Pvc Casement Window,Double Glazed Windows

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Product Description:



double glazed windows 
1.adjustable for air permeability 
2. no corrosion in nature


high quality pvc casement window,double glazed windows



Product namepvc casement  window
PVCWe use Conch/Shide/Zhongying PVC profile
Thickness wall2.0-2.5mm
Reinforcement steel1.0/1.2/1.4/1.5mm
ColorWhite/Red(black) walnut/Brown and so on .It looks like wooden doors&windows
Glazing optiona.  Single clear/termpered glass(4/5/6/8mm)  
b.  Double clear/termpered glass(5/6/8+6/9/12/24+5/6mm)
c.  laminated glass:(5/6+0.38/0.761.52pvb+5/6mm)
d.  other: Art glass,coated glass,Frosted glass,tempered glass,tinted glass,Low-e glass and so on.
HardwareROTO,Kinglong,Or Chiness making.We also can provide hardware customers need.
 Packing Plastic foam and wooden fram.
Product features1.Usage:  House /home /building decoration
2.Energy saving,Environment protetive
3.Nature and beauty
4.Sound insulation,Water proof
5. Tightly closed,wind proof


PVC casement window,Any color available.


high quality pvc casement window,double glazed windows

New window ,white pvc window  are our best sales.


 high quality pvc casement window,double glazed windows





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1.Payment terms is T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipment
2. Production time normally is 10-15 days.(According to order quantity.)
3. Good service, competitive price, on time delivery, good quality control.
Our service:
We quote, produce, deliver and best after-sale service 
1.Our prices are very competitive, when compared to alternative products and services available on the market.
2.We know that every project is different and we are happy to discuss your possibilities with you and offer our professional assistance in making the right choices in windows and doors. 
3.Whether you need replace existing Aluminum or PVC window and door, or are building a new home or an extension, our products are of the highest quality.
4.On top of this, we are pleased to offer you excellent customer service and technical consulting.
Why choose our factory?
We quote, produce, deliver and best after-sale service 
1.Offer competitive and reasonable price.
2.Professional technical and design team by qualified enginner.
3.Delivery without delay.
4.Good after-sale service.





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Q:Does heat shrink window plastic work to conserve energy?
Yes it can make a HUGE difference. In college, I lived in an old drafty house with 6 other friends. Our heating bills were astronomical and you could literally feel the wind blowing through the windows! We shrink-wrapped the windows and immediately noticed a change in the temperature in the rooms. Our heating bills dropped by 30% over one month. Windows typically account for 10-20% of the heat loss in a house. Even if you have double-pane windows, they still get cold, leeching heat out of your room. The plastic sheeting will help by creating a partial vacuum between the window and the plastic which acts as an insulator (this is the same principle those old metal glass thermos bottles use.) This helps keep the heat in, and the cold out. Sunlight still passes through, but not the heat from the sun. That's mostly blocked by the vacuum between the plastic and the window. Double pane windows do most the same thing - only the space between the panes is filled with Argon gas, which is a poor conductor of heat and cold. The only downside is that the sticky tape these kits use may damage paint when removed - assuming you can remove the tape at all. You'll also need to purchase a new sheets for each window each year. Other alternatives include making sure there are no holes or cracks around your window frames. Use a caulk gun to fix these problems, just don't caulk the windows shut! :-) Caulk guns are cheap, and you don't need an expensive tube of caulk - even the $0.99 tubes of painter's caulk will do the job. (it also work wonders against keeping bugs out of your house, but that's for another time.) Covering the windows with heavy drapes will also help, but isn't as effective as the plastic sheeting. However, every little bit can help. Drapes also help in the summer by helping keep heat out of your house.
Q:Best way to clean plastic windows on my tent trailer?
the best plastic cleaner I've ever used is meguires plastic cleaner then follow it up with their plastic polish , it truly works miracles , you won't be disapointed
Q:plastic on the windows wont stay?
It doesn't go on the windows. It goes on the window trim or on the wall. Any dirt or grit will cause it to fall down, and you have to really press to make sure it is on well.
Q:plastic windows heating on drywall?
it won't be pretty but you can get some duck tape and tape the plastic around the windows
Q:What happens to all the plastic bits when you recycle envelopes with those plastic windows in them?
Recycled paper is not melted down, but soaked to separate,
Q:Looking for Hairdryer-Shrinkable Plastic for Windows?
You can apply Duck Roll-On 3-Window Film or 3M window insulation Kit this product will increase the insulation value in your windows. You can purchase this product at your local hardware store.
Q:where do i place the plastic window seal?
I've lived in a few rentals where we had to weatherstrip the windows, and at no time did it ever occur to me that the landlord should pay for it. Weatherstripping is just part of living life in a colder climate. You don't need to pay outrageous amounts for expensive weatherstripping products. If the gap is an inch or two at the top of your window, just roll up some old towels or cleaning rags to fit into the gap. They'll stop the wind just as well as some plastic product you have to pay for at the hardware store, and your curtains or blinds will cover them anyway, so you don't have to care if it doesn't look too good. If the windows have an actual structural problem, though, so that they really can't be closed tightly enough to lock, you might try to convince the landlord to have repairs done based on the fact that they're a security hazard. (Yeah, I know, nobody's likely to break in to an attic, but you can at least try.)
Q:Someone stole the back plastic windows to my Jeep Wrangler, where can I buy replacements?
confident you may... yet do not. it is going to take you a minimum of three tries to get it to look halfways good and except you will get actual each and every bubble out and each factor suited, it is going to peel off finally do to the flex of the backside window. in simple terms my 2 cents, regardless of if it won't seem the way you like it to.
Q:Product to maintain/clean Jeep plastic windows?
i think of the plastic residing house windows suck particular you may desire to purchase new doors for it that have residing house windows that are glass. you may desire to look in a junkyard for a good cost. playstation I actually have a ninety seven Jeep Wrangler with glass residing house windows it is a sturdy motor vehicle my 4cyl gets like 18-19 mpg especially situations even 20 and its a beast offroad. heavily it does whats its suppost to off street.
Q:A/C bills, cover windows with plastic?
You can buy solar reflective film of amazon to stick to your windows to reflect some sunlight however this can be quite difficult to apply. If its humid trying buying a dehumidifier- takes the moisture out of the air which helps to make conditions more comfortable. Insulating the floor wouldn't be that beneficial as most, you want to reduce insulation in your loft and upper rooms! Hot air rises, so don't trap it!

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