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Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester is an equipment based on theprinciple of moment balance measuring force.


Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester is an equipment based on the principle of moment balance measuring force,and use a ramp-type device where a hammer slides freely to measure bundlecotton breaking strength by the distance that the hammer slides.

Related Standards:


GB/T 13783

ISO 3060

Note: this tester can conform to but not limit to all the standards above,for more standards conformance, please contact us.


*        Special designed Pressleyholder with following features:

        Materials of holder ishigh hardness steel material;

        Clamp face seal well andavoid damage specimen or slipping during test;

        High quality with largequantity of customers including UsterTM.

*        Special designed table clampwith following features;

        Ensure clamp specimenforce of Pressley holder about 70N easy;

        Let test process much morefaster that without table clamp;

        We are the earliestproducer of this table clamp in the world.

Key Specification:

*        Sample thickness of Pressleyholder               11.8mm

*         Thickness ofseparator                                        3.2mm

*        Range of breakingstrength                                 5~20lbf (25N~90N)

*        Coefficient of strengthratio                                 0.9~1.1

*        dimension                                                             380×200×160mm

*        weight                                                                   4kg

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