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Fiberglass chopped strand(Zro2 16.5) is designed for use in dry mix systems for moulding into a GRC component to prevent crack

HUIERJIE AR GLASSFIBRE CHOPPED STRAND is a high integrity AR glassfibre chopped strand designed for use in dry mix systems or other premixing processes for subsequent moulding into a GRC component.

This kind of chopped strand has a sizing system optimised for abrasion resistance and strand integrity during blending with dry materials .The low-tex strand permits efficient reinforcement at low dosages .It is particularly suited to the preparation of pre-bagged mixes of special mortars or renders .It may also be used in the manufacture by precasting of standard GRC components.


AR: Alkali Resistant

C: Continuous fibre

15 : Filament diameter

98: Tex of strand

12mm: strand length available

L: ZrO2 content 14.5%

H: ZrO2 content 16.7%


  1. Good liquidity and integrity

  2. Excellent alkali resistant and durability

  3. been approved by Sheffied University,UK.

Technical Characteristics

Tex of strand(tex)

Sizing content(%)








Products available

HUIERJIE AR GLASSFIBRE CHOPPED STRAND are packed in vacuum polythene bag. Each polythene bag is identified by an individual label. HUIERJIE chopped strands are white coloured but an orange or blue colour is used on labels to aid identification.


Strand length available(mm)

Packing specification (mm)

Net weight(kg)





Pallet Packaging

  1. Each pallet has 14 levels ,4 bags /level,totally 56 polythene bag;

  2. The complete pallet is enclosed in polythene and identified with two labels.






Net weight(kg)







For sea transport, a maximum of 20 pallets (on two levels) may be loaded in a 20 foot container, total net weight is approximately 16 tonnes.

Road vehicle: Up to 18 pallets, total net weight 14.4 tonnes.



HUIERJIE AR GLASSFIBRE CHOPPED STRAND are manufactured under a Quality Management System approved to ISO 9001:2000.

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