Premix ARG Chopped Strand

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Product Description:

Premix ARG Chopped Strand
AR Fiberglass Chopped Strand is designed to use in dry mix systems or other premixing prcesses GRC

Description and Specification:

ARG chopped strand is designed to use in dry mix systems or other premixing processes GRC(Glassiber reinforced concret).Such as drainage channels, cable troughs, meter boxes, wall cladding panels or in architectural applications such as decorative screen walling, etc.

ARC13-76-12mm    ZrO2  16.5%


Good liquidity and high integrity, Excellent alkali resistant and durability; Been approved by Sheffied University, UK.


20kgs/kraft bag, 40 bags/pallet, 20 pallets/20'FCL(on 2 levels), total net weight for 16 tons.


AR fiberglass chopped strand should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.

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Q:if a ball was dropped on cement and an identical ball was dropped on stretchy rubber, which scenario would result in the most force?
F=mdv/dt [cement] F'=mdv'/dt' [rubber] then F'/F=(dv'/dv)(dt/dt') if contact time is the same [not true but just as ipothesis] F'/F=(dv'/dv) dv=vi dv'=2vi then F'/F=2 F'=2F in reality the contact time of rubber is significantly higher then cement resulting in an opposite situation F`/F<1 F'<F
Q:cement board subfloor question?
You need the subfloor for strength, you cannot pull it up. They do have a friendly moulding that also dresses up the area from the kitchen to the dining room, that stops you from tripping.
Q:Fence Posts and Cement?
Home Depot Fence Post
Q:can you install cement backer board over old sheetrock?
You can but it will bump all the walls in by the depth of the cement board. Plus, if it is a bath or kitchen, then the cement board will encroach on the tub and/or sink, especially considering the extra depth the tile will add. I always remove the old sheetrock because mold can easily be growing in there if it is in a room prone to dampness like a bath or kitchen. Also, the cement board will be a much sturdier mount if it is directly on the studs.
Q:A block of cement...?
Look in your Yellow Pages under Cement,Transit Mix give them a call.The price where I live will be different than where you live.Try It. 10/10
Q:What paint is better for a cement floor?
this could be a job you desire to do perfect the 1st time. i could advise an epoxy product. it is going to fee some money however the fee is very well worth the outcomes and the added sturdiness. Spend it slow with the instructions paying particular interest to the section on concrete guidance. you'll be able to might desire to etch the floor and it could be easily freed from all previous wax, paint, sealers and so on. right here i bypass lower back telling you too plenty. different products have different guidance techniques. in basic terms persist with the instructions religiously. The producer is accustomed to how the product will artwork suitable. a high quality paint, utilized properly to an ideal arranged floor, ought to be remarkable. I easily have some very previous paint on my front porch that became utilized properly and that i won't be able to blast it off with a commercial rigidity washer. BTW, a number of the products you'll be able to desire to pick between grant glitter, flickers, and different issues to gown up the visual attraction of the finished floor. Traction improving brokers are additionally obtainable for some products, they are able to bypass a protracted way in the direction of combating falls. do no longer forget approximately to stay out of the corners, the stuff i'm suggesting will take hours to an afternoon or greater to treatment nicely adequate to stroll on. in case you paint your self right into a corner you would be there for a mutually as...
You get cement prints at Grauman's when the theatre decides you're a big enough star to join the ranks of those who are already immortalized in their forecourt. And (until very recently, at least) most of those stars in cement we very big indeed. Superstars only, for the most part. On the other hand, the Walk of Fame is a much easier award to get. Basically, to get one of those bronze star-shaped plaques in the sidewalk, you just need to be famous in Hollywood, and be nominated. Anyone can nominate someone. Then a panel of people from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce get together and choose which of the nominated celebs should get a star this year. Plus, the celeb has to promise to show up in person for the unveiling ceremony. Despite rumors, you can't buy a star. Yes, they do charge a $30,000 fee for upkeep of the sidewalk, but the reality is that the fee is almost always paid for by a studio, and it's petty cash to them. No average Joe will ever get a star on the Walk of Fame simply because they paid a fee. It doesn't work that way. It is a recognition of the fact that you're famous in Hollywood. If you're not, money isn't going to get you anywhere.
Q:I have an older garage which has a dirt floor. How can I cement the floor?
First off you won't just use cement you will need concrete. cement is a material that is used to make concrete. For a garage use a 6 bag half air mix. most garages are poured at a 4 in thickness at about a 4-5 in slump. 6 bag mix will give you about a 4000 psi if poured at a 4 in slump. the consitancy to your concrete is important to keep the strength this what I mean by slump. use wire mesh and an synthetic fiber to strengthen your concrete to help prevent cracking. if you have a 25x20x4 you will need 6.25 yards of crete. if your grade isn't good you may want to go with 6.5 yards. if using mesh which is a good idea you will need chairs too.
Q:Cement backerboard behind shower tile?
I carnt imagine how anything would rot behind tiles as the grout you need to use would be waterproof so im not too sure how anything could get behind there to rot them. Im no expert though, just done a lot of jobs on my home including tiling my bathroom.! We used plasterboard and tiled over the top.
Q:whats heavier when set up, cement or plaster?
Cement-- concrete that is, a lot of bonding agents are also called cement-- is heavier, because the water stays in it when it is set. Plaster sets up with the water dried out of it.

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