Professianl granite factory cheap granite tile stair slab

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Product Description:

1). Granite Quarrier:

 We Own the quarries G654,G603,G635,G664,China black and also directly cooperated with many other popular granite quarries.

2). Granite Manufactorier:

  We own 2 manufactories more than 15years.

3). Granite Exporter:

  We established self-owned professional trading company.

  We handle everything from order to deliver.

1.Granite Product information


granite step stone stairs


red, grey, yellow, white, blue, black, etc.


G687,G664,G635,G636,G603,G623 G439,G654,G640,G696,xili red,sanbao red,spray white,kinds of black granite,etc.

4.Steps sizes:

100-150x32-35x2-3cm or as per your request

5.Risers sizes:

100-150x15-30x2cm or as per your request

6.Surface Finish:

polished, flamed, honed, bush hammered etc.

7.Edge treatment:

full rounded,half rounded,flat polished with bevelled etc.

8.Common packing:

wooden crates or wooden pallets

9.Quality Control:

polished degree: above 85 degree

Packing:strong package

Thickness variation: +1mm-2mm

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Q:The stove with marble or windows and quartz stone good
The dust in the processing and installation of artificial stone is another drawback: artificial stone processing now, rarely use water and dust processing mill saw, in particular, even if the workers wear masks and other protective tools, still can not stop the dust on the health of workers is a serious damage, it is not conducive to the development of artificial stone industry; also in the cabinet in the installation process, the polishing will produce a lot of dust.
Q:Quartz stone and basalt which hard
Quartz stone Mohs hardness of 7. Is a physical and chemical properties are very stable mineral resources, quartz stone is the quartz stone plate manufacturers of its production of a short plate, because the main component of its quartz content of up to 93% or more, so called Quartz.
Q:Is marble good or man-made?
Natural marble texture is dense but not hardness, easy processing, carving and grinding, polishing and so on. Marble polished smooth and delicate, natural texture smooth, very high decorative. Marble water absorption is small, high durability, you can use 40-100 years. Natural marble sheet and profile material is an important material for indoor and furniture production. Natural marble has a fine texture, solid, polished as smooth as a mirror, texture more than granite stretch, beautiful. Compressive strength is higher (second only to granite), according to the different rock, up to 300MPa, water absorption is small, wear and deformation characteristics.
Q:Must be used to clean the floor on the floor
1, the surface of ordinary dust can choose detergent, soap, washing powder, etc.. 2, the production of wax layer, can be used to remove the king decontamination. 3, the surface of the cement residue, filler and other dirt, can be used to remove dirty king. 4, paint, paint and other pollutants using chemical solvent dissolution, such as days of water, etc.. 5, black metal scratches, welding, etc. can be used to remove dirty king.
Q:The difference between granite, marble and granite
Stone also called synthetic stone, stone, stone engineering reconstruction. With its natural marble particle, powder as the main raw material, also can be added as embellishment in the mosaic, shell, glass and other materials, with organic resin as binder, with vacuum mixing, high pressure shock made the material, and then after curing at room temperature (curing time in more than 7 days), sawing, grinding, polishing and other processes to sheet.Natural stone in daily use is mainly divided into two types: marble and granite. In general, where there is texture, marble, to spot the main known granite. It is in a broad sense. In a narrow sense, refers to the Yunnan marble stone produced in Dali. In fact, now the country is not a few pieces of stone out of Dali.
Q:How to identify natural stone and artificial stone
Artificial marble and artificial quartz stone can also be used as kitchen countertops, etc., but the hardness is somewhat worse than artificial stone. For artificial stone, it is difficult to see from the surface of its quality advantages and disadvantages, so the most reliable way to the business or ask the stone physical properties of the test report. And we need to pay attention to the test data and artificial quartz stone is the same, or stone water absorption problem, because it determines the artificial stone anti-fouling properties. The higher the water absorption, indicating that the smaller the density, the more loose texture, oil and so the more easily penetrate.
Q:What is the proportion of medium sandstone
According to the diameter of the sand is divided into: giant sandstone (2 ~ 1mm), coarse sandstone (~ 0.5mm), medium grained sandstone (~ 0.25mm), fine sandstone (0.25 ~ 0.125mm), particulate sandstone (~ ~ 0.0625mm). Medium grained sandstone.
Q:Limestone, lime water, lime, slaked lime, lime milk What is the difference?
Lime: calcium hydroxide product alias slaked lime; lime lime: calcium oxide limestone: calcium carbonate CaCO3
Q:Why marble has radiation?
Building material is the main source of radon geological fracture zone will also have a lot of radon. Radon in the air enter the body, or attached to the tracheal mucosa and lung surface, or into the body fluid into the tissue formation in vivo radiation induced lung cancer, leukemia and respiratory tract diseases. Studies show that radon is a WHO, only to lung cancer caused by smoking second carcinogens.
Q:What is the effect of granite tiles in the room?
Stone radioactive on the human body there are two kinds of harm, one is the stone radionuclide decay release X-ray, causing external exposure to the human body, but the probability of occurrence is very low; the other is the release of radon caused by internal exposure to the human body The Radon is the decay product of radioactive uranium, radium and thorium in the crust, radon is classified as one of 19 carcinogens, mainly induced by lung cancer. According to the test, different colors of the stone is also different radioactivity. The highest is red and green, white, black is the lowest. Therefore, consumers should carefully choose the red, green or with a large spot of red granite varieties. He said that granite should not be used in large quantities indoors, especially in the bedroom, children's room to use.

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