PVC Ceiling Direct Factory of Ceiling Tile Flat Glossy and Clear

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (PVC Ceiling) Description

1. Design Type: Flat glossy and clear;

2. Various patterns and high quality;

3. Easy to clean and install;

4. Environmental protections;

5. The product never fades easily;

6. For indoor decoration, e.g. ceiling and wall decoration.

Special note: We offer good service and our products are not expensive!

2,Main Features of the PVC Ceiling

Place of Origin:China

Function:Fireproof, Heat Insulation, Moisture-...

Feature:Integrated Ceilings

Ceiling Tile Shape:Rectangle

Ceiling Tile Type:PVC Ceilings

Function:Fireproof,Heat insulation,Moisture-Pr...

Feature:Integrated Ceilings

Ceiling Tile Sharp:Rectangle

Ceiling Tile Type:PVC Ceiling



3,(PVC Ceiling) Images


PVC Ceiling Direct Factory of Ceiling Tile Flat Glossy and Clear

4,(PVC Ceiling) Specification

Brief Introduction of Our Product:


5mm,5.5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,9mm ,10mm,11mm,12mm, 20mm

5.8m , 5.95m , or by customers' requirements


printing , transfer printing, laminated

one 40'ft container or 8000 square meters

within 15 days after prepayment

30% T/T in advance ,70% before the shipment, or irrevocable L/C at sight

by PE film or by carton



Shanghai or Ningbo

Many countries in Africa , East Europe , Middle east ,Southeast Asia


5,FAQ of (PVC Ceiling

Size: /Weight for reference:

7mm*25cm /  2.1~2.5 kg/sqm  

8mm*25cm /  2.5~2.8 kg/sqm

9mm*25cm /  2.8~3.2 kg/sqm

8mm*30cm /  2.5-2.8 kg/sqm

9mm*30cm /  2.8-3.2 kg/sqm

10mm*30cm/  3.1-3.4 kg/sqm



What are PVC panels:

PVC panels are made from PVC polymer (a kind of rigid material with certain flexibility). The panels are of a hollow honeycomb construction, and they have different kinds of colors and styles on the surface when finished. Often, PVC panels are designed for covering internal walls or ceilings in the house. Furthermore, they also apply to some wet environment, such as bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchens.



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Q:Soft pvc board how to install it? How is the market price?
According to market conditions
Q:PVC plastic hard board maximum temperature how much
More than 70 degrees will be deformed, more than 130 degrees will begin to melt ~!
Q:What is the difference between pvc floor and marble floor?
Pvc floor foot feeling more comfortable, the friction is not easy to walk than the marble is not easy to tired, sound-absorbing performance, plastic than marble strong, strong color performance, maintenance and more convenient.
Q:can i replace a damaged pvc wall cladding board?
Without inspecting the installation, it would be hard to say. However, some general pointers. Possibly you can remove the ceiling boards from the other side. Consider carefully cutting away the dented portion of the panel. You can probably cut away the entire damaged panel and squeeze in a replacement. You can offer the customer a 50% discount on the job.
Q:Pp board and pvc board which is expensive
PP board than the price of expensive PVC board, but the quality of the service life of course, will be longer.
Q:PVC flooring and wood flooring which is better?
Of course, is a good wooden floor, PVC is only the recent popular new products; The advantages of wood flooring: fire, fitness, moisture and other advantages
Q:Colored PVC board is what kind of board ah, can not paint
There are many types of colored PVC board. 1, advertising with the PVC plastic plate; 2, PVC surface paint board; this PVC board is no need to paint, because their material color and texture there are many, the paint is not necessary. And this PVC board surface will generally glazed, paint up the durability will not be durable, will be from the skin, rupture and so on.
Q:Pvc floor construction costs how much money a square meter
PVC sheet flooring is generally 4 yuan / square meter, PVC membrane floor general 7-10 yuan / square meter (depending on the degree of ease of construction of the floor), self-leveling construction is generally 2-3 yuan / square meter. Different regions, how much the price difference between the larger.
Q:What are the hospital wall decoration materials?
Traditional materials are: tiles, wall paint, pvc plate, etc., these materials are more or less there are some shortcomings, such as easy fouling, dust, easy to clean, maintenance, short life and so on. New materials are: safe disinfection board, antibacterial coatings, etc., which "safe disinfection board" comprehensive performance, wall decoration effect is more prominent, but also play a role in antibacterial, antibacterial, is now the mainstream of hospital decoration materials one.
Q:Pvc board is what paste
There is a professional PVC plastic, consult the purchase of PVC pipe

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