Product list of China Engine type Generator FX120

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$100.00 - 100,000.00 / set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:


1.Jichai diesel generator 
2.Optional alternator 
3.long-term spare parts 
4.low fuel consumption 
5.economic price 

1100kw/1375kva Jichai Reliable Diesel Generating set


Engine features :

1.China most famous brand diesel engine: Jichai engine 

2.Multi-cylinder in-line or veer engine,4 stork,direct injection

3.Naturally aspirated,turbocharged,water cooled or turbochaged  with air intercooler.

4.Machinery or electronic governing 

5.Fuel injection pump

6.Electric motor starting system

7.Forged steel crankshaft,cast iron cylinder and replaceable wet type cylinder liner 

8.Low discharge,and low fuel consumption

9.Installed conveniently and maintain easily

  Product list of China Engine type Generator FX120

Control system:

1.a) Automatic alarm system:the unit has the acousto-optics alarm system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat,the water is over temperature,

the oil pulls down ,over speed,over load and over current.

  b) Operation display:

    i)Unit voltage,tri-phase load current and frequency display

ii)Water temperature .oil pressure display

iii)Fuel level, fuel temperature display

iv)Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers

2.Starting system:DC alternator is used to start engine.

3.Short circuit protection :MCCB air switch

4.Cooling system:combined cooling water tank fitted to meet the requirement of radiation at ambient 

temperature 40°C

5.Filter system:oil ,fuel and air filter

6.Accessories:exhaust elbow,below,muffle

ModelOutput POWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power

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Q:If diesel engine generator stopped for long time, what the maintenance it needs?
First make sure the fuel is fresh periodically. Old fuel deteriorates makes it hard it start and run. Second check the oil see if it is clean, check the oil filter too. Third check the fuel filter, change once a year if not used because of bad / old fuel. Forth Check the out put of the engine / voltage / oil pressure / amperage / operating temperature / current fuses / transfer switches are working properly. Listen and make sure the engine is running smooth, no misses. Should be good to go then.
Q:Why is drilling for oil so dangerous?
I worked as a geologist for a major oil company and you are overstating the danger. The worst thing I saw was a sprained back from a fall. Relax, oil exploration is fun and rewarding, as well as lucrative for the 'ol wallet.
Q:how to make a small diesel generator.?
With respect, you're actually asking how to design and build your own engine. There are entire books on the subject, and you need plenty of diagrams as well. That's far beyond the scope of an answer on here. But if all you need is a 12v regulated dc power supply why not just get a model car or boat engine and see if you can hook it up to a car alternator from a scrapped vehicle via a suitable pulley gearing? It certainly won't be quiet though, and you'll need to ensure that the engine is either fan or water cooled and that there's a suitable exhaust outlet. Model diesel engines aren't very large, but there are larger scale copies of the old British Mills engine design made in India, and also various websites which give you details or sell you plans on how to build your own. Usually they have lapped pistons so don't need the complication of piston rings.
Q:onan generator code 33?
If it has a waterpump you might need to change that.
Q:What rating is my generator really? (Industrial)?
While your generator will handle the amperes as either KVA or KW, unfortunately, the KW rating is is the rating of your driver. You are driver limited, not generator limited.
Q:Under what conditions would an industrial Turbo generator need to trip. ?
I'm assuming by trip you mean shut down/off Plenty of reasons: 1) overheat, most common cause, could be lost water pump or water supply or cooling lines plugged 2) electrical, although diesel does not use sparkplugs there are electrical components. There are glow plugs that get the whole process started when cold, there is a starter motor that gets it all going and there is some method to keep the fuel warm enough to flow correctly 3) Starve for fuel, either fuel ran out, to low temp so its sludge 4) Loss of oil pressure that is used for lubrication 5) Ouput limits, there will be an overcurrent/overvoltage system regulating the output of he generator and if it gets really out of wack then it will kill the whole thing to prevent damage to everything That's all I can think of right now
Q:My daughters 89 Jeep 4.0 Wagoneer (in storage) will not start. Any suggestions?
spray some ether in the intake and see if it fires, if so follow the fuel system until you find the issue. Make sure the fuel pump is running, and make sure you are getting fuel to the engine. A bad fuel pump relay or plugged fuel filter could cause this. Also check your air filter, in one case i saw a vehicle where someone had checked their oil then left the rag under the hood, well the engine creates a vacuum when its turning over and running, well it pulled the rag into the air box and plugged the filter.
Q:Are nuclear power plants prepared for major solar flares?
Homemade okorder
Q:what are good topics to talk about concerning bottled water and tap water?
Does the disposable bottle plastic contain BPA (Bisphenol A)? Medical researchers have raised ominous concerns over this chemical in recent years. Canada and the EU have outlawed this material for use in baby bottles only as recently as 2010. Canada has gone even further by declaring BPA toxic to humans. The US has yet to regulate this chemical in any meaningful way. Your typical disposable water bottle maker doesn't disclose the materials the bottle is made out of on the product label. They don't have to because there's no law that compels them to. BPA has been used in polycarbonate and thermoplastics since the late 1950s. In older buildings an epoxy form of it has been used to coat the inside of water pipes. It is also used to coat the inside of canned foods in your supermarket. Free-form BPA can be found on carbonless copy paper, on store receipts, movie tickets, to name a few. A government study in 2008 estimated detectable levels of BPA in urine samples in over 90% of the U.S. population. BPA mimics the human estrogen hormone inside the human body. Recent studies include concerns over a long list of specific health ailments. The list of health concerns include: Obesity Heart Disease Neurological Disorders Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Disorder Propensity for Drug Abuse Thyroid Disorders Breast, Brain, and Prostate Cancers Reproductive Disorders See source links below for more reference material and news articles.
Q:how efficient are diesel generators?pls read more below.?
Direct use of the diesel engine to run the car is more efficient. With the other option, there is a chain of energy conversion each involves a loss.

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