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Black Leather Bed

1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:4 Poster Pencild beds feminine?
Beds have no gender. How you dress them determines femininity or masculinity
Q:Will my mattress fit in my bed?
Size wise it should work. But ikea mattresses are generally lower quality, and lighter then other matresses. So weight could be an issue. And honestly, I have owned an ikea bed, my parents have, and a few friends have, and we were all very dissapointed. In most cases they fell apart failry quickly. The smaller sizes do seem to hold up better then the larger ones, but if I were you, I would avoid the ikea bed, and go with something else.
Q:XL Stylish Bedding?
bed bath and beyond, sears, macys, target. they have those a lot really ! :)
Q:Dog hates his bed?
No, he does NOT hate his bed. You are simply being MANIPULATED, by his whining. Giving in ON THIS (as you have) means he will whine or BARK for: more food, more treats, anything ELSE that strikes his FANCY, since you have NO backbone. Your puppy should be, being CRATE-TRAINED and sleeping BESIDE your bed. We all bring home crying whining puppies shocked' and upset to be REMOVED from their litter. Dogs are PACK and companion animals. Puppies come from LITTERS where all the puppies usually slept piled on TOP of each other. Normally, they adjust in 2-3 days, to their new bedding crate. I guess it has entirely whizzed over your HEAD, that dogs (esp those of short leg structure and PRONE to luxating patellas - like most bulldogs) can EASILY be INJURED jumping OFF or ON furniture. There will be lots of vet bills SURGERY in your pup's future, I'll warrant.
Q:Bedroom Feng Shui, the corner facing the bed, what are the pros and cons ~?
From the bedroom geomancy your question is not affected, the bedroom is one of the most important family room, good feng shui bedroom can make a happy family, good health, happy marriage, rich in financial resources. The bedroom first value is to have enough energy to create shade, for rest and sleep, and not being evil spirits, can sleep at ease, sleep well, naturally have the spirit to make money. Bedroom home is the most personal qualities in the bedroom space, as long as attention is the following, you can easily have a good bedroom Feng Shui fortune. Here is my information from the [decorative E station] above for you to find, you can refer to. I hope I can help you.
Q:What about your the folding legs behind the folding sofa bed?
Actually, it's cheaper to buy online. If there is no price advantage, everyone will go to the store to buy.
Q:Does the worm eat the bedding?
Just add more bedding and worm food such as unleavened corn meal and coffee grounds.keep the bedding moist but not real wet and it's a go!
Q:do i have bed bugs on my bed?
yuck it does sound like you have bed bugs
Q:What can be Bed used for other than Sleeping?
MANY THINGS, however, one of the best uses for a bed would be to jump off your roof onto it :) unless its super thin,,, then probably just sleeping -_-
Q:my friend's hamster bedding?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Sawdust is VERY bad for hamsters, it causes respiratory problems, and can make them VERY sick! Get your friend to go out and buy new bedding NOW!!!! Make sure and tell him NOT to get cedar or pine, as these can cause respiratory problems also, tell him to buy aspen. Good luck, and hope this helps. :o)

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