PVC cable compound, pvc compound with different hardness

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PVC cable compound
1. Hardness: ShoreA50-95
2. Density: 0.6-1.6
3. Color: transparent or not
4. Smell: No smell or fragr

PVC cable compound

Tongxing Smallboss has more than 30 production lines for PVC&TPR granules,and its monthly amount is 1000 tons, In 2004 Smallboss cooperate with Shanghai,Wuhan university, and other institutions, joint research and improve the formula of PVC and TPR granules.

Smallboss has been sucessfully develop more then 1000 types of cost effective plastic formula. At the same time, we could do high quality accoding to client sample ot technical data.

Application: Sandle, Sport shoe, Slipper, Rain boot, fashional shoes.

Main market:Africa(Ethiopia, Eritrea,Egypt)  Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka.

PVC cable compound Specification




Tensile strength(Mpa)

Elongation at break(%)








Natural transparent







Transparent clear























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Q:Getting pictures/documents from an old laptop that doesnt work? (power cable socket broke)?
you will no longer get lots money for a computing device without stress. right here is what to do: (a million) purchase a caddy ( a container that turns the stress into an exterior USB stress) £10 - £20 (2) take the stress out of the previous device, positioned it in the caddy, connect it to a distinctive computer (3) use the different computer to wipe the stress (4) flow the stress back to the computing device (5) sell the computing device (and the caddy, in case you do no longer want it; notwithstanding that's properly worth conserving it for emergencies).
Q:what brand name should be for my newly establishing power cable manufacturing business?
follow the suggestions. Good Luck
Q:How do I repair a Ribbon Power Cable for a Playstation 2 Power/Eject Ribbon Cable?
I'm afraid if its cracked where I think Its cracked you will not be able to repair it. You will have to find some way of replacing it. The signal you think is going through because enough will say I want to be turned on. Nevertheless there might be a workaround. I need you to put that cable back in and get your ps3 controller and press the PS icon. This can also turn on your PS3 remotely. If this causes it to turn on and run you can test to see if you need that cable or not by shutting down and removing it. If it works on the controller side this will have to be your power up option from here on out. By also pressing this button it will automatically detect the position so you will not need to press it second time. It won't matter thankfully if its a shock controller or a six axis... this method works for both.
Q:Why is power connector longer than data cable connector on a sata hard drive?
There are more pins on the power connector (because more are needed).
Q:How do I reseat the hard disk data and power cables?
i'm assuming which you have a computer computer. in any different case they does not have instructed you that. ok, skill off; take the area panel off and you will see the motherboard, adapter taking part in cards, disk drives, and skill grant. the skill grant supplies you countless working voltages to the equipment by skill of skill of distinctive coloured wires. you will see they bypass to the countless aspects in the equipment. you have 2 or extra drives on your equipment and you'll be the optical (cd/dvd) power. The plug with the crimson yellow and black leads are the skill leads. pull that out and reseat it. it might desire to be comfortable so use care. in case you have an IDE no longer easypersistent it might desire to have a similar plug. If it rather is sata it rather is going to likely be a flat cable. the cable that passes information to those drives would be the two a eighty conductor flat ribbon cable or a sata cable it rather is a lot smaller;(reseat) get rid of and replace those. final and the single's you % to be maximum cautious with are the cables to the motherboard itself. in case you stick to the cables from the drives, you will see the place they terminate on the motherboard. Use warning right here to verify you do no longer positioned undue rigidity on the motherboard. additionally in any respect situations attempt to maintain in touch with the equipment case to keep away from static discharge.
Q:Brief description of the difference between cable and cable.
1. home with a wired out, for a wireless router bar, the line of the problem are resolved
Q:Car Amp Power Cable Help??!?!?
The fuse should be within 18 of the BATTERY!!! I cannot stress this enough. Amplifiers have built in devices which protect the amp, the in-line fuse's sole purpose is to protect the wire in case of a short. Put that fuse close to the amp, and all of that wire feeding from the battery is unprotected; and any part of that wire that shorts to the car can, and continues to pass current to the chassis, until something catches fire due to the tremendous heat created from the short. Mount it as close to the battery as possible.
Q:Power Cable for Super Nintendo.?
They're a great site, they clean and repair systems as well. I've bought and had things repaired by them before. It'll set you back $7.95 plus shipping however. Or if you have a regular AC adapter that fits, it works just as good as the SNES brand.
Q:When adding second internal drive to Dell OPTIPLEX 780 do I have to get another power cable and data cable?
you have such a small case, i doublt that there will be room inside the case for another internal drive. if there is room, the PSU should have an extra Sata power connector and you will need to get a Sata cable if you buy an OEM drive, if it's a 'retail' version of the drive then you should get a Molex to Sata power cable and a Sata data cable. you probably wont have space inside the case for another drive, go with a USB 2.0 external desktop drive.
Q:when selecting muticore power cable the current rating of conductor in cosidered individually or total 3 cores?
Generally ,each cable .

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