PVC Braided Transparent Green Hose/Pipe

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) 

· Brand Name: SGSN 

· Model Number: PVC Hose 

· Material: PVC 

· Specification: 5/32 inch-55/64inch 

· Length: 20/30/50/100m 

· Thickness: 2mm-8mm 

· Standard: SGS 

· Material: PVC with fiber reinforced 

· Temperature: -5℃-65℃ 

· W.P.: 4-12bar 

· B.P.: 10-50bar 

· Length: 20/30/50/100m 

· I.D.: 5/32 inch-55/64inch 

· Wall thickness: 2mm-8mm 

· Color: transparent/as customer's requirement 

· Standard: SGS/FDA/ISO 

· Characteristics: Non-toxic,odourless,Light 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Generally packing: Entangled with non-woven fabric or transparent plastic membrane. Specially packing: according to the customer's requirements.

Delivery Detail:

within 30 days after order confirmed


Ploy Vinyl Chloride Braided Hose 
1.Material:PVC with fiber reinforced 
2.Application: best choice for transporting air 




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Q:Setting up air pump/tubing in aquarium??
Just a thought here: You could try softening your plastic tubing. Place it in a pot of hot water (with the plastic tubing resting on a couple of spoons so it doesn't touch the bottom of the pot), and bring the pot to a simmer for a few minutes. Your plastic tubing will be quite soft. Remove with a fork; wear rubber gloves to place it in the correct position in your aquarium.
Q:why does toothpaste settle down the tube?
The plastic material has internal stresses that retain the shape it was cast in originally. Since it is attached to a round head it tends to form a sort of flattened cone. The toothpaste moves back up the tube to fill the available space as it is a type of really thick fluid. The shape may also lead to the toothpaste moving upwards due to capillary action (similar to how water moves up a very thin straw) To combat this effect, you can buy a little squeezy thing that rolls over the tube to prevent the toothpaste from moving backwards, or you can fold/bend it over as you use it like many people do. I store mine upright on the cap so the toothpaste settles at the end I squeeze it out of. The tube also uses less counter space when you store it upright as compared to laid over on its side.
Q:are there any couplers that can securely connect to the ID (1/4) of a HARD plastic tube, without a clamp?
here's the magic 64,000 dollar question. Under pressure or not? If under constant pressure any clampless connection will fail. If pressure is intermittent ----Maybe. Why not try the plumbing line I believe it is referred to as NPT it is gray in color and has either twist to close connections or metal surface clamping.
Q:How can we prevent static electricity from producing plastic tubes for flammable liquids?
In order to prevent the build-up of static electricity has been applied to must fire (e.g. all flammable and explosive area) or is susceptible to electrostatic damage products
Q:Can someone tell me what that plastic elbow tube is called on the backside of my heater coil? VW Golf 2000.?
Heater core tube? If it is the bend itself then say e.g. heater core tube with 90 degree bend.
Q:Need some pipes or tubes to make homemade ferret tunnels throughout bedroom?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Need some pipes or tubes to make homemade ferret tunnels throughout bedroom? Pretty much anything safe a flexible that can be used. Needs to be about 3 or 3.5 inches in diameter. I need quite a bit of it. You know the play places at McDonalds for kids? Well, thats basically what I'm going to do only much smaller for my two ferrets. Can anyone point me in the right...
Q:the teacher in item 5 needs to order plastic tubing.if each of the 60 students needs 750mm of tubing?
What about the cutting allowance?
Q:One charged plastic ball is vertically above another in a test tube. The balls are in equilibrium a d?
Equilibrium is established when the electric force between the balls = weight of upper ball .. this force is constant at any spacing. F = k.q1.q2 / d² .. .. For constant F .. q1.q2 ∝ d² .. .. d ∝ √(q1.q2) When q1 and q2 double .. (q1.q2) increases by a factor of 4 .. and d by a factor √4 = 2 Ans .. ►(b).2d
Q:Leaving plastic tube off of violin E string?
Does the bridge have a protective cover glued to it under the string - it's called a parchment? Or does the bridge have an insert in it, usually made from Ebony? If either of these is a yes, you don't need the tube. If the answer was no to both, the tube should probably be there to protect the bridge from the string cutting in. Here is a pic of the two possibilities I've mentioned.
Q:Dropped plastic straw into transmission fill tube while tryin to syphon fluid?
the filter will prevent the straw from causing damage

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