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Powered by doosan,diesel generator power range 50-680kw 

ModelPOWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-D5550 55 DB5854/59
FKS-D7064 70 D114677/85
FKS-D10092 100 D1146T108/117
FKS-D145132 145 P086TI-1149/164
FKS-D175160 175 P086TI177/199
FKS-D240220 240 P126TI241/272
FKS-D265240 265 P126TI-11265/294
FKS-D330300 330 P158LE-1327/362
FKS-D370320 370 P158LE363/414
FKS-D400360 400 DP158LC408/449
FKS-D460420 460 DP158LD464/510
FKS-D505460 505 P222LE-1512/553
FKS-D503456 503 DP188LA502/552
FKS-D525480 525 P222LE532/574
FKS-D550510 550 P222LE-S552/603
FKS-D559507 559 DP180LB556/612
FKS-D608550 608 DP222LB604/664
FKS-D664600 665 DP222LC657/723
FKS-D680620 680 DP222LA670/737

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Q:Why did the Japanese build Fukushima Nuclear Power Station right on Seaboard and with flawed Tsunami Protectio?
Yes you are mistaken. The Fukushima station was designed to withstand average tsunami that had occurred in that area. However the tusnami that hit was much larger than any seen before in that area, or in recorded human history for that matter. Even if you could design a facility to withstand a 200 or even 500 year disaster, eventually you'll encounter something even larger, and then you'll be right back here whining about why did they only design the structure for a 500 year disaster, blah blah blah. Furthermore, such a facility would be prohibitively expensive and over engineered. Was it a risk to only design something to withstand a once-in-a-century event? Sure, but there's no such thing as 0% risk.
Q:What is the purpose of a governor/actuator on a diesel motor?
The governor keeps the motor from running faster than a set rate, an actuator receives an input from a button and causes a mechanical device to engage. Speed and Load controllers determine how fast the generator motor should turn over for a certain electrical demand, as in number of devices plugged in to the electric socket.
Q:exact formula for calculating diesel consumption of diesel generator?
If okorder
Q:Does anyone know about SDMO power generators?
I looked online and this company makes everything from small gas driven to large diesel driven. You say the code is for water in the fuel and if it's diesel water would ruin the injectors so it very well could not allow it to start for that reason. At a minion you need to tell us a little more. Did it shut its self down for the over heat or did it size and shut down? that is a good point to start with.
Q:Does anyone else see the importance of diesel engines in the coming years?
They've always been popular in Europe as they have ridiculous fuel taxation. And diesels have traditionally gotten better fuel economy. But these days with direct injected turbo gas engines becoming more prevalent the diesel's fuel economy edge is diminishing. Case in point, the BMW 335i and the BMW 335d. The gas engine gets almost the same mileage as the diesel as you can see here same deal with the MB 350 as you can see here Diesels are still quite important for cargo transportation, industrial use, and agriculture, as they have always been. But no offense, but if you're just now finding out about diesel cars, then you've missed the boat by a few decades, diesel cars have been around for a long time.
Q:Home Generator Trouble!!?
Multiple generators will only magnify the problem. Getting a properly sized generator and transfer panel will make backup power connection quick and safe. Determine the size of generator required. Do you want an automatic start system or will a manual connection be suitable? Choose a fuel type. Gasoline is by far the most common and easiest fuel, but has issues with long term storage. Diesel is better for long term storage. If your home is equipped with natural gas or propane those could be used to power the generator as well. Read through my generator page for other ideas.
Q:Can backup generators be recharged?
well, thats will need very big battery capacity and also inverter ofcourse
Q:What happens if you put diesel in a generator that is unleaded?
Siphon the fuel out, and discard, or save it for starting fires! j/k! Then fill it with fresh gas, and it should be fine. It may run a little rough at first, but once all the diesel has cleared out from the carb, it should run normally again.
Q:I'm envisioning more efficient, tall, narrow tires on our vehicles.?
I haven't been in a physics class for 20 years, so don't know what those guys are talking about. I do know race cars need more traction than normal vehicles because of the maneuvering they do at high speeds, plus an engine many times more powerful than anything we would likely need. I think of road bike and mountain bike tires; the first is so much easier to propel than the latter, but isn't very good in the mud. Most vehicles don't need wide tires, but they are a macho factor.
Q:Diesel generator set how to put?
should not be located in the toilet and bathroom or other places are often the water below and adjacent;

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