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Product Description

Commercially wrought Nickel 200 ( UNS N02200) , a grade of pure nickel contains 99.2% nickel, has excellent mechanical properties, magnetic properties, high thermal, electrical conductivity and excellent resistance to many corrosive environment. Nickel 200 is useful in any environment below 600°F(315°C). It has highly resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions. Nickel 200 also has low corrosion rates in neutral and distilled water.
The applications of pure nickel includes food processing equipment, magnetostrictive devices and rechargeable batteries, computers, cellular Phone, power tools, camcorders and so on.
Good mechanical strength corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant strength.
Small oder accepted.
High-quality,short delivery and well after-sell service.
Welcome to contact me for more detailed information.

Nickel 200Min 99.2Max 0.35Max 0.4Max 0.35Max 0.25Max 0.15Max 0.01

Melting point1435-1446
Tensile strength 462Mpa
 Yield strength 148Mpa
 Elongation 47%

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Q:Home water heater is 5000W, said the wire is 4 level, you can press the big open? The
6p is the usual telephone line connector 4p is the telephone handset cable connector
Q:There is no air conditioning in the small room with a replacement patch panel.
You better do not change! The Because the line if the wrong will really burn the motherboard or USB device! The Is it not a 5m USB extension cord? You can buy one! The Or with two 3-meter pick up! It can be! The Too long a USB cable will affect the signal transmission! I suggest you do not exceed 5 meters (5 meters has been very metamorphosis)! The hope this helps! The The
Q:Will the steel structure of the bridge laying the problem?
FireWire: red and yellow green line: blue line: yellow green line: blue line: yellow green FireWire: red, yellow and green can, usually red their own wiring, then we should do in accordance with what you want to repair or check the line or Their own test in the next hand to take a pen to measure the light is dark fire is zero
Q:IPhone6 This cable or accessories have not been certified how to solve
From the use of the point of view, the overall look than the line of ASUS MSI Gigabyte motherboard repair rate is slightly higher (but not significant), the service life can generally reach 3-5 years.
Q:Why the three-phase or single-phase AC single-core cable, not alone in the steel pipe
Building electrical drawings SC15WCCCSCE is the line laying mode code. SC15: wear Φ15mm welded steel pipe. WC: dark laid in the wall. CC: dark laid in the ceiling. SCE: ceiling laying, wear metal pipe.
Q:What is the box of weak electricity FD? There is no description in the column
Do not know why not mislead. The The The The The Fire resistance is IECGBBS6387. GB is the general principle of flame retardant and fire resistant wire and cable, quoted the above criteria...
Q:High-voltage cable can not be weak and cloth in the same cable trench
Yes, but the computer host is mainly 12V power supply, motherboard graphics CPU CPU need 12V power supply, this one of your power output to protect.
Q:What is the safety distance between the bridge and the bridge?
3 refers to the three-phase, 2.5 refers to the cable cross-section, plus 1 is used to ground or zero
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Because there is no plan to talk about the proportion of air conditioning alone to go to the total gate 2.5X2 + 1.53 Road bathroom outlet single walk 2.5X2 + 1.5 kitchen socket single walk 2.5X2 + 1.5 refrigerator single walk 2.5X2 + 1.5 all lights all the way 2.5X2 + 1.5 remaining socket 2.5X2 + 1.5 money on the 4 square X2 + 2.5 square
Q:Audio cable and video cable is not a common wire
Audio and video lines can be used as a wire. Such as the most commonly used analog video and audio lines, is the same. . commonly known as the AV line, that is, analog video audio cable, as shown in Figure, yellow and white three-color. . three lines of the interface and material is exactly the same, but through the color to distinguish between use. Not by color can also be used. . high-definition era, audio and video signals together through the number of transmission, no sub-line, the same line can be transmitted.

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