Professianl granite factory cheap granite tile stair slab

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Product Description:

1). Granite Quarrier:

 We Own the quarries G654,G603,G635,G664,China black and also directly cooperated with many other popular granite quarries.

2). Granite Manufactorier:

  We own 2 manufactories more than 15years.

3). Granite Exporter:

  We established self-owned professional trading company.

  We handle everything from order to deliver.

1.Granite Product information


granite step stone stairs


red, grey, yellow, white, blue, black, etc.


G687,G664,G635,G636,G603,G623 G439,G654,G640,G696,xili red,sanbao red,spray white,kinds of black granite,etc.

4.Steps sizes:

100-150x32-35x2-3cm or as per your request

5.Risers sizes:

100-150x15-30x2cm or as per your request

6.Surface Finish:

polished, flamed, honed, bush hammered etc.

7.Edge treatment:

full rounded,half rounded,flat polished with bevelled etc.

8.Common packing:

wooden crates or wooden pallets

9.Quality Control:

polished degree: above 85 degree

Packing:strong package

Thickness variation: +1mm-2mm

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Q:Limestone for producing calcium carbonate. Requirements of calcium carbonate content greater than 98%, above, what quality limestone?
Limestone with no calcium content above 55%! Pure calcium carbonate in calcium content of only 40%; not to mention limestone?
Q:Is artificial light stone better than natural stone?
Artificial light stone:1 light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, oil resistance, corrosion resistance. Plate deformation, fire resistance, no radiation, anti infiltration, according to the needs of customers at bending, seamless bonding, truly achieve the realm of like nature itself.2 good performance: high strength, anti-aging, low water absorption, no pollution, no radiation, easy to install and easy to break, is a green building materials.Comparison of the characteristics of the next two products.. Artificial light stone more in line with market demand..
Q:How much is a yellow sandstone plate a square or cubic? Thank you
600*300*20mm commonly used specifications of yellow wood sandstone plate, the domestic price of less than 100 yuan a square meter, more than one square meter of your expensive, imported sandstone in Australia to more than one square meter of 400.
Q:You need to switch to useful natural stone
The opening is not so easy, most of the so-called light are fool people, and a real opening ritual has complicated and expensive, not suitable for small items. Most of the opening item is just a cover, or one-time for multiple items opening.
Q:What is sandstone paint
Sandstone paint:The general said that the stone like paint. After natural stone decorative building is gorgeous, noble, high quality. But because of the natural stone is expensive, inconvenient construction, so the current market developed a simulation of stone architectural coatings and sandstone paint, the paint spraying, texture and color of the decorative effect of the natural stone. Sandstone paint decoration of buildings, luxurious appearance not only has stone and hardness, but also has the elegant, noble, three-dimensional sense of strong artistic effect. The sandstone paint has excellent weatherability, fastness and stain resistance, service life more than 10 years, is a kind of material instead of natural stone finishes.
Q:Marble under what circumstances need to do crystallization and polishing.
Marble polishing is the last process flow of stone crystal surface treatment and the last procedure of stone plate processing. It is now one of the most important process of stone care, it is different from the traditional sense of cleaning the company's business scope of marble cleaning wax polishing.
Q:Sandstone paint and paint
Sandstone paint generally called stone like paint, building paint is a simulation of the stone. The paint is sprayed directly, and its decorative effect has the texture and color of natural stone. The use of sandstone paint decoration of the building, not only has the luxury stone appearance and hardness, but also elegant, noble, strong sense of three-dimensional artistic effects. Sandstone paint with excellent weather resistance, non fading and stain resistance, service life of more than 10 years, is a substitute for natural stone veneer material.
Q:Sandstone belongs to marble?
Sandstone is mostly relatively soft stone, the pattern is also a single room, mostly large color differenceMarble hard and soft color is very wide, not the same table
Q:The relation and difference between quartz sandstone and quartzite
The quartz sandstone is a sedimentary rock with a quartz content of >50% sandstone is a quartz sand rock and a rock is a metamorphic rock should be such a ^
Q:Shale, sandstone, and different features of sedimentary rocks
Shale, with a thin, thin or lamellar joint,Sandstone, mainly formed by cementation of sandShale and sandstone are sedimentary rocks

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