Production and processing customized gb copper YJV YJV22 YJLV sheathed power cable

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Product Description:

PVC insulated PVC sheathed sheathed power cable

A, product standards: TL/j21-serial open-style - 93

Second, the scope of application

This product is suitable for use in ac 50 hz, rated voltage (U0 / U) up to and including 0.6/1 kv power line, for power transmission and distribution can be used.

Three, use features

1. The highest rated temperature of the cable conductor is 70 ° C.

2. When the short circuit (the longest duration of no more than 5 s) cable conductor of the highest temperature does not exceed 160 ° C

3. The cable when the ambient temperature under installation should not below 0 ° C, its smallest bending radius should not less than 15 times of cable diameter.

Fourth, model, name


The name of the


V. v.

Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable



Aluminum conductor, PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable



Copper core PVC insulated steel tape armoured and PVC sheathed power cable



Aluminum conductor, PVC insulated, steel tape armoured PVC sheathed power cable

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Q:ASUS power supply issue. Power cable suddenly stopped charging.?
Seems to be a short circuit. This is a common problem with Laptops, including Asus Laptops. I've had Dells, Asus, Lenovo, and HP laptops and each laptop's power cord has broken at least once. Unfortunately, you're out of luck. You will need to buy a new power cord, which could run you anywhere from $15-60, depending on the vendor
Q:Aqaurium filter, power cable submerged?
It's safe as long as the cable and filter are not damaged. They whole unit is sealed in plastic so the water and electricity can't meet up. Ian
Q:What is a AC POWER CORD CABLE EXTENSION CORD used for? 10 points?
Q:Missing pinouts from my Power supply cables?
It is very common for some pins in a standard connector to be unused on certain devices, especially power connections, because there are always redundant pins to the same power connection.
Simple . It is not grounded.A curcuit has to be complete for electricity to flow through it.
Q:Splitting a power cable?
What sort of power cable? If it is mains or an automotive power outlet, you can get splitters for those.
Q:what cables do i need to install a internal sata hard drive?
Yep, that's all you need. Some older SATA drives have legacy support for normal 4 pin molex connectors in addition to the SATA power cable. If your drive is one such, do not plug in both. Choose one or the other. If you buy a retail boxed drive instead of OEM, you should get a 4 pin molex to SATA power cable if you don't have SATA power connections already. It's also possible that the harddrive you bought is SATA2 (aka SATA 300gbps). If your motherboard only supports SATA 150gbps, there's a jumper you need to leave on the drive. If you have a SATA 300 drive and your motherboard supports SATA 300, you'll need to remove the pin for full speeds. It'll work though if you forget to remove it. You can look in the user's manual to see what your motherboard supports.
Q:my cpu is not turning on but the power button led lights if i plug in the power cable?
Do you mean the CPU fan? Is the PC booting? Sounds like the PSU. Try swapping the PSU or buying new one(they are not dear)
Q:Can I use a Radio Power Cable for my PS2?
I've done it. It really depends on the wire, not only if it fits the PS2.
Q:Does throwing punches with weighted cables increase punching power?
No power is genetics. You either have it or dont. It'll increase speed. Don't do to heavy or you'll damage your ligaments and tendons long term.

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