PVA Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

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200000 kg/month

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Product Description:

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree


Product Description:

Product Type:

Other Yarn


100% PVA yarn

Yarn Type:





Ring Spun


Eco-Friendly, vanish in the water


Embroidery, Sewing, Other

Yarn Count:


Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Model Number:



raw white

Dissolve Tem.:















Middle east,EU,etc.


We can supply water soluble yarn, 20 degree to 90 degree, yarn counts are from 20s to 100s.

This is a new kind of environmental friendly product. It can be mainly used for making towels,socks, the top-grade gloves, etc.

It can  be used to make the untwist yarn with the cotton yarn.

We are the manufacture, we export the pva yarns to India, Turkey, Pakistan,etc. Have a large market

High quality PVA water soluble yarn 

1. Soluble in water 

2. Eco friendly 

3. New product 

4. 100% Japan material

5. Quality guarantee

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree


PVA  Paper Weaving Yarn 20,40,70,80,90 Degree

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Q:What is the number of yarns used in cotton textiles to mean what is meant
When the fibers are spun into yarn, they can be woven into a fabric. Because the weaving machine used in the principle of the machine is different, weaving the fabric of the internal structure is different. Usually can be divided into two categories of woven and knitted.
Q:What is yarn support?
Metric count (Nm) - At a given moisture regain, 1 gram of yarn length is a meter multiple, that is, 1 gram of heavy yarn is just 1 meter long, 1 (g) yarn, 1 gram heavy yarn Length of 200 meters long, the fineness of the yarn 200
Q:What is Artex and Artex Products?
According to statistics, Japan, the United States, Germany, Canada and so are the generous consumption of yarn products, but also China's exports of major markets
Q:Cotton cotton yarn consumption of cotton how much?
Cotton carded yarn consumption of cotton fixed: 1.08 tons / ton yarn; cotton yarn per ton of finished yarn 0.926 tons.
Q:What is the process of towel in the textile?
Determine the yarn count, warp and weft density, the number of warp yarns and weft yarns (especially yarn-dyed), with a number of pieces, wearing a reed method, jacquard to determine the installation of wear method (in layman's terms, , Wear, mix wear method), reed width, shaft width, yarn consumption, hair times, under the specifications and weight, and so on
Q:What are the types of textile yarns?
Artificial fiber: rayon (RAYON) also known as artificial cotton rayon (VISCOSE), blended fiber: long / short fiber blended yarn, there are T / RT / C two, with brightness: semi-light yarn / Triangular light yarn to processing points:
Q:Cotton yarn from the process and use is how to divide
Knitting yarn requires yarn twist small, even dry, to ensure that the knitted sweater of the villi thick, good elasticity, warm and strong. Woven yarn requirements of light, weft knot less, even dry.
Q:Textile class 21 yarn, 32 shares of what is the meaning of goods ah
The finer the yarn, the larger the number, the thinner the fabric. In addition there is the difference between single yarn and yarn, single yarn refers to a single yarn, strands refers to the single yarn twisted by the synthesis of the strands
Q:What is the textile bobbin?
It overcomes the outer yarn of the cheese yarn is easy to be humidified, and the inner layer of the inner wall of the tube is still dry, resulting in the inner layer yarn and the outer layer of the humidity is not consistent, not easy to knit or wool shortcomings, so that the cheese yarn humidification evenly.
Q:Textile waste silk (abandoned side yarn) what purpose ah?
Textile industry more and more waste, need to use. The rapid development of chemical fiber industry, for the development of non-woven technology provides a wealth of raw materials, broaden the possibility of product development. Many traditional textiles for the final application, targeted poor

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