PU Office Chair/320mm Nylon Base/ PP Armrests/Butterfly tilt/Office Furniture

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$33.35 / pc
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200Pcs pc
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20000 PCS Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Name: PU Office Chair  
Armrests: PP  
Base : 320mm Nylon  
Caster: 50mm Nylon  
Mechanism:   Butterfly tilt
Packing Method: Brown box with simple Logo printing, inside packing as our factory standard,if with hanging tag,color label, cost will be considered.

Selling points:

1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function
3.340mm chrome base with dual-wheel casters
4.Pneumatic seat height adjustment
5.Massage function available

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Q:korum ruckbag work with any chair?
Tom- what a neat product, looking at the links available, the sack just clips on at a certain height. Of course not ANY chair would work, but if there is clearance at that particular height where the clips are on the sack, and there was nothing to interfere with it on the chair, I don't see why it wouldn't The interesting thing is that any chair you would use would go between you and the sack, which of course is counter intuitive. There is another chair called the Nash Nomad, those work well too, heres the link
Q:high chairs?
I definitely used a high chair at that age. They make a foam insert (with terry cloth cover) to help support the little ones.
Q:OLD New England Ski Lift Chairs?
Freeze. Actually, I wouldn't be there in the first place because I do not ski and I hate, hate, hate cold and snow!
Q:Zero Chairs are they worth the money?
You could buy a GOOD Lane or LaZBoy and spend 1/3 the money.... They are stylish /minimalist but they are sure Hiding the cushioning.... Do you think your butt could handle HOURS of that chair? And do you think your butt CARES how stylish it is? They may say it's good for the back, but anyone can say that...and without PROOF I would NOT believe anything they or anybody else says.... Show me a Zero Chair Showroom where I can go and SIT on a Zero Chair....then let me sit for an hour while I read the Sunday paper....And get me a cup of coffee while I sit here reading my Sunday paper... And stop trying to Sell me on the chair while I'm reading ! My Back and Butt NEED silence to think ! That's the best way to know for sure...and get that salesman to give you some space to think....
Q:Angular Momentum-Chair and Gyroscope?
You have to conserve angluar momentum in this case so when you flip the gyroscope, the chair begins to turn in such a way that the sum of the angular momentum of the chari + gyroscope = angular momentum of gyroscope before it was flipped. If you increase rotor mass, you increase anglur momentum - they are linearly related so increase the mass by 10% will increase the angular momentum by 10% assuming the same rotor speed. If you increase the mass andthen repreat the experiment, you'll find the chair will turn faster than in th eprevious trial due to the increase in angular momentum.
Q:where can you find these round chairs or moon chairs for a good price?
Well, I think the price is OK, you may just want to save up for it, but I'll still try to help: This style of chair is called a papasan chair, I know that Pier One sells them but they're more expensive than the PBTeen model. Probably the only way to get a papasan chair cheaply is to get a used/second hand one. If you want to get one used, you could try Craigslist for your area. I don't know how old you are, so if you are young *ASK PERMISSION FROM YOUR PARENTS* to look at Craigslist online (there can be bad people online there), and if you ever buy anything online through Craigslist *MAKE SURE* someone goes with you if you go to pick it up. If you get a Pier One or used chair, you could make a slipcover for the cushion (in a fabric like the Dottie chair), but in all honesty I would save your time and trouble and buy the PBTeen one. If you sign up for their emails they may send you a coupon, and/or let you know about sales!! Good luck!
Q:what type of chair to use for computer work ?
computer chairs and office chairs are not the same thing at all a good computer chair will adjust in multiple ways to reduce the strain on your arms lower back and knees etc it will have a seat that can pivot as well as up and down and back rest adjustment too this one is excellent www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sk... these are a variety of them too www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_cl...
Q:Repairing lawn chairs?
in case you nevertheless have the broken area placed some 2 area epoxy on it. enable it treatment the sand it down and paint. I quite have restoration alot of issues with epoxy and constantly works for me.Use the forged stuff, it quite is going to treatment it 20 min. and could be as good as steel.
Q:what chair would match this desk?
I'd buy something from a junk store, but if you'd rather not, buy a chair you really like with a straight back and legs. You can always antique it yourself by beating it with chains, staining it, wiping off the excess, beating it again and then staining again and then beating it again (very layered. :P)
Q:Can chair rail be too high?
Some older homes do have very high chair rails or what are sometimes called dados or wainscoting capped with chair rails. Sometimes they have ledges for hanging pictures or for resting plates and platters, too. Especially in Europe where you see it a lot more than in the states, chair rails or wainscoting will be higher on the wall because the ceilings are so much higher and they are intended to be in proportion with the height of the ceiling and also to make the room more cozy.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value USD1,000,000
Main Markets
Western Europe;North America
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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 60 people
Language Spoken: Chinese;English
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Factory Size: Above 6500 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average