Product list of China Lovol Engine type (lovol)FKS-L42

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1 set
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5000 set/month

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This Generator powered lovol 



Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-L2220 22 1003G1A26/29
FKS-L2725 27 1003G28/31
FKS-L3532 35 1003TG1A38/42
FKS-L4238 42 1003TG44/48
FKS-L3532 35 1004G40/44
FKS-L5045 50 1004TG1A52/57
FKS-L5550 55 1004TG65.7/72
FKS-L8275 82 1006TG1A84.3/93
FKS-L8578 85 1006TG3A86/95
FKS-L9080 90 1006TG2A92.3/102
FKS-L10090 100 1006TAG1A108/119
FKS-L120110 120 1006TAG121/133

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Q:is it economical to use a propane generator for your home 24/7 ? The home has total electric and my husband?
It is very difficult to have your own generator and make electricity as cheaply as the power company. You have to have generators up in the megawatt size to compete with the power company. Even if you go with solar power, you will find the cost to be very high. It takes up to 10 years or more to get you investment back on such a system. The only practical thing to do is try to reduce your consumption by installing the most efficient light bulbs you can, being sure your insulation is complete and try to eliminate air infiltration at doors, windows, entrances to attic spaces and turning off stuff when it is not in use.
Q:need help for safety hazard for diesel motor?
If I understand correctly ? You have a 12 HP deisel generator delivering 120 volts- mounted inside a structure 1 Make sure all belts and controls are propertly protected and filtered air is provided to the engine. 2 Pipe the exhaust through the roof and outside the building 3 Provide proper electrical wiring and fuses 4 Provide a fire extinguisher (corbon Dixoide) near by 5 Provide safety shut-down switch on corn grinder 6 Mount Generator as far from grinder as possible.
Q:seek for a fuel oil operated generator [used] 150~250 Kva?
Fuel oil is diesel. You can try a google on used machinery suppliers, they should give you some idea. Depending on where you are you will find someone who can help. Failing that if you already have a gen set, adapt a scania or volvo engine to drive it. Both these engines come in the horsepower range you are asking for and will give many years faithful service providing you look after them. All you need is to securely mount the chosen engine on a 3 channel frame, preferably on manufacturers engine mounts, with a adaptor plate (easily produced by anyone with half an idea) to drive the gen motor. Make sure you have warning lights (pref buzzer) in place for oil press, temp etc and you're in business.
Q:Finding the value on a Shanghai 20kw diesel generator?
Companies like China Star have become famous for diesel generators, so being from China is not a negative. Just look up any US made generator and reduce by about %30 to get value. I think a US generator of that size, which is sufficient for a whole house, should run about $2500. So as used slightly, I would start around $1800 I think. But you may have to come down to $1000 if the market happens to be slow. Check on Craigslist to compare. I am only guessing off the top of my head. It is contractors who buy them the most, and few people are building right now.
Q:how much voltage required for electric furnace in steel industry ?
Arc furnaces are normally powered straight through a pylon connected to a transformer and the voltage is normally thousands of volts and normal takes about a hour to melt the bale of scrap steel before poring into a ladle
Q:Can a diesel generator engine be adapted to power a small truck off-road?
Probably not, no, as the diesel generator is designed to run an electrical load, not a mechanical.
Q:How big of a generator do I need?
6000 is probably about right, and they are designed to be run regularly. Make sure you do the research, a $600 generator will probably only last you for about 2 years, then you will have to buy another one. Make sure that you go with an industrial one.
Q:Why not go with clean diesel fuel? It is the most viable available solution right now.?
Diesel cars are not in favor by the American public that is why. If Americans will not buy them and Automakers cannot sell them, Automakers cannot afford to make them domestically. Remember the diesels of the 1970s. dirty, loud, noisy and costly maintenance. Yes they have improved, in Europe, but the American public has a long memory. That plus diesel fuel is not available everywhere. you cannot pull into EVERY gas station to get it. It is too bad too. I do understand that the new generation of diesels is just as you say it is. clean, efficient, quieter, and peppy. Someday they will come to the US. US automakers will take the technology that they have in Europe and sell it here. US automakers have not shelved the idea. they just do not think that most American carbuyers like the idea. Would you like to take a $1-2 BILLION gamble on the idea? Remember Chrysler. it is being sold for $8 billion. I saw an estimate recently that said GM was only worth $18 billion. Therefore, a mistake could cost 10% or more of the value of an auto company and put it closer to bankruptcy.
Q:would someone tell me how a onan generator works?
Onan is the name of a company that manufacturers generators. Usually small generators for emergency / camping /RV's. A small 8 - 15 hp gasoline engine and a generator. Either electric start or pull rope start.
Q:Couple questions about backup generators for buildings?
Back up generators are kept as stand bye.In hospitals and other important places they take start immediately when voltage drops in the main. They Run with petrol or diesel oil or other fuels/

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