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Product Description:

300kw Volvo power generator:

We can customize diesel generator set as your special demand.

Detailed introduction to Volvo Diesel generator set TAD1241GE(300kw):


The specifications of the diesel generator set: 

1.Diesel Engines: VOLVO

Arrangement-cylinder: Vertical

Type of Governor: Electronically

Model of Governor: PT fuel pump

Starting: By electricity

The rated speed:1500/1800rmp,

four strokes, inline. water-cooled system,

Max. output:300kw ( 375kva)

2.Alternator: Kaijieli/Marathon/Stamford

Type: brushless

Bearing: single/ double bearing.

Damping windings: full damping

Safety Guard Grade: IP22

Insulation grade: H

Short-circuit protection: Air switch

telephone interference: THF<20‰, TIF<50< p="">

3.The generator set:

a.basic specifications:


    three phase, four wires


   base fuel tank for 8 hours

c.Use:can be used for the open type and the soundproof type, automatic type 

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Q:What are all the effects of diesel emissions?
You know, the effects of diesel emissions is about the same as gasoline emissions. When ethanol burns, it does about the same amount of pollution as diesel fumes do. Healthdon't know Economyif you remove diesel out of the equation, you lose the economy. You cannot haul freight efficiently without diesel power, you cannot operate most generators efficiently without diesel power, etc. The reason why they make such a big deal about diesel emissions is because of the black smoke it produces. It does no greater damage than gasoline emissions do. Plus, if every car ran off of diesel fuel instead of gasoline, prices would be much much cheaper, crude oil would be used more efficiently and there wouldn't be a shortage like there is. PLUSyou would be able to turn that 30-35 mpg car into a 55-60 mpg car if you ran it off of diesel. And I also like to blow black smoke out of my Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel tooits fun, plus a lot of power.
Q:Are bases sources of electricity?
base has many meanings. Air force bases sometimes have a diesel generator. Base hospitals almost always have diesel generators. A chemical base, together the right metals, can act as a electrochemical cell (battery). A base metal, such as zinc and copper, with the proper acid can act as a electrochemical cell (battery). .
Q:Can u plz help me to solve following problems: on generator synchronizing?
1 by adjusting governor setting load can be increased load limit can be increased on some goivernor adjusting exciation great danger if incorrectly synchronized,Turbine thrown out of base by huge magnetic shock or shearing of coup;ling with generaot reduced torque load will decrease kva will decrease
Q:what size generator do I need?
If you take into consideration the initial cost of a generator and the fuel to feed it, electricity is still the better deal.
Q:What is the purpose of a governor/actuator on a diesel motor?
The governor keeps the motor from running faster than a set rate, an actuator receives an input from a button and causes a mechanical device to engage. Speed and Load controllers determine how fast the generator motor should turn over for a certain electrical demand, as in number of devices plugged in to the electric socket.
Q:How to calculate capacity / rating of Alternator based on load?
If its a pure resistive load consider the efficiency of the alternator, de-rating factors to ambient conditions etc. etc. After considering all of the above you need a 1650KVA (with 10% safety factor
Q:Can someone tell me about the diesel electrician job?
Locomotive Electrician
Q:Why do i always crap my pants when i find outrageously good deals on tools?
lmao this has to be a joke, made me lol in real life though, good one xD
Q:Why don't more SUVs and Trucks have electric motors?
For most part, it has to do with reliability. A train runs on a set track, so no ups and downs and bumps and whatnot. Nothing under the tracks that'll come up and snag the bottom, that sort of thing. A truck on the other hand, do drive over things, and the wheels go up and down bazillion times, and all that. A truck's wheel hubs are designed to be as simple and robust as possible for maximum reliability. Adding a motor to the hub would decrease its ground clearance, decrease reliability, and if one of the motors fail the vehicle can't really run on the rest (assuming all wheels are powered) as it produces asymmetrical thrust. So you have to disconnect the matching one on the other side. The designers basically judged that currently, the technology cannot compensate enough for the advantages to outweigh the disadvantages. A while back, Ford was considering a system called gas-operated launch assist. Basically, it operates similar to the way a hybrid stores electricity generated from braking, and releases it back for acceleration. However, instead of doing battery/motor/generator, it uses a compressible gas as the energy storage medium. While driving and braking, gas is compressed into the the cylinder. When the start starts moving again, the gas is allowed to expand, adding a bit of oomph to the launch. Apparently, that idea didn't go anywhere, but it was interesting. And Dodge actually built a special hybrid Durango that only had the gas engine drive one set of wheels, and electricity drive the other set of wheels. It is much easier and cheaper to make than a regular hybrid, but apparently the traction control is giving them problems to coordinate between the two drivetrain systems. --- Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days Borg Burgers: Have it our way. Yours is irrelevant.
Q:tfdw-12 generator, how do you tell F+ from F- when adding 12V to failed exciter?
Oh my gosh, it is hilarious. I wasn't considering what the first became wondering, yet i observed after a at a similar time as that . yeah. XD super comic tale; i would desire to inform this to someone! xD

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