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Product Description:

300kw Volvo power generator:

We can customize diesel generator set as your special demand.

Detailed introduction to Volvo Diesel generator set TAD1241GE(300kw):


The specifications of the diesel generator set: 

1.Diesel Engines: VOLVO

Arrangement-cylinder: Vertical

Type of Governor: Electronically

Model of Governor: PT fuel pump

Starting: By electricity

The rated speed:1500/1800rmp,

four strokes, inline. water-cooled system,

Max. output:300kw ( 375kva)

2.Alternator: Kaijieli/Marathon/Stamford

Type: brushless

Bearing: single/ double bearing.

Damping windings: full damping

Safety Guard Grade: IP22

Insulation grade: H

Short-circuit protection: Air switch

telephone interference: THF<20‰, TIF<50< p="">

3.The generator set:

a.basic specifications:


    three phase, four wires


   base fuel tank for 8 hours

c.Use:can be used for the open type and the soundproof type, automatic type 

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Q:What is the most important parameter of diesel generator
rated current (Ie): refers to the diesel generator set in the rated state of the line current, the unit is an kA (A)
Q:Looking for a small, possibly diesel generator for emergency household power (UK)?
Honda makes really great self-contained generators exactly like you describe, and, since they're made by Honda, they work well and they last forever (see link, below). Good luck! :-D
Q:Fuel efficient vehicle, what fuel, and which one?
Maybe diesel hybrids are the way to go, bio-diesel is a renewable source of energy. I just am not sure of the scale renewable bio-diesel can go to before something else starts to be a problem, enviornmentally or otherwise.
Q:What are the faults of diesel generator
Electrical energy belongs to the two level of energy alternating current can be converted from mechanical energy to DC power conversion from chemical energy
Q:What is the most important parameter of diesel generator?
rated voltage (Ue): refers to the diesel generator set in the normal operation of the line voltage, the unit is V (V) or kV (kV)
Q:how do you hook up a hydrogen generator to a turbo diesel?
doesn't mattereither way it will throw off the fuel mix and cause a rich or lean condition causing loss of mileage and performance and shorten engine life.
Q:How much diesel would you save per year by switching from incandescent to CFL?
1 Kwh 3.6 MJ. If you use each light 4 hours per day, and each was 100 watts, that is 4 x 100 x 10 x 365 1,460,000 watt hours per year. That requires 1,460 x 3.6 MJ 5,256 MJ. / 0.4 efficiency 13,140 MJ. So you need 13,140 / 36MJ/L 365 Liters of diesel. If you used CFLs, at 25 watts, the answer is 1/4 of that, so 365 / 4 91.25 Liters of diesel. So the savings is 365 - 91.25 273.75 Liters savings. At $1.25 per liter, that is $324.19.
Q:3 Ways to save the Amazon Rainforest?
Recycle Aim for a paperless society. Remove all the people from Earth and the animals will stop dying off due to minimised habitat and food sources as well as global warming.
Q:How to hook up a portable generator to the grid to supplement my solar system?
Guide okorder
Q:basic diesel generator question?
Phase is 3Φ 4W, which means three phase, four wires. Three wires for each of the phases and one wire for the neutral. There are two ways to connect 3 phase generators, ywe which looks like the letter Y (3 or 4 wires) or delta which looks like a triangle (3 wires). Voltage is 380/220V, which means a wye-connected generator with two voltages available. For heavy loads like heating and motors, a line voltage of 380V, measured across two of the phases, is available. For light loads like lights and outlets, a phase voltage of 220V, measured across a phase to neutral, is available. The use of 380V means smaller conductors can be used. When the generator spins at 1500rpm (revolutions per minute), the output frequency is 50Hz. N 120 f / P P 120 f / N 120 * 50 Hz / 1500 4. The generator has 4 poles per phase. Since it is an even number, the generator is a synchronous generator. Prime is the Apparent Power S in kVA that the generator set is capable of providing for an unlimited number of hours per year. In this case 600kVA. But as a Standby Generator (Emergency) operated less than 500 hours/year, the apparent power S is 660kVA. Current is 1003A. This is the rated current that can be supplied to the building at 380/220V. S √(3) V_LINE I_LINE I_LINE S / (√(3) V_LINE) 660kVA / ( √(3) * 380V) 1003A Power factor 0.8 lagging, which means at worst case the loads attached to it can have a power factor greater than 0.8. Power factor P / S. P S * pf 660kVA * 0.8 528kW The Real Power P or W loads the generator can supply are 528kW. So it can supply 5280 100W light bulbs, for example. If power factor is 1, 660kW could be supplied. There should be an electrical switchboard close to the generator, which will have labels showing how power is fed throughout the building. Everything else is specific to the device (Model, Serial, etc). Probably too much information for you, but when you are trying to understand something too much is better than too little.

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