Prefabricated Transformer Substation

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(1)  Anti-corrosion, waterproof, low temperature rise, low noise, easy installation, no maintenance;

(2)  It uses all-sealed structure. The exposed part of high and low voltage terminal is separated from surrounding by imported sealant waterproof material. It is placed in the pit when installing. And it still works safely when the pit is immersed or the transformer is submerged. It can resist flood water disaster for effectively improving the reliability of power-supply system.

(3)  Low voltage switchgear uses patent outdoor light box-type protective casing. Both sides of the casing can install all-day poster board. It uses small volume, green economic LED light-emitting component

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Q:What step down converter must i use ( READ DETAILS PLZ)?
DC9V @ 850mA is 7.65 watts. Your stepdown transformer can handle 230 watts so a measly 7.65 watts is no problem for it. Use it with confidence. Or buy a replacement AC adapter with an input of 240vAC, output of 9vDC for a lot cheaper. As long as the adapter output is rated for 850mA or higher, it will be good. (Make sure the polarity is correct, as well as the physical fit of the coaxial connector.)
Q:electrical safety issue NEED HELP?
Nowadays is much better understanding how to defend your self because you will never now in what situation you'll be. If you presently take in consideration a self defense than you need to know that you don't require to spend a great deal or income and time for you to get at lessons since the best option in self protection is the program
Q:How can i replace the 12V DC in with a battery instead of using a wall charger?
It relies upon what form of battery it is. Lead acid batteries (vehicle batteries) are extremely indestructible, yet nonetheless incorrect charging could nicely be risky by way of fact it may launch hydrogen gas it extremely is a fireplace of explosion possibility in restricted area. Over charging at a extreme fee could additionally overheat the battery and bodily harm it. best is a appropriate battery charger. a inexpensive charger could fee no longer extra effective than a mains adaptor besides. For different varieties of rechargeable battery you easily decide for a appropriate battery charger, or you will harm the battery in a small form of expenditures (in the worst case, the 1st time you attempt to fee it). If the device is often used the place there's a mains poiwer furnish, why no longer basically use a DC adapter particularly of the battery? to respond to your particular questions a million) confident. 2) No. forget approximately with regard to the advice in yet another answer approximately restricting the present with a diode. in case you knew adequate to layout your person battery charger suitable, you probable does no longer be asking this question!
Q:Are Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering two separate majors?
Many institutions do not make a distinction. But 'electrical' engineering deals with components that work at the line (mains) frequency, generally large in scale, power generators, high power transformers, very high voltages etc. 'Electronics' engineering deals with components over a large bandwidth, DC and up, generally small in scale, relatively lower power, lower voltages and small size. You probably want 'Electrical Engineering Computer Science'.
Q:Can I learn Electrical Engineering casually?
do not be lazyread a little about electronic troubleshooting like . tracing voltage .tracing currenttracing waveform with oscilloscope. then start repairing electronic boardssurely you will earn more money
Q:Is it bad practice to disconnect a line with current still running through it?
To add to the first two good answers switches are designed specifically to make and break the rated current (and to do this many thousands of times without problem). If you simply pull the plug out of the wall, the break arcs occur in the wall socket which is not designed to do this thousands of times.
Q:been tripped up?
shouldn't damage electronic devices unless when the GFI trips it breaks the neutral first and applies only a live wire to the device, that could damage electronic devices. It could be possible but may be rare.
Q:What's involved in becoming a part-time electrician?
yes you would need to be someones apprentice
Q:Power grid: If 2 million households were to turn off their energy at the same time and turn it back on?
Yes, in this extreme case, it may damage (BOE calculation: 2 million x ~500 watts: ~1 billion watt) if they are on single grid. In many of equipment (motorized) start-up losses are significant. So, you may end-up with little saving and a big grid failure. But if you leave aside such extreme situations, it is always good to turn off electrical equipments even for a short gap. And just to add, beware of leaking currents (e.g. not disconnecting appliances from the power plug) which are bigger concern.
Q:Electrical equipment abroad producing static.?

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