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Product Description

Commercially wrought Nickel 200 ( UNS N02200) , a grade of pure nickel contains 99.2% nickel, has excellent mechanical properties, magnetic properties, high thermal, electrical conductivity and excellent resistance to many corrosive environment. Nickel 200 is useful in any environment below 600°F(315°C). It has highly resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions. Nickel 200 also has low corrosion rates in neutral and distilled water.
The applications of pure nickel includes food processing equipment, magnetostrictive devices and rechargeable batteries, computers, cellular Phone, power tools, camcorders and so on.
Good mechanical strength corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant strength.
Small oder accepted.
High-quality,short delivery and well after-sell service.
Welcome to contact me for more detailed information.

Nickel 200Min 99.2Max 0.35Max 0.4Max 0.35Max 0.25Max 0.15Max 0.01

Melting point1435-1446
Tensile strength 462Mpa
 Yield strength 148Mpa
 Elongation 47%

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Q:the law of calculating the electrical wire size, plug socket in amperes and outlet socket in amperes?
50 amps
Q:How to disconnect electrical wiring when replacing driver's door on 1994 Ford Explorer?
you can splice the wires and use longer wires to reattach. most the time if you can get a long flat head screw driver down their they are plastic holders that hold them, pry them off and you should get more length.
Q:Does electrical wiring have a minimum length?
Nope - it can be 3 inches.
Q:Why does one of my bedroom outlets have 2 sets of electrical wires going to it, 2 black and 2 white?
one pair of wires is power going in to the outlet, and the other pair is power going out. to add an outlet in to your hallway, add a third wire by tieing all the blacks together, and all the whites together with wire nuts. dont forget to add a small jumper wire of each color to power the outlet you are working on. make sure the white wire is connected to the same side the copper ground wires are connected to. if you dont have a copper ground wire, attach the black wire to the side with brass colored screws, and the white wires to the silver colored screws
Q:Cable Model Specification Meaning! I would like to know what the model means! The
You first need to understand the cable model you need, and then ask the manufacturers how much money one meter, it is best to say that you need the total amount, there will be more concessions.
Q:Will the installation of the socket and switch what are the requirements? How should the wire tube be discharged?
10-core PVC with shielded soft sheathed cable, each two is a group of (twisted pair), a total of five groups
Q:Why is the cable wall to be laid on the wall?
Birds between the claws of the distance of 5 cm, this 5 cm long wire resistance is only 1.63 × 10 -5 times Ω, the two ends of the voltage does not exceed 5.23 times by ten -3 times v, if the bird's body resistance Is Ω, the current through the bird's body is only 5.3 × 10 -7 amps
Q:How does information travel through the following media Help!?
Information can be transmitted via several methods: Electromagnetic Pulses. Electrical Waves. Radio Waves. Sound Waves. Light Waves. Now you figure out which goes with each one.
Q:How to choose the size of the wire.
First, the single-phase 220V voltage, power 15.5KW with the rated current I = P / U = 15.5 * 1000/220 = 70.45A16 square copper and 25 square aluminum bearing current is 100A, and then smaller specifications of the wire Up to 70A, two, three-phase 380V voltage, power 15.5KW with electrical, rated current of about 31A. 6 square copper and 10 square aluminum wire carrying current of about 40A. If you intend to use a single attack long short of the short-Chi of the E-law, so you three-phase five-core line, copper wire is not less than 16 square feet, aluminum is not less than 25 square if you use 380V three-phase electricity, then You three-phase five-core line, copper wire is not less than 6 square, aluminum is not less than 10 square feet.
Q:Attic Insulation - OK to cover electrical wires ?
Generally it would be ok, it really depends on the size of the conductor in your wiring. if it is 1.0mm square there may be a problem with heat build up and dispersal 1.5mm square is generally used thees days for lighting circuits and it would be ok to cove Hope this helps Good luck

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