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The pure nickel that our company provide has a relatively high purity of Ni which is up to 99.6%. The minimum diameter is 0.025mm.

Pure nickel has fine conductivity, corrosion resistance, high melting point, suitable resistance coefficient, radiation coefficient and large heat conductivity coefficient. Besides the physical and chemical characteristics of metallic nickel, Ni200 is alkali, neutrality and weak acid resistant and stable in atmosphere and fresh and sea water. The products are widely applied in strong electron tube, bulbs, fluorescent lamp, anode, spacers, electrode holder, lighting, radio equipment, weaving nets, chemical, petroleum, power, aviation, Marine development.

About us:
What's more, our products are exported to more than 90 countries and enjoyed a very good reputation. We supply various specializations such as nickel strip, nickel bar, nickel wire, nickel pipe and so on. We guarantee timely delivery and welcome to order.

Specification: Plate, sheet, strip, rod, bar, wire, tube.
Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide a free sample for testing, If we have sample in stock, The quantity based on the material type, The buyer should bear all the shipping costs.


Nickel 200 Chemical composition

Alloy% NiFeCMnSiCuS
Nickel 200Min.bal


Nickel 200 Pysical properties

Density8.89 g/cm³
Melting point1440ºC

Nickel 200 Alloy minimum mechanical properties in the room temperature

Product FormConditionTensile strength
Rm  N/mm²
Yield strength
RP0.2  N/mm²
A5 %
Brinell hardness
Rod & BarHot Finished60-8515-4535-5545-80
Rod & BarCold Drawn/Annealed or Hot-Finished/Annealed55-7515-3040-5545-70
SheetAnnealed55-7515-3040-5570 max
Tube & PipeSeamless Annealed55-7512-3040-6070 max

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