PRODUCT NAME:High quality Diesel Forklift CPCD50-70

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1 unit
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1000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Power styleDiesel
Rated capacity+Qkg/lb5000/110006000/132007000/15400
Load Center+Cmm/in600/23.6
CharacteristicLift heightmm/in3000/118
Free lift height+hzmm/in0140/5.5140/5.5
Fork size / s*e*Lmm/in1200*150*70/47.2*6*2.8
Mast tilt angle F/Rdeg6/12
Turning radiusmm/in3300/1303350/1323360/132.3
Ground clearance / Bottom of drive axlemm/in150/6190/7.5
Ground clearance/ Middle of bodyworkmm/in320/12.6
PerformanceOverhead guard heightmm/in2432/95.72450/96.5
Max. speed / Emptykm/h222323
Max. gradeability / Full load%22
DimensionsMax. lifting speed /Full loadmm/s320370330370
Overall length /With forkmm/in4780/188.24805/189.2
Overall length /Without forkmm/in3580/1413605/142
Overall widthmm/in1910/75.21995/78.5
ChassisMast Lowered Heightmm/in2760/108.72625/103.3
Overall height on liftingmm/in4374/172.2
Front tire8.25-15-14PR
Rear tire8.25-15-14PR
Tread /Front tiremm/in1400/551470/58
Tread /Rear tiremm/in1534/60.41700/67
Service weightkg/lb7800/171008500/187009350/20600
Battery /Voltage/style24V/2*6-QA-100a
Cylinder number-Bore*Stroke(mm*mm)mm/in4-105*1256-102*1104-105*1256-102*110
Rated outputKW58.8646064
Rated running speedr/min2400220023002200
Rated torqueN.m/r.p.m248/1700285/1250252/1800285/1250
TransmissionRated fuel consumptiong/kW.h224221224221
ModelPower shift
Stage /F/R2/2

With heating cabinet to meet the special needs of customers

Electronic speed control

The seal ring of the hydraulic pump is imported from Western Germany.

The key parts of the Chinese engine are from Japan.

With shock absorption on all the diesel forklift


F1: Much of the glass mantle opens up for convenient disassembly or maintenance.

F2:All controls have been ergonomically designed and are adjustable for easy, efficient operation and comfort.

F3:Built in heating supply, ideal for cold environment.

F4:The seat design conforms to the latest ergonomic consideration of good lateral body support with optimum freedom of movement. Air channels in the cushion surface improve seating comfort and reduce sliding. The two coil spring suspension under the seat is adjustable for drivers with different weights.

F5,F6:Rear view mirrors and high quality recessed lights.

F7:Strengthened glass and windshield wipers give the driver a clear view of the surroundings.


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