PRODUCT NAME:High Lift Pallet Truck--SLT10

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1 unit
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1000 unit/month

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Ideal design with numerous possibilities makes this unit very suitable as pallet truck/scissor lift table.
Telescopic jack composes of 3 piston rods creating light pumping force giving great rigidity.
Support legs come into operation automatically.
It prevents the unit from moving when the forks are raised to keep the safety of the operator.
Truck automatically slows the descending speed when heavy goods loaded to help prevent cargo damage.
210 degree turning radius
2 lateral stabilizers when raised ensure good stability

Rated capacitykg1000
Wheel size,front180*50
Wheel size,rear74*50
Lift heightmm800
Lower heightmm85
Overall lengthmm1785
Fork lengthmm1150
Fork sizemm160/1150
Fork outside widthmm550/685
Working aisle with 1000x1200 pallet lengthwisemm1715
Working aisle with 800x1200 pallet lengthwisemm1765
Turning radiusmm1360

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