Professianl granite factory cheap granite tile stair slab

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Product Description:

1). Granite Quarrier:

 We Own the quarries G654,G603,G635,G664,China black and also directly cooperated with many other popular granite quarries.

2). Granite Manufactorier:

  We own 2 manufactories more than 15years.

3). Granite Exporter:

  We established self-owned professional trading company.

  We handle everything from order to deliver.

1.Granite Product information


granite step stone stairs


red, grey, yellow, white, blue, black, etc.


G687,G664,G635,G636,G603,G623 G439,G654,G640,G696,xili red,sanbao red,spray white,kinds of black granite,etc.

4.Steps sizes:

100-150x32-35x2-3cm or as per your request

5.Risers sizes:

100-150x15-30x2cm or as per your request

6.Surface Finish:

polished, flamed, honed, bush hammered etc.

7.Edge treatment:

full rounded,half rounded,flat polished with bevelled etc.

8.Common packing:

wooden crates or wooden pallets

9.Quality Control:

polished degree: above 85 degree

Packing:strong package

Thickness variation: +1mm-2mm

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Q:Kitchen stove with natural stone is good, and artificial stone that is better
You recommend the use of the kitchen stove, natural marble, natural marble stability is not deformation, high temperature, high strength, compression. Artificial stone is easy to deform and produce harmful gases under high temperature with time warping discoloration.
Q:What is the density of granite?
Granite (Granite), the main component of the continental crust, is a kind of magma in the surface below the formation of the formation of igneous rocks, the main component is feldspar and quartz.
Q:How to fix sandstone murals
Upstairs good funny, if it is a sturdy cement wall with marble glue, if the sand area is not large, can choose glass glue and the frame is fixed, but it is best to anchorage, so as to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong
Q:How to identify the natural stone and the stone
You can also see the iron there is no surplus, through the experiment
Q:Artificial jade (artificial marble) above the traces of tea how to clear?
Special problems (marks, scratches, burns) solutionOne of the advantages of artificial Dali mesa is scratched or damaged after repair. Most of the scratches can be removed by the following steps. Mark and the injured situation is serious, please consult the sales consultant. To remove dirt, remove marks and scratches also according to different surface to:1) matt surface: 600 mesh sand plate cylindrical grinding, marks, scratches removal with 800-1200 mesh sand circular grinding, finally use 100 clean cloth.2) Ban Yaguang surface: with the above matt surface treatment method, and then use a soft cloth and brightener wipe, and finally wipe with a clean cloth.3) Gao Guang: first surface with 800 mesh sand disc grinding circle direction until scratches disappear, then polished with 1200-1500 mesh sand plate circle direction, then use 2000 mesh sand plate circle direction of grinding, and then polish and low wool polishing machine, the non abrasive surface of optical brightener.(3) Gao Guang surface: grinding with a sponge and non abrasive brightener. Special dirt can be removed, can be used 1200 purpose sandpaper grinding, and then use a soft cloth and light agent (or furniture wax) bright.(4) artificial marble sink: decontamination with detergent and water cleaning. Soak in 1:1 bleach solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash with water to the bottom and around. Basic maintenance:Artificial marble products have excellent physical properties: food, ash, bacteria will not invade their surface. Daily maintenance only with a sponge, Tetra new multi-purpose concentrated cleaner to wipe, can keep clean; to be disinfected, can be diluted bleach and water (1:1) or other disinfectant to wipe the surface. Please remember to use dry towel and into the water stains, try to keep the table dry.
Q:Are there any detailed descriptions of clay, mudstone and sandstone cores?
Sandstone: composed of quartz grains (sand), stable in structure, usually pale brown or red, mainly containing silicon, calcium, clay, and ferric oxide.Quartz, feldspar and other clastic components accounted for more than 50% of sedimentary clastic rock. Sandstone is formed by weathering, denudation and transport of rocks in source rocks. The rock consists of two parts: clastic and interstitial. In addition to quartz, feldspar, dolomite, heavy minerals, cuttings, etc.. The interstitial material comprises two components of the cement and the clastic complex. Common cements are siliceous and carbonate cements; the miscellaneous component is mainly a finer clay or silty sand that is deposited at the same time. The composition and structure of interstitial materials reflect the geological environment and physical and chemical conditions of sandstone formation. Sandstone can be divided into three categories: quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone and lithic sandstone. Sand and sandstone are the main reservoirs of petroleum, natural gas and groundwater. Sand and sandstone can be used as abrasives, glass raw materials and building materials. Some of the occurrence of sand and sandstone is rich in gold, diamond, zircon, ILMENITE PLACER, Jin Hongshi etc..
Q:Limestone dry desulfurization efficiency is how much?
Dry desulfurization process in liquid phase intervene, completely dry state, with dry desulfurization technology is increasingly perfect, plus the element dry process is simple, less investment, low operation cost, dry desulfurization process has been applied in coal-fired power plant.
Q:What is the size of marble floor tile
1, beautiful and generous: marble floor tile is the first attractive shape.2, durable durability: marble is a very durable, hard stone.3, longevity: Marble life beyond imagination, durability.
Q:Whether granite is a renewable or non-renewable resource
In a sense, renewable resources are also non-renewable resources, non-renewable resources are renewable resources, but they are different from each other time, renewable resources is the regeneration cycle is short, do not need hundreds of years of crustal movement, Rather than renewable resources, need to go through hundreds of years or even hundreds of millions of years to form and deposition.            Whether the granite is a renewable resource, you can refer to coal, oil and other mineral resources, you said the textbook is renewable or non-renewable resources? Although these resources from a long time (tens of thousands of years hundreds of millions of years) can be renewable, but the cycle is long, so we generally identified him as non-renewable resources.
Q:Natural stone window or man-made stone good?
Look at your usual use of the windowsill often put things on the artificial stone can be used most of the natural (but there is a gap between the natural particles oh)

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