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Product Description:



1, 14''-21''

2, Available for SKD and CKD kits

3, Color: Black/Red/Silver

4, A & B grade tube


Product details:

1) -Name brand tube


3) -System: PAL (Basic function). NTSC/SECAM (Optional)

4) -Audio System: B/G,D/K,M/N,I

5) - AC130-260V,AC90-260V (Optional)

6) -Multi-language for OSD menu, as English, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi , Arabic,Vietnamese Etc...(optional).

7) -255 channels preset, automatic search, program exchange and copy.

8) -Compatible with VCD, DVD, and TV game player.

9) -Monophony & stereo control function(optional)

10) -Time on and off

11) -Calendar / Many kinds of game

12) -Blue screen and auto off without signal

13) -Multi-picture modes (Standard, Vivid, Soft, Dynamic)

14) -Multi-display mode

15) -On and off in curtain style

16) -Logo Setup




1.Supports latest intelligent digital 12C control circuit 

2.OSD display: English, Russian, Turkish, French, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Vietnamese and Thai 

3.Color systems: PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43 and SECAM (optional)

4.Audio systems: B/G, D/K, M/N and I (optional) 

5.With 200 preset channels, fully-automatic search memory 

6.Supports program edit function 

7.Clock setting, on/off timer, alarm clock and sleep functions 

8.Child lock, game and calendar functions 

9.With zoom function 

10.Logo edit function 

11.GAMMA correcting circuit (optional) 

12.Screen protection function 

13.Blue screen and power-off automatically when no signal 

14.Picture mode selection: standard, soft, dynamic and personal 
15.Sound mode: speech, music, theater and personal 

16.Monophonyor stereo function (optional) 

17.Left and right sound channels balance adjustment function 

18.Three AV input terminals and AV stereo input terminal, six AV output terminals 

19.Compatible with VCD, SVCD and DVD, YUV input function 

20.Adjust the geometric distortion and balance the brightness automatically 

21.Built-in FM radio function (optional) 

22.Global function remote control system 

23.Power: 90 to 260V (optional)  

24.Dimensions: 247 x 198, 247 x 247 and 247 x 330mm (optional) 

25.S-video and component video input (optional)


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Q:CRT display is better than LCD color?
Yesterday, I was using my laptop to pick up CRT, and I found the color of CRT was a big difference. General LCD display is still inferior to CRT display
Q:What does the CRT monitor mean?
CRT refers to the display of a picture tube!
Q:CRT display hissing is going on?
CRT gives a squeaky sound, usually in two places:1, high pressure capIf there is more dust near the high pressure cap of the picture tube, or the insulating layer near the high pressure cap is damaged, then the phenomenon of "high pressure ignition" will appear;2 transducerIn the CRT power converter circuit, a rectangular body (4 cm square cross section is covered by a layer of copper), if the transducer for winding looseness and other reasons, they will have a "resonance" phenomenon in high frequency current under the action of "creak" ringing "";The above two phenomena generally will not affect the use effect, and the harm to CRT is not very big (especially second), the distinction and the solution is:1, "high pressure ignition" sound is a glide type of low-key leak sound, there is no obvious "knock" characteristics;In the case of power failure, first of all, completely remove the dust near the high-pressure cap, and then apply a layer of "arc extinguishing Ling", after drying, and then use;2, the transducer "vibration bell" has obvious striking characteristics, the sound is relatively crisp;Daub AB or glass glue in the coil, the transducer on the skeleton (but sufficient cooling area), to be re used after drying.
Q:How long can the CRT monitor last?
Less than seven or eight years, met with less than seven or eight years, mostly not bad, pull out the graphics card, wipe it
Q:My CRT monitor is blurred
Open the cabinet cover (most display using buttons instead of screws, such as PHILPS in machine buttons on both sides of the upper part, in case the corresponding hole demolished when the press can open, look carefully under the authority not hard breaking). In the right after the motherboard has a large component, there are two thick lines into the tube and seat tube, this is called a flyback transformer, high voltage. It is often said that. In the bottom of the high pressure package, there are usually two knobs, and some do not remove the shell can be adjusted, the two knobs are accelerated focus potentiometer, remember the initial position, be careful to try to adjust, the range is small, the speed is slow. When the potentiometer is adjusted, the screen is bright and dark, and the focus potentiometer is clear and fuzzy. After the test, adjust the acceleration potentiometer. After the start of high voltage package has Shijiqian volt, the main floor carefully oh!!
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of CRT display
I am upstairs to say, "there is a crazy demand for pictures". Ha ha, I used the Samsung 997MB+.In fact, those who buy a LCD who is one of the important reasons is fashionable. For most people, the factors than they have to not completely understand the data.
Q:Will the CRT display explode after it is removed?
Okay, factor CRT tube is a glass vacuum tube, so in the split when due to external pressure, it will split, and there is great voice, but not really explode, so you don't have to worry when storing attention gently, after all, is the glass products, and is still vacuum. Is not too large temperature difference on the line, what no other.
Q:How high can the refresh rate of the CRT monitor be?
There is little refresh rate of 120HZ CRT, and even lower resolution can not be achieved. But to the inappropriate refresh rate will damage the hardware, really I used to have CRT is what I adjust the refresh rate gaohuai.
Q:CRT display price recovery
17 of about 100 yuan, 15 of the difficult to sell, and give money to sell it.I suggest to yangjie7850, we here 17 of the 160 or so flat, like a TV display tube and tube like different things, do TV sell? Ha-ha! Plus the TV box?
Q:CRT display no images, only show a vertical bright line, how to solve?
Repaird, ~30 yuan of the circuit board can be fixed, if the display to repair do not repair, buy a few money

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