite pipe.
Q:There are several kinds of plastic steel composite pipe, what is the connection mode?
Steel plastic composite pipe is divided into two kinds of plastic and plastic lining, if the design is lined with plastic coated steel pipe can be used instead, but if the design is not available to replace the plastic lining plastic pipe.
Q:Is there any difference between PSP steel plastic composite pipe and plastic steel composite pipe?
The production process of steel band reinforced plastic steel composite pipe is quite complicated. The steel strip is different from the aluminum strip, and it has almost no flexibility, so the forming process of the steel belt is very demanding. Secondly, the steel belt is usually thicker than the aluminum belt, and the lap welding process can not be used. Only the butt welding process with high accuracy is adopted.
Q:PE pipe and steel plastic composite pipe how connected together
Different diameter, connection way is different, need specific analysis
Q:Types of ceramic composite pipes
Wearable ceramic pipeThe wearable ceramic pipe is adhered to the inner wall of the pipe by high temperature and strong viscose. After the heating and solidification, a strong anti abrasion layer is formed. The manufacturing process is simple and the cost is higher,. The use of temperature generally can not exceed 100 degrees, is not suitable for pipelines
Q:PSP plastic steel pipe and lining plastic pipe difference
As the name suggests is lining plastic pipe in the pipe wall lining a layer of plastic, for the purpose of internal corrosion of steel pipe, but as a senior sales staff, the deaf ears furnishings still can be divided clearly, pipe lined with plastic for wire, tube wall has plastic layer, but the pipe with a connection, the inner wall of the pipe the plastic layer and the middle layer plastic pipe wall cracks can not reach the requirement of water resistance, a long time will cause the plastic layer and the steel layer from the water can not circulate time wall middle long will breed bacteria instead of water pollution.

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