PVC Coated Galvanized Steel Wire Supplier From China

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China main port
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TT or LC
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20 m.t.
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5000 m.t./month

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PVC Coated Galvanized Steel Wire Supplier From China

 PVC/PE coated wire, also named plastic coated wire, is made from high quality black wire and galvanized wire. It’s evenly coated by plastic granules which is dissolved in high temperature and cooling down to be attached. PVC is a material made from polyvinyl chloride, with a good resistance of flame and electricity-conductivity. PE is a thermal plastic resin polymerized with ethylene, odorless, non-toxic, wax-like, has good performance in low temperature and low electricity conductivity. The adhesion power of both PVC and PE coated wires are strong. It’s bright in color and evenly coated, has very good tensile strength and corrosion resistance. About 20 different colors are available and the most commonly used colors are Dark Green, Gross Green and Dark.


The PVC/PE coated wire mainly used to weave wire meshes and make handicrafts, or as binding wires in our everyday life. Our product has a broad diameter range. The inner diameter range from 0.25mm up to 5.0mm, after coated the outer diameter can reach from 0.5mm to 5.0mm. It’s basically packed as spool wire and small coil wire. Comparing with other similar products in the market, our PVC/PE coated wire has better oxidation, frustration and corrosion resistance due to high quality materials imported from overseas. The service life is about 1.5 times longer, and with a excellent production management, the cost is lowered by about 10%.


We build your confidence in our products by our professional inspection personnel and equipment. Every single batch of products out of our workshop will always be strictly inspected by specific rules to ensure the products meet your detailed requirements. Buying from us could save you a lot and have the quality assurance at the same time.

PVC Coated Wire Specification:

PVC coated wire



Tensile Strength


Elongation Rate





Core wire diameter

Diameter after coated
Color: Dark green, blue, yellow, and so on
1. lined with P.V.C strips and wrapped with PVC or hessian cloth 
2. small coils of 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, and so on 
3. in spider packing then into cartons


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