Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas CMAX-MJT9011

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Professional Outdoor Rattan Garden Sofas  CMAX-MJT9011


1.      UV resistance and waterproof 

2.       High quality PE rattan & aluminum frame 

3.      36 months warranty

A:  Material: Imitated PE rattan/wicker incorporated with high quality Aluminum frame


1)Frame: powder-coated, light, strong and rust-resistant aluminum 

Tube thickness : 1.2mm 1.5mm, 1.8mm 

Circle Diameter: 28, 25, 22, 19, 16mm or customized 

Square Diameter: 50*50, 40*40, 25*25, 20*20, 30*19, 15*15mm or customized

2)Rattan: non-recycled PE Rattan, durable and UV resistant

Flat rattan width : 6, 8,10,12 mm.

Round rattan diameter: 3mm.

Rattan color available: Charcoal, dark brown, chocolate, cream, beige ect

3)Cushion and pillows: 180g-250g waterproof polyester with zipper.

Sofas, beach chairs, sunbeds and lounge: with 200px thick cushions usually  

100px thickness for the chairs.

The regular size of pillow: 45*1125px.

Color is optional.

4)Table Glass: 5mm or 8mm tempered glass top, safe and strong.


B. Features:


·         Popular and modern style

·         Waterproof and UV resistant

·         Cozy and relaxing sitting experience

·         Suitable for indoor and outdoor places

·         Excellent hand woven craft with fashion design

·         Graceful third dimension is the reason why many customers like it

·         Durable, non-toxication, washable, flexible, corrosion-resistant

·         Uniformity, head and foot part is almost the same size, so the line looks smooth

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Q:pros and cons on using sleeper sofas for everyday use?
Not a good idea at all.Get a firm mattress for your back problem.
Q:what is a good website for sofas?
Q:Cat peeing on Sofa?
As long as nothing is physically wrong, I've found that the biggest reason for this kind of behavior is that he's trying to make a point. When possible, it's best to figure out what his need is and meet it. Better to solve the problem than to punish for the symptom. Maybe he does it when you've left him alone longer than usual. I knew a cat who did this because he was lonely. His owners spent more time with him and he stopped doing it. Litter box problems are also a common cause, but it sounds like you have that one under control. Putting him outside for the evening might just make whatever the problem is worse. He won't get why you're doing it and it could cause resentment. Giving him a little spritz of water could help, but be careful about doing it too much. I've used that technique, it's actually just about the only discipline you can use on a cat, in my opinion, but overuse can make a cat jumpy and unhappy. Make sure you do it immediately (if you wait, he won't understand why you did it) and praise him when he responds in the way you want. There are products that well repel a cat from a specific spot (I think Bitter Apple is one) and using them is better than yelling or getting frustrated. I'm just worried that in your case, keeping him off the sofa won't solve the problem, it'll just make him pee on something else. However, it might buy you some time to figure it out. In the meantime, use Nature's Miracle for the smell. It's the only thing that works, I've even used it on clothes! Get it at a pet store and follow the directions on the bottle (except I never bother with the foil). If the smell lingers, get a black light bulb, florescent is best, at a lighting store and it will show up any drops you've missed. Matisse -- good name!
Q:How to remove oders and santisize a sofa bed matress?
You can steam clean mattresses with a carpet cleaner machine. Just clean both sides and set mattress on edge to dry for a couple of days. Make sure it is completely dry before replacing it to the sofa bed.
Q:How would you change the color/value of a pale-yellow green sofa by painting the surrounding walls?
The secure solutions right here w/o seeing the tone of the colours could be a white (or any cream shade) or a various tone (lighter or darker) of the two yellow or eco-friendly. The white might assessment greater with the tile paintings and could brighten the room. it is frustrating to decipher what could be the spotlight of the room w/o comprehend the sunshine content cloth. utilising a yellow or eco-friendly might create a monotone result, it would be calmer, much less assessment between the colours of the room. The tile might pop the colour of the tile the is of the opposing shade of the wall. you could continuously attempt to tournament the colours utilising paints swatches and inquire at your community paint save or ironmongery shop for suggestion. stable luck.
Q:standard measurements for a 3 seater sofa in the usa?
Standard Sofa Dimensions
Q:I just bought a sofa recliner set i dont know what material it is?
most likely it is micro fiber. and you most likely would have to pay for scotch gaurd/stain protectant. Otherwise it is not protected.
Q:what type of mattress for a sofa bed?
It says the Thickness: 7 1/8 That is typically too thick and will not fold back down into the sofa. Traditionally sofa beds are known for not being very comfy. To thin, so you cannot build it with enough padding or coils. You may want to use the existing mattress and just add a topper too it for comfort.
Q:What is the differance between a Couch a Sofa and a Davenport?
Couch and sofa are the same. Traditionally, a davenport looks more like a backless bench, but the term can also be used to refer to a couch/sofa. It's a regional difference, much like using the word pop in some parts of the country, and soda in others.
Q:ikea solsta sofa bed?
Comfortable as a sofa; however, very uncomfortable to use as a bed. I found the 1/3 hard board very challenging. Even after trying a feather bed and memory foam, I still felt like the princess and the pea.

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