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2014 best seller Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard



Projected Laser Keyboard for Ipad/Iphone and Tablet PC

Physical Dimension:36mmx18mmx74mm
 Weight:Approx. 40g
Keyboard light source:Red laser diode
Keyboard language:English
Keyboard layout:20.8mm sized QWERTY layout
Projection size:Approx. 241mm*101mm
Projected Keyboard location:Approx. 97.9mm from keyboard device
Keystroke Sound:Built in buzzer(Mute on/off the sound)
Visibility:Good contrast up to 1800 lux ambient illumination
Detection rate:Over 400 characters per minute
Detection algorithm:Multiple key stroke support
Effective key stroke: Approx. 2mm
Required projection surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface 
Power source: The USB bus power
Lithium-ion battery power
The DC input power
Battery capacity: 700mAH(Max) 3.7V Replaceable soft-pack type
Charger:Rating 800mA @ 5V
Interface:USB 1.1 and 2.0 for PC
Bluetooth(v2.0 class 2,class 3 )HID  for Mobile devices
 Switch mode:Switch the active/Standby mode manually
 Power consumption:max. 2.4W 4.2V
 Use temperature:Approx. 0~50°C
Storage temperature:Approx. -20~50°C
Software compatibility:  All USB HID Compliant OS, All Bluetooth HID Compliant Mobile Device, Windows XP/WINDOWS 7 or Higher, LINUX, Ipad ,Iphone,Android 2.2 or Higher


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Q:Broken computer Keyboard?
The onboard cable connector is also a big problem especially if its opened without care. make sure the connector is ok and all pins are visible. Otherwise if its onboard like Dell you will end up buying a new motherboard for that.
Q:I accidentally disabled my keyboard?
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Q:dose the apple keyboard work with dell computers?
Although PC and Apple keyboards may look similar, there are some important differences between them. These differences exist to meet the requirements of the computer or the operating system. The Apple Keyboard Support driver included with Boot Camp provides functionality for Intel-based Macs using an Apple keyboard. The driver maps the keys on your Apple keyboard to match essential Microsoft keyboard functions. This driver is installed as part of the Boot Camp Apple Driver CD installation process. If you disable the Apple Keyboard Support driver, Windows will not recognize the extended Function keys on Apple external keyboards, nor the (Fn) key on MacBook and MacBook Pro computers.
Q:Questions about the electric (piano) keyboard?
A bit broad, but I'll take a shot 1. Materials vary depending on the keyboard. Older keyboards use simpler components such as vacuum tubes and mechanical parts (tone wheels, tines, etc.). Several are encased in wood. Modern electronic keyboards are basically computers with dedicated functionality. Of course, analog keyboards are still produced as well that use simpler parts. This is about the simplest explanation I can give without going into more detail than is available here. 2. The earliest example of an electric keyboard that I'm aware of was the Telharmonium, developed in 1897 and introduced to the public in 1906 in New York. 3. The Hornbostel-Sachs classification system places instruments into 5 categories: idiophones, membranophones, chordophones, aerophones, and electrophones. The electric keyboard would belong to the last category. Hope this helps.
Q:A question about my Keyboard?
As long as this is a plain keyboard (i.e. has no batteries inside) you can unplug it from the computer and run hot water though it. You can also pry off the keys and clean under them (they go back on by pressing them down until they click). If you run water though it make absolute sure that you dry it out. You can use a hair dryer if you are careful enough not to get it too close. A keyboard is really nothing more then a large array of switches. These switches may corrode (depending on the make of the keyboard). But generally they can have water run though them. If all else fails simply buy a new keyboard (they are relatively cheap) and call this a learning experience about drinking liquids around your computer.
Q:Some maintenance methods for failure
 scrub the key surface. Then use the vacuum cleaner to suck the keyboard again
Q:What is the difference between a workstation keyboard, a synthesizer keyboard, and a sequencer keyboard?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the difference between a workstation keyboard, a synthesizer keyboard, and a sequencer keyboard? ^^^ That is, a musical/electrical keyboard (not a computer keyboard). A detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated! Like, what are the functions and the special features of each type? Is it true that with the workstation you can only play along? Most importantly!!!: Which keyboard is
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keyboards are complementary instrument, as well as other instruments! I know those black metal bands: Gorgoroth Mayhem Venom Mercyful Fate Immortal Burzum Hellhammer Celtic Frost Bathory Darkthrone Samael Dimmu Borgir Cradle of Filth Antestor Crimson Moonlight Drottnar and many more
Q:keyboards and mouse?
it is jaked up as mattsquad

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