Pressurized double tank solar water heater

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*Inner tank made by SUS316-1.2mm, pressurized system with stable quality

* Suitable for low quality water supply area, for example, Lebanon

* Thermosiphon circulation between vacuum tubes and tank, better heat transfer quality

* Strong frame
* Automatically replenish the tank by assistant tank
absorbing area (m2) 2.755 3.310 4.142
working pressure (bar) 4
ambient temperature -10-60℃
daily efficiency >=55%
empty weight (kg) 83 94 118
loading qty (20/40/40HQ) 32/68/72 25/56/60 22/46/52

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Q:There are several kinds of solar water heater
1, from the heat collection part:(1) glass vacuum tube solar water heater: can be divided into all glass vacuum tube type, heat pipe vacuum tube type, U type tube vacuum tube type / vacuum tube heat collection, heat storage integration. The utility model relates to a full glass vacuum tube type, which has the advantages of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and economy. Especially the solar water heater with an auxiliary electric heating function, which by the solar energy, supplemented by the way of using energy to the solar water heater all-weather normal operation, the ambient temperature is low efficiency is still relatively high. The disadvantage is that the volume is relatively large, the glass tube is fragile, easy to scale the pipe scale, can not be operated under pressure.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater?
4, in addition to rainy days, solar water heaters do not need other costs,5, solar water heater safety is very high. Because there is no danger of electric shock or poisoning due to the absence of electricity or gas.
Q:Solar water heater power consumption?
If you encounter rainy weather, the water temperature in the tank is not high, and then electricity heating, when the water temperature reached 42 degrees or so you can take a bath.Solar water heater tank electric heater power is generally 1500 watts, continuous heating electricity for an hour power consumption of 1.5 degrees.
Q:How to correctly use solar water heater
B, the use of the principle of A, if after the bath, the solar water heater, there is a little hot water, then a few minutes of cold water, hot water can be washed more than a person. (6.5 liters per bottle of hot water or 8 liters)C, according to the weather forecast to determine the amount of water, you can get a relatively satisfactory water temperature: if the eye days, the water can be full, cloudy or cloudy, then most of the box water; rain, retain the original water on the cold water.
Q:When solar water heater comes into China
The whole glass tube is in twentieth Century, the first by the United States Owens (Owens) company developed, not the invention of the Chinese invention of the.
Q:Solar water heater installed under the probe leakage
May be the inside of the silicone rubber ring deformation, and the sensor has nothing to do with the adjustment of the silicone rubber ring or a new OK.Remember! Put some soap or detergent on the probe.
Q:How to choose to buy solar water heater?
8 purchase other related accessories, such as automatic water supply device, water temperature display device, electromagnetic valve, for these devices should be chosen carefully, appears to be some advanced features, but too many components, the reliability is not high, it is easy for a long time, when the choice must ask the service life and the warranty period.9 to buy a good home solar water heater, the installation process should pay attention to whether the installation of a solid support, all the screws and joints is the tight upper and lower water pipe installation location is reasonable, whether the water heater itself has reinforcement measures and so on. In addition, the water supply pipe must be installed in the check device to prevent hot water backflow, into the cold water pipeline.
Q:When is the best solar water
When there is water in the bucket (to determine the water can be released), can be injected at any time.
Q:Solar water heater vacuum tube length?
Solar energy is a clean and free energy, and now the technology of solar energy is very mature
Q:Electric water heaters and solar water heaters to choose which good
Recommended to choose electric water heater, less investment, easy to use.Electric water heater in the installation, wire control switch can be completely hidden, semi hidden, more beautiful, but consumers should pay more attention to the safety issues such as wire.

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