Product list of China Lovol Engine type (lovol)FKS-L35

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5000 set/month

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This Generator powered lovol 



Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-L2220 22 1003G1A26/29
FKS-L2725 27 1003G28/31
FKS-L3532 35 1003TG1A38/42
FKS-L4238 42 1003TG44/48
FKS-L3532 35 1004G40/44
FKS-L5045 50 1004TG1A52/57
FKS-L5550 55 1004TG65.7/72
FKS-L8275 82 1006TG1A84.3/93
FKS-L8578 85 1006TG3A86/95
FKS-L9080 90 1006TG2A92.3/102
FKS-L10090 100 1006TAG1A108/119
FKS-L120110 120 1006TAG121/133

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Newer cruise ships have diesel generators that produce enough electricity to run everything; water desalination plants, ships power, heating, recycling/garbage equipment, electric motors on pods that act both as propellers and thrusters so the ships don't need tugboats most of the time. Fish live in the water, people eat fish, someday we might have to have desalination plants for city water systems.
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Q:Why every two hours my electric Generator turns off alone?!?
REASONS FOR PERKINS GENERATORS TO SHUT DOWN (according to Ehow): 1. Not putting out correct voltage (too high or too low). 2. Wrong frequency 3. Wrong speed 4. Wrong oil pressure (too high or too low). ///////// Other sources of failure: High current, battery won't charge, speed sensor not working,
Q:how to compare efficiencies for a diesel and a diesel-electric engine?
You need to identify and analyze each of the components in each system. The diesel drive system consists of the engine with its auxiliaries such as water pump, oil pump, starting system etc. plus the mechanical power transmission system. The transmission system would include the transmission and drive train components. The diesel-electric system consists of the engine and auxiliaries, a different set of mechanical drive train components, an electric generator, one or more electric motors and an electronic control system. Note that the electronic control system is a major item. All of the electrical power output of the generator passes through power conversion circuitry in the electronic control unit. The engine is likely to operate at different speed and torque operating points in each case. The diesel-electric system may utilize a narrower speed range and a wider torque range. If the diesel-electric system uses energy storage, there will be a battery charge/discharge control unit in addition to the other control units described. The system may operate with a smaller engine that operates mostly at a fixed speed and torque.
Q:how do you hook up a hydrogen generator to a turbo diesel?
You should hook it up before the turbo. After the turbo is pressurized which will make it hard to feed the gas in.
Q:is it economical to use a propane generator for your home 24/7 ? The home has total electric and my husband?
pghmarty and Michelle are incorrect. An alternator received't artwork and not using a battery to excite the sphere coil and an induction motor received't generate electricity less than any circumstances. you desire a DC motor with magnets and brushes to generate electricity with. It received't placed out a lot inspite of the reality that. and also you may run it both direction. you're dropping a even as in case you favor to do something functional with it. Been there, finished that, were given the T-blouse. 'Nuff stated?
Q:Solar powered or diesel CoGen turbines?
You can use a diesel generator set to generate power and the exhaust to heat or boil water. You could also use an air craft derivative gas turbine converted to diesel or jet fuel and make steam or hot water with the exhaust.
Q:How can i convert my 110v generator to 240v and how powerful will it be?
You would simply use a step-up transformer capable of handling 240V and about 8A. The transformer would be a transformer with 2 secondary windings for every 1 primary winding. This will double the voltage from the primary. 1000W is 1000W no matter what the voltage is. So (in a perfect world), you would get 1000W after stepping the voltage up to 240V. But you would actually get around 80-85% efficiency. But there is always a safety span built into the rating of generators (a 1000W generator could usually put out about 1400W without much of a problem). 1000W 120V * 8.33A (or 110V * 9.1A) 1000W 240V * 4.16A ---Realistically, you should be able to safely draw about 4A @ 240V. Good Luck!
Q:Diesel generator selection criteria?
Diesel generators are widely used in telecommunications, finance, emergency power supply departments, hospitals, schools, commercial departments
Q:Current -carrying conductor question?
Current carrying conductor will always experience force, weather the magnetic field is from external or self induced magnetic field. The reason I know this is because I have been involved in testing 50,000 watt diesel generator sets by applying a dead short (1000's amps) across the output. And have observed double (00) cables jumping on the laboratory floor (like a garden hose when you slam the valve shut).

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