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1. Very fast drying.
2. Good adhesion.
3. Excellent resistance to water and weathering.

1. Very fast drying.
2. Good adhesion.
3. Excellent resistance to water and weathering.



Antirust paint based on alkyd resins with red oxide pigments.


Antirust under coat for steel.


1. Very fast drying.

2. Good adhesion.

3. Excellent resistance to water and weathering.

4. Reality low cost.






Above 1.3 kg/L


90 - 100 KU



Dry hard

0.5 hrs.

2 hrs.







Min. 6 hrs.


Above 65%




70~%(depends on tools used)


Airless Spray, Brush, Roller.


1. Moisture, grease, rust, dirt and loose paints film on

substrate must be removed. As a result, paint

performance can be ensured.

2. Before application, stir paint evenly. When paint is

too thick, thinner can be added within specified


3. Application should avoid the following environment:

rainy day; substrate is damp by dew; temperature is

above 40°C or below 10°C.

4. Subsequent coat has to wait until paint films of

preceding coat completely dry off.

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Q:How is it rich?
Latex paint is mostly environmentally friendly, you can rest assured that the use of the main point is that the harm of paint, and if you want to compare with the Dorothy and the state, then certainly not more than Dulux gold 5 and 1, Many people do not use Nippon Paint, because the manufacturers too much, and too much fake, the price difference is also great
Q:The name of all the blue series in the paint paint
Sky blue pigment composition is cobalt stannate, is the green color of the blue, light and opaque, with a certain coverage, good light resistance, but the color strength in general;
Q:What is the difference between lithium batteries and polymer batteries, which is better?
The two batteries have their own characteristics: liquid lithium ion batteries: discharge power greater, more resistant to collision (shell for the steel); polymer core shape variable, but not hit the collision (shell for the soft aluminum film). Product wins mobile power is the use of high-quality 18650 batteries (now the notebook's mainstream batteries), are liquid lithium-ion batteries, which is wrapped by steel shell, with the independent design of the PCB safety protection board, can effectively prevent Overcurrent, anti-overpressure, anti-short circuit, extremely stable, please rest assured that use.
Q:I would like to ask: how to calculate the dye is how to calculate the dye?
He said is not the bath than the dye concentration is, the concentration of 5 grams of dye is 1: 200
Q:What are the characteristics of polymers compared to composites?
Polymers are just an organic matter that is a substance that is not a composite.
Q:What kind of paint is used for large machinery and equipment?
Since the rust-proof primer of the mechanical equipment is a first-class paint coating on the surface of the machined machine or machine parts covering the metal surface, it is the beginning of the entire mechanical equipment spray paint work, requiring mechanical rust-proof primer And the substrate metal must have a very good acid and alkali resistance, rust resistance, resistance to oil and resistance to salt spray resistance, while the substrate must have a very good adhesion, and the middle of the paint paint or anti Rust base paint with a good match.
Q:Alkaline Stains - Chromosomes
This type of dye ionization after the dye ion with a positive, can be combined with acidic substances into the salt. Microbial laboratory commonly used alkaline dyes are Meilan, methyl violet, ammonium oxalate crystal violet, acetic acid magenta, alkaline complex red, Red, malachite green and fan red, etc., in general, the bacteria easily stained with alkaline dyes.
Q:Cotton clothes on how to clean the paint above
Essence: take a small amount of wind oil refined on the paint stains, rub back and forth a few times, paint off. And then clean the water can be.
Q:what kind of paint should I use for a painting on wood?
Acrylics are the best thing to use on wood because they are a poly based paint, which means plastic when dry. The wood does not need to be primed and also unlike oil paint on wood where the oil is absorbed into the wood leaving the paint very dull. Acrylics stay bright and shiny on the wood surface.You can also use enamel paint on wood directly.But they take a long time to dry, unlike acrylic paint that dries very fast. And is also water proof when dry. Unlike oil paint.
Q:Waterproof paint is the high cost of the United States and Germany, or Tak high waterproof, which is better
As long as it is in line with national standards of materials, are good materials. (This depends on the material test report)

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