Product list of China Lovol Engine type (lovol)FKS-L27

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5000 set/month

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This Generator powered lovol 



Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-L2220 22 1003G1A26/29
FKS-L2725 27 1003G28/31
FKS-L3532 35 1003TG1A38/42
FKS-L4238 42 1003TG44/48
FKS-L3532 35 1004G40/44
FKS-L5045 50 1004TG1A52/57
FKS-L5550 55 1004TG65.7/72
FKS-L8275 82 1006TG1A84.3/93
FKS-L8578 85 1006TG3A86/95
FKS-L9080 90 1006TG2A92.3/102
FKS-L10090 100 1006TAG1A108/119
FKS-L120110 120 1006TAG121/133

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