Promotional Gift Mini LED Torch, Mini Flashlight Torch, Mini LED Flashlight

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General Introduction

Promotional Gift Mini LED Torch, Mini Flashlight Torch, Mini LED Flashlight




2. High quality+competive price 

3. MOQ is 3000PCS (logo customized)

4. Spinning for power generation

5. Controlled by press button, long lifespan

6. Handsome appearance and mini size

7 With strap, convenient to use

8. Luminous circle with Torch



This product adopts 360-degree rotating generator shaft to generate power to charge it’s built-in rechargeable battery. With a press button to control the lighting function.



Max. luminous flux5Lm
Lighting time after 1 minute spinning5Year
The whole unit lifetime5Year
The plastic part lifetime5Year
DC MotorDC 4.5V 7900RPM JFF-N20-08220
Battery capacityNi-Mh 200mAh/3.6V
SizeΦ32 * 113..5MM
Note: Lighting time testing standard is brightness doen to 5% of open time's brightness.


Operation Method

· Charge: Pulling out the torch and swing to charge once LEDs become dim.
· Lighting: press the button to turn on/off light.


· Don’t point at eyes directly so as not to hurt the eyes.
· Don’t put this product in which temperature or humidity is high. Do not drop or hit this product.
· Don’t put this product in sunlight for long time, otherwise the built in chargeable battery will be affected. 
· In order to assure the using life of the battery and the mechanical parts, please pay attention to the instructions below:
  a) When the light is dim, it means the battery is lack of power badly, please charge it immediately. Keep spinning steadily, 3 circles per second is best. Too slowly spinning would          make current weak and influence the charging effeciency.
  b)Please spin it at least 1 minute once a month.
  c)Do not spin it for a long time or too violently.
· We do not give notice again if the parameter of this product changed.
· We reserve final right to interpret this product.


Before Orders

  • If possible, please tell us what's the purpose for using it, so that we can recommend you the best package. Of course with best price to you!

  • Any other request, please feel free to let us know.

  • OEM & ODM service is also avaiable

  • SAMPLES are avaiable before order.


Our Services

1-Customized logo is acceptable
2-Changing the shape, color is acceptable
3-Develop on artwork & development is acceptable
4-Assistant on artwork development is acceptable


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Q:What's the resistance on the LED flashlight?
If 5 heads, the working current is 5*20mA=100mA=0.1A, the voltage at both ends of the resistor is 3-0.7=2.1V, so the resistance power is 2.1V*0.1A=0.21W., so the power of the resistor is 1/4W.From this, you can calculate the resistance power of 7 heads and 10 heads
Q:What's the function of LED violet flashlight? Does anybody know that?
Flashlight should be used with caution. The eyes of long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, will make eyes mild foreign body sensation and discomfort, and will feel burning, pain, photophobia, tears, eyelid spasm, excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause eye damage. In this regard, experts remind, the market many purple flashlight, no certificate, factory name and site, there may be quality problems, consumers in the purchase and use must be careful.
Q:The LED light flashlight can give you light plant
Yes, but because it is used for lighting, the amount of red and blue will be insufficient, or set the special tube, the best growth effect!
Q:How long can a LED rechargeable flashlight last?
It depends on how many flashlights you bought! The full charge of the three bulbs can be used continuously for more than 8 hours! The continuous use of four bulbs in about 6 hours! Of course, if it's a big flashlight, it's different. What I'm talking about is an ordinary flashlight (about 20 centimeters long).
Q:Is it necessary to bring a LED flashlight for outdoor activities?
Do not use the old "tiger" tin or the kind of cheap plastic flashlight, flashlight, the flashlight is not waterproof, tin not falling, and large volume, inconvenient to carry, can not meet the requirements of outdoor activities
Q:How to judge the quality of the flashlight lamp?
The flashlight is used LED lamp, flashlight lamp general judgement is good or bad, the first is: the average person is distinguished by brand.
Q:LED flashlight is how to change the weak light, what switch?
Touch the flashlight switch, instantaneous shutdown flashlight, flashlight control circuit in accordance with the instructions, choreographed program adjustment LED good splitting ratio, such as the 100% light conduction time, in the light of 30% time conduction light, weak light 5%~10% time conduction light.
Q:Troubleshooting of LED flashlight
LED dead light is not bright, replace LED can be, but note that + polarity can not be reversed
Q:The sea king Diaoguang flashlight JW7200 can be converted into a LED light it
JW7200 itself is the use of LED light source, the use of 3W is already LED lights.
Q:Why does my LED flashlight get a whole fever?
Since the working temperature of the LED light is higher, the LED flashlight will surely need the function of heat radiation. LED flashlights usually have two ways of heat dissipation, one is to dissipate heat through air, and the other is to heat and dissipate heat through a metal shell.LED flashlights work at full heat, which is undoubtedly carried out by metal casings for heat and heat dissipation.

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