PVC Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

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Product Description:

1. Product Description

As control and signal cable for elevator as well as moving machine parts, its bending radius is smaller compared with round cables due to the closely packed shielded cores or bundles. It can be installed in dry and damp rooms. 

2. Product Characteristic


The outer sheath is extensively resistant to oil and cooling liquid.

Standards: GB5023.6, IEC60227-6, EN50214


Conductor: fine strands of bare copper wire, acc. to VDE0295 class 5

Insulation special PVC

Color: yellow, white, orange with black number with white digital coding

Bearing: steel rope

Outer sheath: flexible PVC, cold resistance, flame resistance

Color: grey(RAL7001)

3. Product Specification

Voltage  Rate

300/500V, 450/750V



Range of Nominal cross section:

0.75 mm2 ~10 mm2


It is used as power and connecting cables in mechanical engineering for tooling machinery, control unit, production lines, transportation equipment, conveyor and assembly lines as well as in plant construction.


IEC60227, BS6500, VDE0250, GB/T9330


Conductor: Class 1/2 annealed bare copper solid or strands or Class 5 fine annealed copper wire

Insulation: PVC

Sheath: PVC

Max. Operating Temperature

70℃, can be 90℃ and 110℃ as per requirement

4. Packaging & Delivery

PVC Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

PVC Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

PVC Control Cable 300/500V, 450/750V

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