pultrusion usage unsaturated polyester resin

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Product Description:

1.Product description of unsaturated polyester resins


UPR191is a common unsaturated polyester resin with medium viscosity and high reactivity,applicable to the manufacture of common steel glass products, cooling columns, containers of dilute acid etc.

Excellent appliication properties,short application time,good fiber wet,higher fiber content


2.Specification of FRP Grating

2.General pupose resin
3.Good impregnation to glass fiber and mechanical property

Technical Indexes of Liquid Resin






Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid


Acid Value








Gel Time








Thermal Stabilityility



GB7193 .5-87


3. Images

Filament Winding Application Unsaturated Polyester Resin


Unsaturated Polyester Resin,General Purpose(191),for filament winding



4. Features


Performance Indexes of Resin Casting Substance





Barcol hardness  ≥




Tensile strength  ≥




Tensile modulus ≥




Elongation at break≥




Flexural strength ≥




Flexural modulus≥




Impact strength ≥




H.D.T ≥




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Q:Is PVc equal to PVC resin?
PVC resin (polyvinylchloride) is one of the most important organic synthesis materials. English Name: Polyvinyl Chloride, chemical formula: (CH2-CHCL) n, the product has good physical and chemical properties, are widely used in industry, construction, agriculture, daily life, packaging, electricity, public utilities and other fields.PVC is synthesized by the polymerization of vinyl chloride by radical polymerization. Suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization and bulk polymerization are the main methods of suspension polymerization, which accounts for about 80% of the total output of PVC. The industry generally PVC production process for vinyl chloride monomer to obtain the method to distinguish, can be divided into electric stone, and imported ethylene (EDC, VCM) monomer method (on the habits of the ethylene monomer and import system called ethylene method). According to the different production methods, PVC pure powder is divided into: universal PVC resin, high degree of polymerization PVC resin, cross-linked PVC resin. The general PVC resin by polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer is formed under the action of initiator; high degree of polymerization of PVC resin is resin in the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer added to the system, the chain growth polymerization crosslinking agent; PVC resin is added to the resin crosslinking agent containing dienes and polyenes in vinyl chloride monomer polymerization polymerization system.
Q:The difference between epoxy resin and plastic
Plastics can be classified into thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics. Thermosetting plastics are plastics that are cured under heat or other conditions, which are heated and will not melt and are insoluble in solvents
Q:Can the epoxy floor paint brush the cement floor in the house? Is it poisonous? If so, what's the specific proposal?
Epoxy floor paint is a chemical product. Epoxy itself is an oil stripping product, plus a paste that may contain heavy metals. Usually the theory is non-toxic, but because the family reside or some daily contact, such as walking barefoot on the floor, for example, directly sit and children to play; and the interior is closed, air circulation is not so good, if you want to use paint recommendations or with some Jiezhuang paint.
Q:What is the national standard for the exchange capacity of cation exchange resins?
Generally, according to 900-1000mmol/L, there may be some users who have some difficulty understanding this "mole equivalent". Here's an example of softened water:Suppose the raw water hardness (as in calcium carbonate) is: 300 mg/LCation exchange resin exchange capacity: 900mmol/L
Q:Who knows where the pine resin should be sold? What is the general market price? Consult your experts.
The resin is colorless and transparent when it flows out of the resin duct of the pine trunk, and its terpene content is up to 36%. After contact with air, terpenes evaporate rapidly, while the resin acid crystallizes in a crystalline form, and the rosin itself becomes dense and half fluid like a honey. Resin from the forest zone to the factory often contains a variety of mechanical mixtures, including pine needles, bark, wood chips, insects, and dust.
Q:How high is the melting point of resin?
The epoxy group with the highest reactive epoxy group is the most important functional group of epoxy resin. The content of epoxy group is directly related to the size of the crosslink density of the curing agent. Thus become one of the main factors that affect the properties of cured products. Therefore, in the synthesis of epoxy resin, the content of epoxy resin is one of the main means to control and identify the quality of epoxy resin. When applying epoxy resin, the content of epoxy group is one of the main bases for formulation design (material selection and proportion) of epoxy resin curing system. There are usually three kinds of epoxy group content. The epoxy equivalent is defined as the quality of epoxy resin containing lmol epoxy resin (g), which is g/mol. Epoxy value - defined as the amount of the epoxy group contained in the 100g epoxy resin. The unit is mol/100g. Epoxy resin mass fraction - defined as 100g epoxy resin containing epoxy group mass (g), per unit%.
Q:What's the reason for the aging of epoxy resin?
Bisphenol A epoxy resin, bisphenol F epoxy resin, the epoxy resin, aliphatic cycloaliphatic epoxy resin does not exist C-C bond, only modified epoxy acrylic resin etc. these special epoxy resin can exist C-C double bonds. Generally used are E44 E51, bisphenol A epoxy resin, epoxy the resin yellowing factors there are many reasons,
Q:How much can the epoxy resin floor be able to bear?
The thickness of the epoxy floor determines the bearing capacity.Anticorrosive paint need to do more thick, usually according to the customer's needs, but it is more recommended to consider the base surface situation and future epoxy resin flooring in what environment to use. This is easier to meet the actual situation of the floor.
Q:What is the resin PP material?
It is polypropylene resin, and PP is a semi crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point.
Q:How much is the epoxy floor?
Epoxy resin floor construction process is as follows:The ground is polished and cleaned;A primer, coating, coating amount to the foot, usage is 0.2kg/ square meters;Scraping a solvent-free coating mortar, use is 0.3kg/ square meters; according to the actual situation on the ground to set the coating number;Scraping two times epoxy putty, usage is 0.2kg/ square meters,Roll two times epoxy topcoat, usage is 0.3kg/ square meters, do self leveling, first scraping a top paint, the use of 0.1kg, then a top paint coating, the use amount is 1.0kg/ square meters.

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