PRODUCT NAME:Power Pallet Truck WP-LPT15(DC)

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1 unit
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1000 unit/month

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The Lpt15 benefits from Noblelift’s design and engineering excellence.
Approved good acceleration enhances efficient pallet entry and exit to increase productivity. Non-polar electronic control provides variable speed acceleration which enhances pallet entry and exiting to improve productivity.
Smooth travel and lift with excellent controls reduces product damages and increases productivity.
A heavy-duty 24-volt electrical system provides good travel and lift speeds.
High quality hydraulic pump assures very little noise, maximum efficiency and durability.
Drive unit is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that is spring applied and electrically release. Brake is activated by the control handle position. Ergonomic designed control handle with buttons for raising, lowering and horning.
Lift limit switch operates at maximum lift height to shut off pump motor.
With curtis electronic controller from Europe.
The CURTIS electronic controller helps provide plenty of low end torque while increasing the motor and battery lift.
Excellent stability in operation even on the empty.
Conforms to EN1726 and EN1175-1
Hydraulic motor: Imported from Europe

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

Identification1.2Model of manufacture WP-LPT15(DC)
1.3Power supply(electric,diesel, petrol,gas,mains electric) electric
1.4Type of operation(hand,pedestrian,stand on,rider seated, order picker)pedestrian
1.5Capacity /rated loadQ Kg1500
1.6Load center distanceC mm600
1.8Load distance X mm 9631054
1.9Wheelbasey mm 12171310
Weights2.1Weight(including battery)Kg286
2.2Axle loadings laden drive end/load endKg760/1026674/1112
2.3Axle loadings unladen drive end/load endKg222/64226/60
3.1Tyres(rubber, Vulkollan, pneumatic, polyurethane)polyurethane
3.2Tyre size drive endmmΦ252x89
3.3Tyre size load endmmΦ84x70/Φ84x93Φ74x70/Φ74x93
3.4Castor wheels(dimensions) Φ100x40
3.5Wheels, number(x=drive wheel)drive end/load end1x -2/4 or 1x -2/2
3.6Track width(front) drive endb10mm490
3.7Track width(rear) load endb11mm360490
Basic Dimensions 4.4Lift heighth3 mm120
4.9Tiller height in neutrality position h14mm1235
4.15Fork height loweredh13mm8575
4.19Overall length l1 mm 15901660
4.2Length to front face of fork l2 mm 440
4.21Overall width b1 mm 700
4.22Fork dimensions s/e/l mm 47/160/115047/160/1220
4.25Overall fork widthb5 mm520650
4.32Floor clearance, center of wheelbase m2 mm 3424
4.34Working aisle with 800x1200 pallet lengthwise Ast mm 21452176
4.35turning radius Wa mm 14801550
Performance Data 5.1Travel Speed laden/unladenkm/h5.0/5.2
5.2Lifting speed laden/unladenmm/s27/35
5.3Lowering speed laden/unladenmm/s42/27
5.8Gradeability laden/unladen%5/8
E-Motor6.1Drive motorkw1
6.2Lifting motor kw0.8
6.3Battery acc. To BS, no 1) no
6.4Battery voltage, norminal capacity K5 1) V/Ah2x12/80
6.5Battery weight +/-5% Kg48
Battery dimensions l/w/h 1) mm260/170/230
Others8.1Type of drive controlMOSFET Control
8.4Sound level, at driver’s ears dB(A)<70
Turning angle 205

*)Load section lifted/lowered +55mm
**)Diagonal according to VDI+204mm


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