PSquare Tube Aluminum Handle Saw Frame SJ-0132

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1000000 pc/month

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Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:What oil can be used instead of the saw mixture?
Chain saws require gasoline, engine oil, and chain saw lubricants:Petrol can only be used with unleaded gasoline no more than 90. When adding gasoline, the fuel tank lid and the gas tank must be cleaned before refueling so as not to have debris entering the tank. The high branch saw should be placed in a flat place so that the fuel tank is facing up. Don't let the gasoline spill when you fill it up. Don't fill the tank too full. After refueling, always use your hands to tighten the fuel tank cover.You can only use high quality two stroke engine oil to ensure a longer engine life. Do not use an ordinary four stroke engine. When using other two stroke engine oils, the model shall be of grade TC quality. Poor quality gasoline or oil can damage the engine, seals, oil passages, and tanks.
Q:What are the types of curve saw blades?
Know a little. BOSCH curve saw, BOSCH blue handle, for thickness metal cutting.The gray handle saw blade is especially suitable for cutting softwood, three plywood and fiberboard, and also acts on hardwood and plywood.
Q:What kind of material is the saw blade made of?
Different saw blades with different pitch should be changed for cutting saw.Most of the manual saw blades are made of carbon steel, and two kinds of carbon, tool steel and carburizing steel are specified according to the type of steel and process. Carburizing steel is made of low carbon steel saw, and then carburizing quenching. Cheap carbon blade.Most of the machine saw blades are made of high speed steel (W18Cr4V, etc.) and tungsten vanadium steel. The price is more expensive.Carbon blade cheap, hardness and strength and hot hardness than high speed steel low cutting speed allows very low. Among them, the biggest difference is hot hardness, and hardness is very small. And no matter what kind of saw blade, the material that allows processing is very low hardness, hardness is similar, but the strength of the material is very different.So for the same cutting speed and working condition (manual, motor), the first choice to adapt to the cutting speed of the saw blade material (carbon blade could not be used to machine); then according to the cutting of different materials, selection of saw tooth shaped, soft material (low strength, with large pitch, the teeth have larger anterior horn and posterior horn; whereas the smaller tooth shape, tooth pitch).
Q:What road saw kerf
The saw blade is used to cut the road surface so as to break the continuous surface of concrete, and to deal with the irregular fracture caused by the difference of thermal expansion coefficient between the concrete and the foundation.
Q:What's the best way to see the iron pipe? What saw? Don't drive it
Buy a set of special tools, about 100 can cut pipe, but also to make silk mouth
Q:How to adjust the carburetor?
Check the intake valve, whether the intake is good, the gasoline tank lid loose, air intake, at this time to accelerate the strong, which proves that the intake valve is inadequate, replacement or adjustment. Four, the British star, the backbone of Malaysia brand chain saw use of the carburetor are imported from Japan, so when the carburetor cleaning, please do not easily adjust the oil surface and destroy the original structure, thorough cleaning can be assured use.
Q:What furniture used when 45 degrees cutting saw
Is the cross section of the cutting plate at 45 degrees, 45 degrees will be used for cutting saw. But now many manufacturers in the angle of design is rarely used, either side cover plate or the transverse cross section; cross section side foot mask. Is little used 45 degree cutting saw.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of sawing machine sawing and multi piece?
In the sawing range, a plurality of saw blades can be installed according to the thickness requirement of the processing plate, and a plurality of plates with different thicknesses can be sawed off at one time. The tension of the saw blade is good, the precision of the saw is high, and the surface quality is good.The utility model can avoid the operation procedures of multiple positioning, clamping, lateral feeding, etc., and the auxiliary time and the idle stroke are shortened, so the production efficiency is high."Sawing machine faults" is not according to the wood defects of reasonable sawing, finished sheet material rate lower than under the same conditions the band saw the outturn rate, high requirements for the quality of sawing logs, the processed material quality grading and sorting. The reciprocating motion of frame produced huge inertia and vibration, increases the wear limit, the cutting speed increases. Therefore, the production efficiency is also limited.
Q:20 inch chain saw chain how many how many knives
20 inch chain saw chain 38 section 325 knife.There are 325 and big 3/8, the length is 18 inches, 36 knots, 20 inches, 38 knots. The big 3/8 is usually in section 34. The 78 paragraph is usually 32. The 85 is a 30 day high loquat.
Q:Domestic chain saw which brand is good
As for the real domestic brands, then a few, but OEM accounted for fifty percent of the market.

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