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Horizontal centrifugal pump

Complies to API610, 682,ISO2858standards
Max pressure: 2.5MPa
Capacity: 0.64~2400 m3/h
Head: 4~250m
Model: IJ series chemical processpump: Horizontal single stage pump
Capacity : 0.64-2400m3/h

T: -20---200oC
Material (For wet parts in contactwith medium): CS, cast iron, 304(0Cr18Ni99ti), 305 (1cr18ni9t), MCU, CD4MCu,316, 316L, 310S, alloy 20#, 904, ta2, Ti/pd (titanium-palladium alloy), Ni(nickel), Monel. Dual-phase stainless steel, etc.

These materials have been selectedas a result of many years of experience in the use of chemical engineeringmaterial, to satisfy the special demands made in pump construction.

Mechanical seal: According tocustomer's requirements
We provide:
1. Mechanical seal---171(A) mechanicalseal (this kind of seal is the national-patented product, patent No. ZL92 220977.4 ) single or dual MS.
2. Dynamic seal.
3. Packing gland seal.
Or other brands.
Coupling: Pin type coupling
Soda, paper, salts. Metallurgy,acid-making, petrochemical, fiber, plastic, paper-making, chemical fertilizer.Fermentation, environmental protection.
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Q:Production equipment and system sealing operation in chemical production
The production of combustible material is much, the variety is much. Chemical industry production process, in order to guarantee the normal production, continuous and stable manner, need according to the requirement of the production scale, to store a certain amount of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. The larger the device's size, the more storage it has. And the raw materials, intermediate products and finished products of fine chemicals are more flammable liquids and solids. The principle of basic fire prevention is that the more fuel you produce and store, the greater the risk of fire. Moreover, there are more common varieties in the production process of fine chemical enterprises, which makes management a certain difficulty.
Q:Why is the volume of the chemical plant bulky
It's not always huge, and there's always a small volume of equipment for fine chemicals. If the factory USES a large volume of equipment, it means that the factory has this need -- operating income = unit sales volume, so a lot of times scale brings benefits
Q:What type of anticorrosive paint for chemical equipment pipeline
Chemical equipment such as pipeline, anticorrosive coatings, first to see whether the base material corrosion environment, such as pipeline through something, on the ground or underground, the second to see your anticorrosion fixed number of year, select appropriate anticorrosive coatings according to different requirements, generally used for chemical equipment pipeline anticorrosion coating with thick film type epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion primer, epoxy rust belt anti-rust primer, high chlorinated polyethylene coatings, chlorosulfonated polyethylene coatings and so on. There is also a change in acrylic for polysiloxane paint. Product - 240. HTML, polyurea paint, etc. Are also used in anti-corrosion design.
Q:What are the requirements for the chemical equipment engineer's exam?
Qualification examination requirement of registered chemical engineer The basic examination of registered chemical engineers shall meet one of the following conditions: An undergraduate or above degree in this major or similar professional university. The article is a professional or similar specialized college degree, and has been engaged in chemical engineering design for one year. Bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree or above in other engineering major, I have been engaged in chemical engineering design for one year.
Q:What is the electrical equipment of the chemical plant? How do you solve the lubrication problem
China equipment management network Content involves: industry information, equipment management, equipment maintenance, monitoring and diagnosis, lubrication sealing, energy conservation, environmental protection and management of heaven and earth, theory method, terms, equipment procurement, communication BBS, etc. Covers all aspects of equipment management and maintenance. It is an ideal place for workers to learn and communicate. It is an ideal platform for the enterprise to release information about the supply and demand of products. Chinese equipment...
Q:What is the production and attention of water treatment in chemical industry?
Do you have the equipment to make ultra-pure water? Is there any equipment
Q:The chemical plant is used mechanically
What kind of plants do you see in the heat exchanger and the air cooler
Q:What kind of packing bags do you need?
I do plastic wrap, but I don't know what you want to know.
Q:What search is suitable for chemical industry in chemical machinery plant
Do the craft, do the equipment Lab technician that is OK
Q:What is the chemical equipment
The general name of the machines and equipment used in the production of chemical industry.

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