PSquare Tube Aluminum Handle Saw Frame SJ-0132

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$3.80 - 16.80 / pc
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TT or LC
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1000 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable


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Q:Woodworking, DIY power tools, curve saws or circular saws, which is more practical?
You need a good saw and a backer to see it straight, but this is also relative. It must not be better than the circular saw. You may have to buy two or so as to make the best use.
Q:Sawing trees can survive?
50CM from the ground at the middle cut short if it is in the nursery is the method of breeding of trees.
Q:What brand is aluminum alloy saw blade good?
Aluminum alloy saw blade or to choose special, such as Feng aluminum alloy dedicated saw blade, opening effect is better
Q:General technical judgment. The sawing, go up to with the bigger force, with a smaller force pull back when.
Sawing sawing action to push the upper body slightly forward, to hand with an appropriate pressure to complete the sawing. When sawing, the saw should be lifted slightly to reduce the wear of the saw tooth.
Q:What kind of saw blades can be used to cut stainless steel square tubes with metal circular saws?
The correct way is to use the high-speed cutting stainless steel blade, HSS blades are cutting stainless steel, copper, iron and other metals. Generally used to cut pipes, so also known as cutting tube saw. With the high speed M35 grade stainless steel blade cutting suggestions.
Q:What's the password for a heroic electronic saw cadmatic4?
Like this, foreign machinery often encountered, are generally looking for manufacturers to buy a computer now. In fact, the panel saw, do not suggest to buy foreign brands,
Q:How to use a handsaw sawing stainless steel
The problem is not possible at home also specially prepared a chainsaw, with a chainsaw and risk will be larger, so a became the tools / materials tools: blade (bimetallic saw the best short size more easily fixed), bow (frame), tape, knife, sandpaper or corner file
Q:Chain saw felling clip saw why
A large leaning tree can only hang ears in the opposite direction to prevent trees from turning back
Q:Rich tree rot, can cut off the heavy weight.
I do not know where a friend is rich, the root of the tree is rotten, because of too much water because of the long time in the house may not see the sun, causing root rot phenomenon.
Q:Can I use iron filings when cutting?
Sawing, hand saw bow, to stretch the natural, the right hand holding the handle to the front of the pressure, the left hand light in front of the bow frame, a little pressure. The weight of the human body is evenly spread over the legs. Sawing speed should not be too fast, to 30~60 times per minute is appropriate, and the use of saw blade of 2/3 of the work, so as to avoid the middle part of the blade quickly blunt.There are two kinds of push saw saw bow movement: a linear movement, suitable for cutting the bottom surface of the groove and the requirements of Straight Thin-walled Workpiece sawing; another bow swing up and down, so naturally, hands are not easy to fatigue.When sawing the material, it should be light to prevent it from damaging the arm or breaking the saw blade.

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