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 It is a kind of light steel construction prefab house with the EPS color steel sandwich panel,rock wool PU for the insulation.It can maximize as customer require and satisfaction for the cost  and quality.All the house parts are packed as a flat package befor loading container.We can provide the service of installation,supervision and training by extra.As more detaills please check as follows.


House size


1.Length is free as your requirement.

2.Width:single span beam less than 12m

3:Height:single floor less than 4m,the second and third floor less than 3.5m

4.Roof pitch:slope is 1:10~1:3

5.Floors:3 floors max


House body


1.Door:outside door as SIP door,aluminium alloy door ,security door.Inside door as SIP door ,aluminium alloy door and compound wooden door.

2.Window:PVC material or aluminium alloy window screen.

3.Ground chanel:U type,galvanized ,thickness is 0.8mm

4.Square column:painted with color steel compression decorative parts

5.Compression decorative parts:made of 0.4 thickness color steel sheet.

6.Wall board:EPS color steel sandwich panel,rock wool, PU for the insulation.

7.Roof board:EPS color steel sandwich panel,rock wool ,PU for the insulation.

8.Purline:C type with painted

9.Roof beam:with paint

10.Wall beam:C type with paint

11.Ceiling:PVC ceiling,aluminium panel ceiling for bathroom and kitchen,rock wool for other area.



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