Product list of China Engine type Generator FX160

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$1,000.00 - 100,000.00 / set
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

Engine features :

1.China most famous brand diesel engine: Jichai engine 

2.Multi-cylinder in-line or veer engine,4 stork,direct injection

3.Naturally aspirated,turbocharged,water cooled or turbochaged  with air intercooler.

4.Machinery or electronic governing 

5.Fuel injection pump

6.Electric motor starting system

7.Forged steel crankshaft,cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner 

8.Low discharge,and low fuel consumption

9.Installed conveniently and maintain easily


Alternator Features:

1.World famous brand AC alternator:Leroy Somer,Stamford,Marathon.Engga ect.

2.Brushless,4 poles,rotation magnet

3.IP21-23 enclose is standard for all industrial alternators.

4.H class insulation system

5.AVR self-regulated,voltage regulation rate:±1%

6.Simple installation and maintenance with easy easy access to terminals ,rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

7.Moisture proof,sand-proof,dustproof ,salt-proof and vibration-proof.

 Product list of China Engine type Generator FX160

Control system:

1.a) Automatic alarm system:the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat,the water is over temperature,

the oil pulls down ,over speed,over load and over current.

  b) Operation display:

    i)Unit voltage,tri-phase load current and frequency display

ii)Water temperature .oil pressure display

iii)Fuel level, fuel temperature display

iv)Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers

2.Starting system:DC alternator is used to start engine.

3.Short circuit protection :MCCB air switch

4.Cooling system:combined cooling water tank fitted to meet the requirement of radiation at ambient 

temperature 40°C

5.Filter system:oil ,fuel and air filter

6.Accessories:exhaust elbow,below,muffle

ModelOutput POWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power

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Q:Does any one have experience with kubota generators?
Kubota diesel plants are being used more and more in industry, replacing some of the old standbys like Kohler, Perkins and even Caterpillar in lighter applications. I don't think you will regret buying a Kubota.
Q:I am asking this simple question 4th time but nobody knows its answer.why?
Fill your tank to the very top, all the way to where it is almost overflowing. Then run the engine for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, hours, or however long you want but for simplicity sake do it at an least an hour or a whole 60 minutes for easy division (remember that a generator will use more fuel when it is being taxed by running something off of it than it will while simply running with nothing using its power). Then turn the engine off and refill the tank to the exact amount you originally filled it to while at the same time making sure you know exactly how much fuel you are putting in (use a measuring cup). Once you know how much fuel it takes to fill the tank to the point you originally filled it you will have the basis for your equation which will be: amount of fuel consumed (the amount you replaced) divided by the time the engine ran.
Q:Generator output. Change from 60hz to 50hz?
50 Hz Generator
Q:Does the diesel generator work with all power or according to load?
Diesel generator is just controlled on output speed by speed governor.once load increases, speed governor senses that and increases throttle. If load is in excess towards DGset max performance, then speed will drop and dg set will be cut off automatically.
Q:What are the procedure of start up of emergency AC Generator?
Is this generator going to be used in a location which is normally served by grid power. If so is it proposed to use the distribution system normally used when on the grid? If the answer to these questions is yes. The first step is to isolate the normal energy source. This has two purposes. a) to protect your equipment when power is restored and b) to protect people and equipment working on the external circuit. Once this is isolated wire the generator into the circuit (closing isolating switch if hard wired). Start the generator using normal procedures with minimal load in place. Slowly increase load until desired effect is achieved. When external power is returned. Slowly reduce load and isolate generator. Restore normal grid connection. Shut off generator.
Q:Fitting Carbon neutral generator to an RV any advice?
You need the power level, and I suspect it is very high. The shower is the problem, as it will use several thousands of watts only for a few minutes, then zero power for the rest of the time. Everything else is a hundred watts or so. If you could switch to a tank hot water storage system, where you can heat the water slowly, with perhaps 500 watts over hours of time, so it is ready for those showers. Perhaps even less. Hydrogen is not practical, as it is not readily available, neither is bio-fuel. Your best bet is solar, as you have plenty of space on the roof for the panels. You will need a charge controller, a few sealed deep-discharge 12 volt batteries, and an inverter. The batteries can store up power for the times you need it. The number of batteries will be determined the needed power levels. Again, the shower predominates. Get readings of watts used and time lengths, so you can calculate the number of batteries. .
Q:Can I working on computer while power supply from Generator?
Depending on where you live, your main power may occasionally be supplied by a large diesel generator. During power outages I use a 5500 watt generator to supply power to my home. The computer is on backup power and I have never had a problem. There is absolutely no reason for concern if you have a good quality generator that works properly. If your generator supplies a stable output voltage it will work fine. However if your generator operates near it maximum load and the output voltage varies in frequency and voltage there is a possibility of damage to equipment connected. A UPS may assist, but unless the generator is perfect the UPS will switch to battery power. After a short time the battery will run down and the computer shut off.
Q:self build generator AVR problem advice and componants please?
You have to set up a speed control of some sort. There are electronic versions out there that run off the frequency of the alternator. They are not cheap. It is surprising just how much power is required to produce your desired electrical output. I have a large diesel direct coupled to a four pole alt.with mechanical speed control also for 1500 rpm for 50Hz 240V and have also found a little issue when welding with it. If the governor is set for the load it can over rev a bit - if set to be perfect without load it struggles to get back up to 230V if welding at 120A plus. It's been easier to live with it in the end. If you are stalling out you will have to do something about a reliable speed control - check out the quality alternative energy companies that actually install RAP systems and ask about the control setups they can provide for exactly your situation. Keep looking because there are systems that will fix your problem, and give you a very useful machine! Good luck.
Q:Industrial generators, how do they work?
You are asking about backup generators? They have a gasoline or diesel engine driving the generator.
Q:Diesel generator, hydro electric generator, or steam generator, is best to produce electricity?
Hydroelectric is a good source of power and is used around the country where there is a good source of water. Drawback is initial cost. Today Hoover Dam would probably cost a millions to build. Environmentally they are clean. Diesel Electric is used commonly in areas where there is a lack of water or funding to build hydro. The cost of Diesel is cheep er on the front end than hydro but is expensive to operate and keep up. Since oil will continue to go up and is environmentally damaging it is not a great choice. Steam generators are still in use. They are more expensive to build than Diesel. Coal is very dirty and new coal fired generators are not being produced. Wind Mill generation is a very old method of producing electricity and has a mediums cost to construct it is clean and has fairly inexpensive upkeep. It is estimated that one wind mill can provide the current needs of 40 homes. The Tennessee Valley Authority is now producing power from wind mills. There are also several companies in the West that have wind power. There of course is also atomic power. There is major construction costs and upkeep because of the danger from atomic materials. There is also a cost of getting rid of the used material used as it continues to be dangerous.

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