Pu Polyurethane Sandwich Panel for insulated panels price

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Pu Polyurethane Sandwich Panel for insulated panels price

PU Sandwich Panel advantages

1. Effective insulation

The thermal conductivity coefficient of the rigid polyurethane(PU) foam can be 0.018-0.024 w/(m*k), which is only the half of expanded polystyrene(EPS), if its density is 38-42kg/m³. Rigid polyurethane foam is the best organic insulating material.

Since the thermal conductivity coefficient of the vesicant used is much lower than air, the insulating property of rigid polyurethane foam is better than rock wool, glass wool, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene. Moreover, its insulating property can be sustainable for more than 30 years for its special closed-cell structure and resistance to gas diffusion.

2. Excellent corrosion and weather resistance

The polyurethane foam performs well in corrosion and weather resistance for its closed-cell structure and its surface material.

3. Moisture proof and waterproof

4. Anti freeze-thaw and sound absorption

The rigid polyurethane foam also performs well in anti freeze-thaw and sound absorption.

5. Energy efficiency and cost saving

Although the price is much higher than other alternatives, taking into account the excellent insulating property of the polyurethane foam, the increased costs will be offset by a substantial reduction in heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, we can reduce the thickness of external structure of the building by using thinner polyurethane foam to achieve the same insulating requirements, thereby increasing the indoor area.

6. Fireproof and high temperature resistance

Rigid polyurethane foam is a flame-retardant and self-extinguishing material after. It can reach a softening point of 250 degrees Celsius and decomposes at a higher temperature. A layer of carbon will be formed if it is lighted, which will effectively prevent the spread of the flame.

7. Anti-deformation and hardly to be cracked

The average life expectancy of rigid polyurethane foam can be more than 30 years under normal use and maintenance. It won’t be destroyed by fungi and algae growth, or rodents.

8. Beautiful appearance and easy installation

The polyurethane foam can be bonded with different surface materials, such as color steel plates, cement fiberglass cloth, aluminum, stainless steel and so on. So there are a lot of beautiful appearances and structures for customers’ choice according to their different specific requirements. It can be easily installed with fasteners because it is prefabricated in factory, which will significantly reduce the cost and shorten the schedule of construction.

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Q:How to calculate the force of the sandwich panel
Are generally estimated that we are doing this. Do not know how to calculate, but how many people we have to do the number of board
Q:what are the benefits of industrial building materials should choose polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a two-component AB material (isocyanate and combined polyether) mixed foam, is the thermal insulation material in the lowest thermal conductivity of 0.017 ~ 0.024 (thermal conductivity of the lower the better insulation). Polyurethane sandwich panels used in the filling process of polyurethane, pre-made pre-insulation board directly installed on-site use. If your plant area is relatively large, it is recommended that you only use the whole color plate, and then use the field of polyurethane spray foam process, this process than the infusion process is the advantage of spraying seamless, better insulation. The cost is still lower than the infusion process.
Q:What is the wall of the steel wire mesh in the building company?
Permanent wall is a new type of steel mesh sandwich panels, building without bricks, stay fast, low cost, Dongnuanxialiang, strong earthquake, energy saving, exclusive rural building materials, galvanized steel wire mesh Meet the use of functional and structural requirements of the space grid, the middle filled with molded polystyrene foam board or rock wool board and the formation of the board, in the Chinese industry standard specification referred to as CS board. CS board on both sides of the configuration of the longitudinal reinforcement, spray (wiping) concrete and the formation of the composite board wall, referred to as CS wall panels, that is, steel frame concrete composite panel wall. With fire insulation and anti-vibration can be secondary maintenance characteristics, far better than the effect of brick building.
Q:What is the difference between a rock wool sandwich panel, an EPS sandwich panel and a polyurethane sandwich panel?
Three kinds of materials, rock wool for the fire, EPS for the waterproof, polyurethane for fire, polyurethane should be more expensive.
Q:What is the polyurethane sandwich board material
Double-sided color steel, the middle of the polyurethane sandwich composite panels Generally used in the roof of the building roof, the board has a good insulation, heat insulation, noise effects, and polyurethane does not help combustion, in line with fire safety. Upper and lower board plus the common role of polyurethane, with high strength and stiffness, the lower plate smooth and smooth, clear lines, increase indoor aesthetics, flatness. Easy installation, short duration, beautiful, is a new type of building materials.
Q:Rock wool sandwich board standards which
Rock wool core material: the use of density of 120kg / m³ rock block staggered laying, the fiber perpendicular to the sandwich plate on the upper and lower surfaces, and close contact to enrich the sandwich panel of the entire vertical and horizontal. The combination of rock wool and rock wool and the upper and lower steel plates through the high-strength foaming agent to form a whole, sophisticated production process to ensure that the high-density rockwool insulation and metal plate between the inner wall can produce poles Strong adhesion, so that the rock wool sandwich panel has a very good stiffness.
Q:Fire rock wool color steel sandwich board 75 thick one square meter how much money?
Regional differences are not the same, the thickness is not the same. Look at the thickness of the color plate. About 70 yuan or so
Q:Is the foam sandwich panel soundproof?
In terms of sound insulation, the foam board is very good, but if there is a wire recommended not to use foam board, because the wire with a long time will be hot, it is easy to fire. It is recommended to use gypsum board, double, hollow, up and down with a glass gel seal, so that better play a sound insulation effect, if you want a better sound insulation, gypsum board can be replaced by soundproof glass wall, that no matter what noise or what are Solved, is the cost of some more expensive. If you want to block the line of sight can be single-sided glass on the things that ok
Q:Color steel plate of the national standard or industry standards
There are standard Atlas can be checked, such as 01J925-1 pressure plate, sandwich panel roof and wall construction, 06J925-2 pressure plate. Sandwich panel roof and wall construction (2), 08J925-3 pressure Steel plate, sandwich panel roof and wall structure (3).
Q:What color steel sandwich panels are used in hospital laboratories
Need to look at a specific situation.

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