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The pure nickel that our company provide has a relatively high purity of Ni which is up to 99.6%. The minimum diameter is 0.025mm.

Pure nickel has fine conductivity, corrosion resistance, high melting point, suitable resistance coefficient, radiation coefficient and large heat conductivity coefficient. Besides the physical and chemical characteristics of metallic nickel, Ni200 is alkali, neutrality and weak acid resistant and stable in atmosphere and fresh and sea water. The products are widely applied in strong electron tube, bulbs, fluorescent lamp, anode, spacers, electrode holder, lighting, radio equipment, weaving nets, chemical, petroleum, power, aviation, Marine development.

About us:
What's more, our products are exported to more than 90 countries and enjoyed a very good reputation. We supply various specializations such as nickel strip, nickel bar, nickel wire, nickel pipe and so on. We guarantee timely delivery and welcome to order.

Specification: Plate, sheet, strip, rod, bar, wire, tube.
Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide a free sample for testing, If we have sample in stock, The quantity based on the material type, The buyer should bear all the shipping costs.


Nickel 200 Chemical composition

Alloy% NiFeCMnSiCuS
Nickel 200Min.bal


Nickel 200 Pysical properties

Density8.89 g/cm³
Melting point1440ºC

Nickel 200 Alloy minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature

Product FormConditionTensile strength
Rm  N/mm²
Yield strength
RP0.2  N/mm²
A5 %
Brinell hardness
Rod & BarHot Finished60-8515-4535-5545-80
Rod & BarCold Drawn/Annealed or Hot-Finished/Annealed55-7515-3040-5545-70
SheetAnnealed55-7515-3040-5570 max
Tube & PipeSeamless Annealed55-7512-3040-6070 max

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Q:Ceiling Fan With 3 Electrical Wires?
ok - that sounds slightly unusual actually the owner (are you renting?) has duty to grant authorized and risk-free living? in case you very own, then your community council will examine, and help rectify probably unsafe wiring. positioned in simple terms, the Earth is there just to guard you from being greatly surprised if the casing of the fixture ought to alter into stay. it particularly is why the fairway/Earth oftentimes attaches to the gentle setting up, and to no longer the gentle itself. to respond to your questions: a million. you are able to set up it. it particularly is slightly risky, yet how low is the ceiling? If it particularly is way extreme and not going to be by risk touched, then no real concern. additionally if the casing is plastic, no longer metallic, you would be safer. yet i think the fan veins are metallic(?) 2. you additionally could make an earth via working an earth twine to the setting up from the different Earthed region. usually each and all of the metallic fittings interior the washing room would be Earthed - so radiators / pipes / bathtub / bathe. in case you have get right of entry to to sufficient of the ceiling areas to run that twine, you additionally could make an Earth. How elementary relies upon on the form of the ceilings and the format of the home. individually, i might in simple terms set up without an Earth. in case you install it properly, there is little risk of you desiring the 'lower back-up' of the Earth connection.
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I am assuming that kiln uses 240 volts because it is high power. If instead it is gas fired then you are talking 120 volts just to safely open and close that gas valve. For 240 volts, L1 and L2 are typically the two live wires. For 120 volts L1 is usually the live wire and L2 usually the neutral. The third one must be a ground to keep you from getting a shock if live wires touch any metal on the outside of the control. Usually it does not make any difference for 240 volts where you connect L1 and L2. For 120 volts you need to get the live wire to the right place. For the 240 volts there is probably a switch symbol on the diagram that opens both wires for shutoff. For the 120 volts the switch is only in one of the wires and that is the L1 live one. If you are in doubt try phoning tech support at Robert-Shaw.
Q:RV Electrical outlet, wire colors for hook up to outlet? Which one do I use for ground?
The 10/3 you have is colour coded for 220VAC service. Also red, black, white wires tend to be used for 110VAC 3-way switching circuits, this kind of as lighting. For 220VAC, generally the crimson is hot, the black is hot, the white is neutral and the bare is ground. For switching circuits, the black is hot, the crimson is switched hot, the white is neutral, the bare is ground. If you tend to be wanting 110VAC, I woud get 10/3 wire that is colour coded for 110VAC, black, white, eco-friendly and bare. This will eliminate each errors. You are able to use each colors you want as lengthy as you know what they tend to be and exactly where they go electrically. Use the black for hot, the white for neutral, the bare for floor and cap-off the red. If your outlet is 3 pronged and has a floor screw, you are able to use the crimson for the floor prong (red substituting the for the eco-friendly wire) , and the bare for the floor screw. If there is no floor screw, eliminate the bare wire. If you modify the colors, becareful simply because it will not be to each code.
Q:I use the TV as a computer screen, connect the HD line, how no sound
1mm2 power cord can generally withstand 4 ~ 8A current, according to your UPS output power to decide! For example: you use the UPS for the 6KVA frequency machine, the power factor is generally 0.. so the maximum load power of 4800W or so; that is 4800/220/4 = 5.. select the 6mm2 copper cable (ground can be fine: 4mm2 enough)
Q:Where can I dowload an electrical wiring diagram for a 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 SD??
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Q:Landlord won't have an electrician check electrical wiring in my apartment???
i would say NO it's not an indication of things to come. if the fuse box keeps tripping circuits ON IT'S OWN. i would think differently. the fact that they're not doing that would indicate to me that there would be no need to check the wiring. how would you check the wiring? you had what would appear to me to be an isolated incident. if the lights start flickering, that might indicate poor wiring. THE FUSE BOX IS TELLING YOU THAT THE WIRING IS IN WORKING ORDER. good luck to ya.
Q:I need to buy some skinny colorful electrical wire for an art project?
yup thats defo telephone wire
Q:electrical wiring a switched light?
Typically there are only three wires to lights and duplex outlets. White, black and copper. The black is generally the hot, the white is the common and the copper is ground. Take a tester and check to see if the black is hot. (Touch one side to the black wire and the other to the copper wire.) If you have 110 volts or so then touch one end of the tester to the black and the other to the red. If it reads 110 - 130 volts, you have power there and the light should work. If not you'll need to run a white wire from the recept up to the light.
Q:Cable bttz-4 * (1 * 50) and bttz-4 * 50 What is the difference
Is unified, the line from the PVC pipe first put on, and then open the trench in the wall slotted (at the end of the wall 2MM), wire tube into the box 0.5CM above the steel structure if the words had to trough, Ah
Q:Electrical wire color matching?
if there are only 2 wires, then the colors don't mean much

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